Women You Need to Pursue Your Dreams Despite the Fear

You hear it all the time…. you just have to follow your dreams. They make it sound so easy, but if it were easy, everyone would be doing it. Right? But have you considered what can happen to you if you stifle those feelings that you meant for something more? If you try to ignore

How to Position Yourself in Your Customer Story

When it comes to sales, using story is your best strategy. Humans love stories— particularly when they’re interesting, engaging, and memorable. That’s why the people who sell with story have so much success: they take their sales pitch from an informational seminar to an immersive experience that their potential customers love. Donald Miller, the Founder

How to Get Reviews on Amazon

Amazon reviews are a crucial part of customers’ decision-making process. Without the ability to touch, feel, and test a product in real life, consumers look to reviews to determine whether or not an item will fit their needs. In fact, a survey by Dimensional Research found that reviews impact the buying decisions of 90% of consumers.

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