134 Of The Most Ironic Things That Have Ever Happened (New Pics)

Some days, you can’t help but believe in the idea that irony is a living, breathing, cosmic force with a very unusual sense of humor and a personal interest in your life. And if you’re one of the rare people who don’t believe in things like irony or fate, don’t worry, we’re pretty sure that they believe in you.

Bored Panda’s collected some of the finest, most iconic (some might even go as far as to say ‘epic’) ironic moments in the recent history of the internet. So get ready to have a good chuckle as you scroll down. Drop us a comment somewhere below explaining which moments you thought were particularly ironic. And remember to upvote your favorite pics, as well as share the post with your amigos who might be in need of some cheering up. Scroll down for Bored Panda’s informative interview with Albert Katz, Professor Emeritus from Western University, who went into detail about irony, its types, uses, as well as how we process it.

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#1 National Geographic Magazine Has Arrived. With An Alert About Excessive Use Of Plastic. It Comes In A Plastic Shrink. And Inside A Plastic Bag To Reinforce The Protection

Image credits: SergioFonseca

#2 My Mom Is Cleaning Out The Library At The Preschool Where She Works And Sent Me This

Image credits: toodles90

#3 Walmart Employee

Image credits: twows995

There were a couple of moments with unexpectedly delicious ironic twists that stuck in our heads. The first one was how an empty Nigerian apartment was discovered to hold 43 million dollars (shame on us thinking that every single one of those spam emails from supposed princes was from scammers!). While the second one was how publications like Cosmopolitan can support radically different points of view in different articles.

Bored Panda interviewed Albert Katz, Professor Emeritus of Cognitive, Developmental, and Brain Sciences from Western University’s Department of Psychology. The professor went into detail about the topic of irony.

“In my studies I have found that university-level students have a pretty clear notion of sarcasm, but are actually quite vague about irony,” the professor said. According to him, there are several types of irony, such as the irony of fate in literature. An example of that would be Oedipus unknowingly killing his father and marrying mother.

#4 Nigerian Princes Were Real All This Time

Image credits: mathouchens

#5 Oh The Irony

Image credits: pangalaktichki

#6 Kids, This Is What We Call Irony


Most of us instinctively understand when a situation is ironic. However, it’s far more difficult to explain what exactly irony is using words. Throughout history, there have been hundreds of suggestions on how best to define it. And some of us might even have our own private definitions of what irony is.

#7 Wasps Made A Nest On My Wasp Spray Bottle

Image credits: kabdelgaber

#8 The Irony Of These Days

Image credits: soyvickxn

#9 The Irony

Image credits: reddit.com

The most basic definition of irony will include that it’s a contradiction between what’s expected and what actually happens in real life. When you put it like that, you come to realize that irony really is all about expectations being shattered in a humorous way.

Professor Katz said: “There are several components that usually go into irony, and turning irony into sarcasm. Basically, a central motif is the violation of an expectation. But the context in which that violation occurs may make it humorous or not, or sarcastic or not.”

#10 The Epitome Of Irony

Image credits: DMvampire

#11 Live. Local. Late Braking

Image credits: YouRebelScumGuy

#12 Oh The Irony

Image credits: abdullah10

A thing that a lot of us mix up is verbal irony and sarcasm. Though they’re usually used interchangeably, they’re not the same.

One way to remember the difference is this: sarcasm is primarily used to insult someone or cause them harm. If it hurts your feelings, it’s most likely sarcasm, not irony. Now that’s a piece of trivia that you can really wow your friends with.

Katz agreed with the idea that sarcasm has “a negative usage” when compared to “verbal irony, such as how we use it in everyday speech.”

“One can think of irony used sarcastically (e.g. when saying something framed positively, but intending a negative insulting meaning: when one says “you’re my best friend” just after said friend did something mean). But one can also get irony used in the opposite way, such as saying something that on the surface sounds nasty, but is meant positively (e.g. “You’re sooo bad”).”

#13 I Found This Picture To Be Incredibly Ironic

Image credits: iderf

#14 Effing Horrible

Image credits: KEEMSTAR

#15 Not Too Good At Her Job

Image credits: OctopussSevenTwo

“The question of how easy it is to understand or get the point of irony, or sarcasm, is a difficult one,” the professor noted. “People differ both in the habitual usage of irony or sarcasm and when dealing with a person who often uses sarcasm, for instance, people sometimes erroneously interpret an ambiguous comment not intended ironically as being ironic, or sarcastic.”

“Also there is research that indicates individual differences in using and understanding irony in general,” Katz explained. “Some people are very literal thinkers and miss the irony presented. Some of my own work indicates that the processing of irony occurs almost immediately during comprehension. One doesn’t think about it and at some later point think, oh, was he being ironic when he said X.”

“One thing I do believe is that the processing of irony, or sarcasm, is not based on any one factor, such as a failed expectation, but on a set of computations going on simultaneously,” the professor added.

#16 Dogs Are Not Allowed On Beach Due To Possibility That They Might Make A Mess#17 Lady Posts On Facebook To Complain About Employees Not Helping Disabled Customer While Simultaneously Not Helping, Either

Image credits: Whodatboi69

#18 Stop Texting While Driving

Image credits: BeanBean420

#19 You’re Welcome

Image credits: ShermheadRyder

#20 How Did He Get Hired?#21 Author Asks Why His Book Called ‘No. More. Plastic’ Was Wrapped In Plastic

Image credits: martindorey

#22 I’m A Public Defender. The ATM In Jail Always Strikes Me As A Little Ironic

Image credits: sdtw

#23 Oh The Irony

Image credits: xthree

#24 This Sign In My Kid’s Elementary School Fills Me With Nihilistic Joy

Image credits: clifflampe

#25 Uhmm…

Image credits: jameshaning

#26 Ironic That My Pup Chewed Up This Specific Cards Against Humanity Card

Image credits: JaredGutie

#27 In Court For Shoplifting#28 Quite Ironic Really#29 My Car Displays A Long Distracting Message Reminding You To Not Participate In Distracted Driving–while Driving

Image credits: IAmTheFartThatKnocks

#30 Didn’t Have Time To Read It I Guess

Image credits: PhoneDojo

#31 Brags About Standing For Anthem. Sits His Ass On Flag

Image credits: reddit.com

#32 Found A Travel Brochure From The World Trade Center While Cleaning Out My House

Image credits: KingShmeebly

#33 Those Gears Won’t Turn, Which I Guess Makes It A Fairly Apt Metaphor For School Districts And Education

Image credits: TAKEitTOrCIRCLEJERK

#34 The Irony Of The Bar At A Paypal Business Event

Image credits: Jeffery_C_Wheaties

#35 Cut My Finger While Opening A Package Of Band Aids

Image credits: kiwisdotpng

#36 Irony

Image credits: MastaB

#37 Well Now, That’s Ironic

Image credits: KHammeth

#38 I Mean Isn’t This Ironic?

Image credits: scrubadubadubadub

#39 I Don’t Think The Women’s Department Gets The Irony

Image credits: TinySegwayJesus

#40 I Guess I’ll Be Drinking Some Irony This Morning

Image credits: dddash

#41 The Irony Was Strong With This One

Image credits: siekone

#42 Oh The Irony

Image credits: morelale

#43 Hipster Irony (Hint: Read Forearm Tattoo)

Image credits: bgilbert09

#44 Ohhh The Irony

Image credits: RakoGumi

#45 Irony?

Image credits: hakced

#46 The Irony Of This App’s Name

Image credits: bottomlessleviosas

#47 The Irony Present

Image credits: christianbrowdr

#48 “Straw Free” But Overloading On Plastic Cutlery

Image credits: DropTopNardi

#49 The Silent And Powerful Mocking Of A Single Sign

Image credits: whiskey9

#50 Anti-Plastic Book Wrapped In Said Plastic

Image credits: Qudufy_Duck

#51 Amazing Irony

Image credits: heroinaddict27

#52 Ironic Misprint On An Eye Doctor’s Appointment Card

Image credits: blauvogel

#53 The Very Definition Of Irony

Image credits: ds0

#54 Stopped At An Intersection, Saw This. The Irony

Image credits: Oknatora

#55 My Computer Lab At My School Is Ironically Labeled

Image credits: Toastbro

#56 The Irony#57 Irony At It’s Best

Image credits: artooken

#58 Oh The Irony

Image credits: TommyCrocodile

#59 Great Advice

Image credits: reddit.com

#60 The Irony Of This Snickers Bar

Image credits: mwalt19

#61 My Dad Tried Filling Up The Pool Today

Image credits: 6 years ago

#62 My Mum Sent Me This Unintentionally Ironic Photo Of An Accident At Her Work The Other Day

Image credits: poedamneron25

#63 How Ironic

Image credits: _sweetdee

#64 The Irony’s Not Lost On Me

Image credits: RigbyAtNight

#65 A Healthy Dose Of Irony

Image credits: Seminole1996

#66 Just Happened In My Neighboring Town. Truly Iconic

Image credits: sbmellor

#67 As We Speak, This Doctor Is Laughing At The Irony Of Where My Skin Infection Is On This Henna Tattoo

Image credits: SandCamel

#68 Found This Little Piece Of Irony In The Local Paper

Image credits: Peteycee

#69 Oh The Irony

Image credits: Septim202

#70 How Ironic

Image credits: Legitakid

#71 Irony On The Bachelorette

Image credits: sammmwise

#72 Yes, Yes You Are

Image credits: halfchubb

#73 How Ironic

Image credits: brett96

#74 And That’s How Capitalism Works

Image credits: Stirling65

#75 Oh, The Irony

Image credits: wasabimaybe

#76 Nothing Is Written In Stone

Image credits: reddit.com

#77 The Perfect Irony Doesn’t Exist

Image credits: BestMemeLord

#78 I Found Something Ironic Today

Image credits: jheitz

#79 My Wife Mocking The “Slippery When Wet” Sign. I Think The Sign Won

Image credits: Billy_Chaos

#80 How Ironic

Image credits: Ad_Nauzeam

#81 Local Drive-In Theatre Showing The Two Most Ironic Movies They Could Show This Week

Image credits: zomBdad

#82 Oh, The Irony

Image credits: otto_english

#83 This Ironic Drink Machine Doesn’t Give Many Choices

Image credits: mylordkronos

#84 Oh, The Irony

Image credits: YaboyBlacklist

#85 Which Is The Greater Irony?#86 Never Realized The Irony

Image credits: DekuNutz

#87 Irony

Image credits: AtlasRaps

#88 How Ironic. Salzburg, Austria

Image credits: beer_blaster

#89 Irony#90 Irony

Image credits: dayus9

#91 Ironic

Image credits: the_humeister

#92 The Irony Of The Truth

Image credits: mephiztus

#93 Some One Lost This Item Locator At My Restaurant

Image credits: Dream_Now

#94 Oh The Irony

Image credits: jallo312

#95 The Irony Is On The Wall

Image credits: ScubaSteve4533

#96 Wife Brought This Home Today And Was Excited To Hang It On The Wall. 10 Minutes Later My 1 And 3-Year-Old Took A Red Crayon To It While We Were Cooking Dinner. We Think It Is Perfectly Ironic

Image credits: SpawnOnBubba

#97 HP Forgot To Print The Label For This Ink Cartridge. That’s Mildly Ironic

Image credits: DeathisLaughing

#98 Oh The Irony#99 The Irony

Image credits: BrendonFreezer

#100 I Bought Socks Off Amazon Last Week. They Started Using Holiday Themed Boxes With Funny Quotes On The Sides. I Was Impressed By The Irony

Image credits: sully9088

#101 A (Knowingly?) Ironic Name For A Funeral Home

Image credits: PartTimeSarah

#102 The Irony Is In The Buying Of The Book

Image credits: reddit.com

#103 Ironic

Image credits: TGeordanT

#104 In Light Of Recent Events, The Irony Is Hilarious

Image credits: tearsinmyramen

#105 The Stone Cold Face Of Irony

Image credits: UnderCoverSquid

#106 Oh, The Irony

Image credits: notmefr

#107 Ironic Piece Of Trash Found On The Ground At A Parking Garage

Image credits: mudkipper14

#108 It’s A Little Ironic That This Is How Pallet Jacks Are Shipped At My Company

Image credits: bleufoxx22

#109 So How About No

Image credits: killertjed

#110 A Friend Saw This In The Subway During The Climate Strike

Image credits: brian1706

#111 This Company Misprinted Their Logo With Ironic Results

Image credits: havicdvs

#112 Oh The Irony

Image credits: briochebro

#113 Oh The Irony. A Limb Fell Off My Tree Last Night

Image credits: Charles_Marlow

#114 Irony

Image credits: JayZee88

#115 Friend Just Took This At Sam’s Club, Irony?

Image credits: trunks044

#116 The Irony Was Not Lost On Me

Image credits: Body_Massage_Machine

#117 Well. That’s Ironic

Image credits: Mxylptlk

#118 Spotted This Ironic Kate Upton Marketing In London

Image credits: hi7en

#119 Oh, The Irony

Image credits: gothgoat7

#120 Not Sure If This Goes Here. Anyone Else See The Clear Irony Of Joy Villa’s “Build The Wall Dress” Matching The Design Aesthetic Of Pink Floyd’s The Wall, A Cautionary Tale Of Building Walls? Seriously

Image credits: Jordan Strauss

#121 Oh The Irony

Image credits: CaptainZenpool

#122 Russian Police. Oh, The Irony

Image credits: akanavi

#123 Irony Lane

Image credits: brownmandm

#124 Isn’t It Ironic

Image credits: TsunamiParticle

#125 Oh The… Irony?

Image credits: 2ndknightbro

#126 Irony

Image credits: toddjustman

#127 Did Scientists Falsify Research To Support Their Own Theories? Oooh The Irony

Image credits: mailor

#128 How Ironic

Image credits: heyitsdanny

#129 The Irony (Seen At My University)

Image credits: morajic

#130 Irony

Image credits: opposites

#131 Rustirony

Image credits: mmb5a2

#132 Irony At Its Finest

Image credits: hansol93

#133 Ironic

Image credits: SpacePistachio

#134 For Irony, Exxon’s March 1989 Calendar Is Tough To Beat

Image credits: The_Alaskan

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