I Am Trying To Entertain During This Isolation Time

During these boring days when COVID-19 changed our lives, I created some funny connections between famous songs and coronavirus. I hope I made you laugh. Yellow Submarine Love Is in the Air I Can’t Get No Satisfaction Fever Who Wants to Live Forever Angel Don’t Stand So Close to Me Read more: boredpanda.com

Digital Marketing Strategies Brands Often Overlook

In the era when almost every brand has a strong online presence, standing out from a crowd can be extremely difficult.  We all have corporate blogs, run social media accounts, send weekly email newsletters, and maybe even offer downloadable resources. With our social media feeds updating every few seconds and new articles being published constantly,

5 Quick Ecommerce Wins to Grow Your Ecommerce Store

There’s no doubt about it… Ecommerce giants like Amazon have set the bar high for all online sellers. And if you want to compete in this space, you’re going to have to meet them at that bar. Don’t worry! You can create an Amazon-like shopping experience without an Amazon-like budget Yes, you read that right:

50 Quarantine Conference Calls Gone Hilariously Wrong

Since the coronavirus outbreak, more and more people are starting to work and study from the comfort of their own home. Some of them, however, are as tech-savvy as my 89-year-old grandma and are running into some problems. It’s a good thing if your issues revolve around things like setting up your workspace and trying

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