106 Great Danes Who Don’t Understand How BIG They Are (New Pics)

It can sometimes seem like the bigger the dog, the more love it has to give its owner and the world. And while we totally love our smaller canine companions, the gigantic Great Danes are a sight to behold. Friendly, social, and charming, these floppy-eared loveable dogs are considered by some to be the perfect match for families.

Great Danes can grow up to weigh a whopping 175 pounds (79 kilograms) and be up to 32 inches (81 centimeters) tall, so that’s all the proof that you need that they’re huge. But reading facts is one thing—seeing these canines’ size with your own eyes is another. Bored Panda wanted to show you just how fun Great Danes can be, so we’ve put together this wholesome and hilarious list of their antics for you to enjoy.

Upvote your fave photos as you scroll down, and let us know which doggos you’d like to hug the most and why, dear Pandas. By the way, when you’re done petting all the dogs in this list, you’ll find some more photos of gorgeous Great Danes right here. And, if you’re in the mood to look at more dogs that don’t understand how big they are, we invite you to check out this article over here.

#1 This 6-Foot Great Dane Presley Is Also Known As Scooby-Doo Duo To Being Afraid Of Everything, From Tiny Dogs, To Plastic Bags And Vacuum Cleaners

Image credits: DraftDraw

#2 The Photo My Sister Just Sent Me Of Her Great Dane And The New Puppy They Just Got. Look At It

Image credits: beth_phelan

#3 My Daughter Was Home Sick One Day. When I Peeked Into Her Room, This Is What I Found

Image credits: Mongo1021

Originally, Great Danes (aka German Mastiffs and Deutsche Dogges) were bred to hunt wild boar and deer back in Germany, around 400 years ago. They were a mix between English Mastiffs and Irish Wolfhounds and were favored by the nobility.

Great Danes used to be known as Englische Dockes, highlighting their link to England. However, as relations between Germany and other countries became more strained in the late 19th century, the Germans renamed the breed to represent their own nation. Later, however, as relations worsened further, the breed became known as the Great Dane.

#4 Gave Her A Toilet Paper Tube To Play With, And She Proceeded To Breathe Through It Like This For Over A Minute

Image credits: livin4advntr

#5 She Loves The Blower

Image credits: vinkulelu

#6 3 Months / 6 Months / 12 Months

Image credits: theshitburg

Strong, elegant, and powerful, Great Danes mature slowly and don’t need all that much exercise as they’re growing. That doesn’t mean that these dogs don’t need movement (they do and they enjoy it), but they’re far from the Huskies of the canine world. However, one thing that you absolutely cannot skimp on is getting high-quality food.

The breed is so popular that it’s become firmly ingrained in pop culture, probably even without you noticing it, too. For instance, both Scooby-Doo and Marmaduke, probably two of the best-known dogs worldwide, are Great Danes.

We’re just impressed that Shaggy’s able to hold Scoobs in his arms and run with him whenever a spooky ghost shows up. He’s obviously way stronger than he looks, even if he is a cartoon character. Then again, maybe the adrenaline kicks in.

#7 This Dog Sitting At A Subway

Image credits: boredwatermelon

#8 Looking Out The Front Door. “I Made A New Friend, Please Can I Keep Him?”

Image credits: zatt

#9 My Great Dane Puppy’s One Year Difference

Image credits: nightmancometh0419

#10 The Park Broke My Dog

Image credits: rossavitz

#11 How My Parents’ Great Dane Puppy Lays On The Ottoman He Outgrew

Image credits: tugboat_tyler

#12 Once A Lap Dog, Always A Lap Dog

Image credits: groot.the.great.dane

#13 Saw A Gentle Giant At The Vets! She Was A Darling And Sat Down With Her Owner While They Waited

Image credits: Chimtori

#14 When You Are Big Snoops That Can’t Mind Their Own Business

Image credits: big_dog_does_big_things

#15 Our Great Derp

Image credits: Pissy-Paws

#16 It’s A Melting Dane

Image credits: Jessica Harper

#17 My Aunt’s Goofy Great Dane, Louis

Image credits: lettensp

#18 From Pupper To Woofer In Just 1 Year

Image credits: nemetskii

#19 Caught River Looking Festive

Image credits: marissafarissa

#20 Nap Time Little Human. Quit Wiggling

Image credits: larrygreatdane

#21 Let’s Just Pretend They’re The Same Size

Image credits: Linda Mater

#22 Just A Girl And Her Dane

Image credits: rambodane

#23 Today’s Flight Just Got Interesting

Image credits: jimmy_bones_

#24 Luna When Our Son Started Getting Scolded

Image credits: mommabeats

#25 Big House Cow Meets Little House Cow

Teddy Flood is a Great Dane and little Speckle is some sort of beagle mix. He was a foster pup, 7 weeks at the time.

Image credits: beautifulntrealistic

#26 This Is Shadow. He’s A Lap Dog

Image credits: DwightCharlieQuint

#27 Jones Has A Desire To Be A Window Washer When He Grows Up

Image credits: Amy Demrovsky

#28 My Dog Thinks He’s A Lap Dog When My Grandma Stops By

Image credits: JChilly12

#29 This Dog. The Photo Doesn’t Do Him Justice. He’s A Beast

Image credits: tautly

#30 Tiny Lap Doggy

Image credits: Allison Pressman

#31 He Won’t Stop Growing – Send Help

Image credits: brewski_vs_gizmo

#32 Ryder The Great Dane Who Weighs 87 Kg With His Friend Ally The Chihuahua Who Weighs 2 Kg

Image credits: heraldsunphoto

#33 Who Also Loves Getting Hugs From Their Danes? This Is Kansas

Image credits: Stiffykt63

#34 It’s Tiny, Isn’t It?

Image credits: joanarpm

#35 She Might Be 6’2” Long, But Lola Is The Gentlest Of Giants

Image credits: SelectStarAll

#36 My Two Loves, Waiting On Our Hooman Baby To Join Us Any Day

Image credits: RogueWolverine

#37 “Come On Bella Lets Go!”

Image credits: gr8danebella

#38 Lincoln The Dane

Image credits: bmoc9891

#39 This Puppy

Image credits: Muntsville

#40 This Big Potato Enjoys The Tiniest Chairs He Could Find

Image credits: thehouseofderp

#41 The Size Of This Dog In The Tube

Image credits: luton2468

#42 My Husband And I Were Sitting On The Floor Talking When

Image credits: rezkid94

#43 A Great Dane Riding Shotgun In A Sports Car. Hollywood, California 1961

Image credits: Lank_Thompson

#44 My Sister Is Driving 10 Hours Back Home With The Great Dane Puppy She Just Got

Image credits: sticky_muffin87

#45 Boomie Bear Meeting His New Neighbor

Image credits: mm_bacon

#46 My Dog, Mia

Image credits: wss1252

#47 Happy 7 Months Of Stiegs; We Convinced Some Kids That Stiegs Was The Biggest Dog In The World

Image credits: giantdoggo

#48 Oscar, The 170 Lbs Lap Dog

Image credits: HazelShaw

#49 Best Friends

Image credits: thegreatdanemag

#50 I Got Big

Image credits: big_kev_the_great

#51 Anyone, No?

Image credits: chaosphile

#52 Great Dane Or Ostrich?

Image credits: DRwolfbang

#53 These Are The Critters That Get To Ride On The Golf Cart

Image credits: nancynoelart

#54 Taking A Picture Of My Wife, And Then… Great Dane Problems

Image credits: Bill_Hickman

#55 Big Hug From A Best Friend

Image credits: shanz895

#56 This Sweet Girl Is Centauri, My 9-Weeks-Old Great Dane. Its Been A Great First Week With This Dingus

Image credits: taylortellem

#57 Rut-Row-Raggy

Image credits: camman1776

#58 Then & Now, 6 Weeks Apart

Image credits: chaviva

#59 Sharing Is Caring

Image credits: lifesaver14

#60 Because For Whatever Reason, Waylon Loves To Just Press His Face To The Door When We’re Outside. No Chewing Or Licking, Just This

Image credits: hebby91

#61 Do I Look Big?

Image credits: gr8danebella

#62 And Here I Thought Great Danes Were Made In Germany

Image credits: skogen.and.hela

#63 Our Neighbor Sent Me This Adorable Display Of Pure Joy Between Our Dogs. They Finally Got Him A Stool So He Could Greet His Big Friend Properly

Image credits: Beetlejuicex3babe

#64 Spot Of Yoga

Image credits: seejunogrow

#65 Great Dane And Chihuahua Friends Duo

Image credits: crazy_house_pets

#66 I Think I’ll Lay Down Right Here

Image credits: scottsalot27

#67 Your Dog Can Fetch A Ball? That’s Cute

Image credits: Svisor

#68 He’s Not Just Any Derp. He’s My Derp

Image credits: IHadDibs

#69 Update: Big Boy Got Bigger

Image credits: Super_Professor

#70 Alice (Standing With Mom) Has Reached 123 Lbs, Queenie Has Reached 110. Also Waaaayyyy Taller Than Mom Now. And They Are Only 11-Months-Old

Image credits: bigfloof_lilfloof_2big_2bald

#71 Little Meets Large! Simba & Samson

Image credits: woofitswalkies

#72 This Is Buck, A 10-Week-Old Great Dane Pup. He Has Now Mastered The Sit Command And Is Now Part Of The Good Boy Club

Image credits: mermaidprincess6969

#73 Thanks For Helping With The Dishes, Fenton

Image credits: LordFentonSmaug

#74 7 Weeks And 17 Weeks

Image credits: lost_among_the_stars

#75 Just A Dane In Jeans

Image credits: slotsymcslots

#76 That Awkward Moment When The Waiter Asks You A Question And You Have A Mouth Full Of Food

Image credits: myotherusernameisbetter_

#77 Biggest Scaredy Cat In The World

Image credits: SkerpNderp_

#78 The Dog Days Of Summer

Image credits: thegreat_waltermonte

#79 9-Months-Old And 145 Lbs

Image credits: wwjenniww

#80 My Lap Dog

Image credits: legodude93

#81 In Awe At The Size Of This Doggo On A Plane

Image credits: icecreamboats

#82 Just Look, He’s Huge

Image credits: the_oakie_dokie

#83 This Guy Loves To Warm Up By The Fire

Image credits: notavailable_name

#84 Ozzy Gives The Best Hugs

Image credits: samanthavc

#85 These Dogs All Pooping At The Same Time

Image credits: smolprincess928

#86 It’s A Bit Windy In Upstate NY. She Is An 8 Month Great Dane And Her Name Is Hooch

Image credits: HollySmith2012

#87 Meet Fina, She’s 3-Years-Old, Loves Cuddles, Laps And Apparently Also Backs

Image credits: ConzT

#88 The Two Parties Are Getting Closer. Slowly But Steadily, The Two Trust Each Other More And More

Image credits: tazmanian76

#89 My Pawrent Is A High School Teacher. Now That School Is Back In Session, I Like To Give Him Huge Hugs When He Comes Home

Image credits: marvelthegreatdane

#90 This Other Dog Had Really Big Ears

Image credits: snapsgoal1

#91 Maybe I Do Need A Bigger Car

Image credits: jlung02

#92 16-Weeks-Old, Huge Feet

Image credits: astro_and_dino_greatdane

#93 Great Dane Igotis

Image credits: greatdane_igotis

#94 My Boi Turned One

Image credits: alonDracula

#95 Great Dane Trying To Hide From The Vet

Image credits: cbar2442

#96 I Raise You Buddy The Great Dane. I’m 5’4″ For Reference

Image credits: doctor_drugdealer

#97 His Name Is Hercules. He Gives Awesome Hugs

Image credits: jdarkside

#98 My Dad And My Dog (Dad Is 6’2″)

Image credits: ScottPuppy

#99 The Prettiest Little Swamp Thing

Image credits: blinkydelspringfield

#100 Oh Hey Doggo

Image credits: vixterrr

#101 The Colonel Checking Out The Neighborhood

Image credits: dadane01

#102 Me And Frank This Afternoon

Image credits: Khathaar

#103 Nothing To See Here. Just A Dog And Her Wine

Image credits: lucyraethedane

#104 Two Best Friends

Image credits: gytisbut

#105 Our Boys. They Are 1/2 Brothers And Only 7 Months Apart

Image credits: Merdin383

#106 Here’s How One Of My Great Dane Pupper, Vader Watches TV With Me

Image credits: sweatygrundle1

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