139 Cats Who Would Rather Sleep Anywhere Else Than In Their Bed

Cats spend an average of 16 hours per day dozing off, and this is fine—it’s their choice. What’s a bit dodgier is that they do this in the most bizarre places ever. Like, terrariums, vases, laundry racks, trees, your bed, your dog’s mat, the list is never-ending. We documented this phenomenon in our previous articles here, here, and here.

At this point, it’s fair to say that cats would sleep anywhere except their perfectly fine, brand-new, super comfy, and very stylish cat beds. Does that mean you wasted your money on a cat tree? Well, kinda. And that vegan hipster mat you got your feline last Christmas? You could have splashed the money elsewhere.

But it’s better to understand cat logic late than never, so please get ready for Bored Panda’s new list of cats who nap anywhere but where they should.

#1 Cat Was Tired And Jumped Into My Daughter Doll House And Actually Used The Bed

Image credits: DaFrikinPope

#2 We Got Him A Bed, But Then A Paper Towel Fell On The Floor, So Nevermind

Image credits: brick-house34

#3 My Cat Has 3 Beds

Image credits: BasicBanter

#4 I Think Someone’s Got The Wrong Bed

Image credits: dandragons

#5 I Think I Wasted Money On The Cat Tree

Image credits: ofthrees

#6 My BF Spent 3 Months On An Outdoor Heated Cat House For My Guy. Hasn’t Stepped Into It

Image credits: bathtime85

#7 Mom, He’s In My Bed

Image credits: harry02260213

#8 Cat Logic Is Beyond Reality

Image credits: travelakoa

#9 Get Him A Bed They Said

Image credits: Mufadal84

#10 Comfy

Image credits: vicvicty_

#11 My Cat Has Never Quite Figured Out How His Bed Is Supposed To Work

Image credits: RobertAPetersen

#12 Cat Logic#13 Money Not Well Spent

Image credits: tmy37xx

#14 I Planted Oat Grass For The Cat To Snack On, She Decided It Makes A Good Bed

Image credits: Amyzonian

#15 Spent 10 Minutes Looking For My Cat Before I Went To Bed, Found Him Asleep In A Wok On Top Of The Freezer

Image credits: terpsiterpsi

#16 Best $300 I Ever Spent

Image credits: Jayoheazy

#17 Expectation vs. Reality

Image credits: muzamirahman

#18 Just Bought A New Cat Bed. That’s Not How You Use It, Sweetie

Image credits: AzuSteve

#19 He Has Access To About Seven Cat Beds But He Prefers Hanging On The Back Of A Chair. Why

Image credits: amyjonescurvemodel

#20 Five Beds And Ten Chairs In The House. He Sits On The Eggs

Image credits: chaosgirl93

#21 Ah, A New Bed For Me#22 Why Lie Down On The Cat Bed When You Can Use The Fruit Basket Instead?

Image credits: DarKliZerPT

#23 She Dragged This Cardboard Onto Her Bed Instead Of Just Laying On The Bed

Image credits: rachar2187

#24 I Just Spent $70 On A Cat Bed And Woke Up To Find This

Image credits: pagged

#25 My Girlfriend Brought A Pot To Bed Because She Felt Ill. The Next Morning We Woke Up To This

Image credits: DOGLEISH

#26 This Was In The Way Of Padma’s Usual Napping Spot, She Made The Most Logical Decision

Image credits: GoroTheBastard

#27 Got Them A Bed And 10 Different Blankets, They Won’t Sleep Anywhere Else Than On My Laptop Bag

Image credits: Nico2845

#28 Cat Logic

Image credits: escapekate

#29 My Mom Made A Fancy Bed For Her Cat Out Of An Old Suitcase

Image credits: usagisailor

#30 Ruby Loves Her New Bed

Image credits: erdington

#31 My Cat Has Been Sleeping On My Pants On The Bottom Shelf Of Our Closet Lately, So I Asked My Wife To Move The Pants And Put A Cat Bed In There. Cat’s Response

Image credits: shane_il

#32 Bought New Bed For The Cats

Image credits: BYUNGHUT

#33 Bought Him A Nice Cat Bed- Refuses To Use It Without The Box Inside It

Image credits: garbazobean

#34 There Are Three Cat Beds In The Room. No Need To Share

Image credits: Annrose18

#35 Bella Started Sleeping On Clothes On Top Of The Rabbit Cage. Bought Her A New Cat Bed Specifically For That Purpose Like A Nice Human. She Used It Once

Image credits: bazzanoid

#36 Cat Chooses To Rest In An Egg Box Rather Than One Of His Many Beds

Image credits: smartell123

#37 4 Beds For 3 Cats And They Do This

Image credits: RegEvrydayNormlFungi

#38 So Glad I Spent Money Just So He Can Use It Wrong

Image credits: kaitykat19

#39 Sent My Mom A Cute Cat Bed For Her Two Cats. She Sent Me Back This Picture

Image credits: ughnowhy

#40 My Little Ones Have A Soft Cushy $30 Pet Bed Yet Prefer To Nap In Their Dad’s Slippers

Image credits: lemonlimerain

#41 Has An $80 Cat Bed, And Yet She’s Been Sleeping In This Bag For 2 Days Now And Won’t Get Out

Image credits: katherinetori

#42 I Bought A Little Bed For My Cat. Glad To See She’s Actually Using It

Image credits: reddit.com

#43 Got Emmylou A Cat Bed

Image credits: unbreathless

#44 Al Chooses To Hang Out In The Trash Instead Of His Bed

Image credits: sadgirl_420

#45 The Mansion Built For The Cat And The Box She Chooses To Sleep In Instead

Image credits: galaxyofcomics

#46 Cat Logic Is Difficult To Understand, They Said!

Image credits: Auxi6

#47 “They’ll Never See Me Under Here!” – Cat

Image credits: imjustaramblinggamblingman

#48 Finally. Ginger Uses The Cat Tree I Bought Her

Image credits: nerdysadgirl

#49 Cat Logic

Image credits: LaraSmirnova_

#50 I’m Glad My Cat Likes Her New Bed

Image credits: taybotlb

#51 Bought Our Kitten (Mac) A New £40 Bed And Walked In To Find Him Asleep Like This

Image credits: scarlettparade

#52 Anybody Need An Unused Cat Bed

Image credits: turmi110

#53 I Made Up A Bed For My Cat, But She Slept Here Instead

Image credits: amerz

#54 Glad We Spent Money On New Beds

Image credits: theringmaster55

#55 My Cat’s Kittens Have Found A New Cozy Bed… In A Cup Holder

Image credits: chocolatemilkwhore

#56 This Guy Has 3 Beds And A Tower

Image credits: Shaybeez

#57 Cat Logic

Image credits: bahamutlives

#58 New Bed

Image credits: Makaveli1992

#59 I Tried To Be Nice And Make My Cat A Bed On The Bookshelf

Image credits: lexrp

#60 I Figured Out How To Get My Cat To Sleep In Her Expensive Bed

Image credits: LandLocker

#61 Making Good Use Of This $20 Cat Bed

Image credits: heyartisticyeh

#62 We Put Our Cat’s Bed Inside Of A Box So She Would Use It

Image credits: moon_honey

#63 My Cat Will Only Use His Bed If There’s A Shopping Bag In It

Image credits: MyDentistIsACat

#64 Got My Cat A Bed For Christmas

Image credits: fallonf

#65 Literally Do Not Know Why I Bought A Cat Bed

Image credits: joshcam

#66 Two Cat Beds, One Human Bed, One Human Couch, And An Endless Amount Of Pillows And Blankets And He Chooses The Heater

Image credits: cassilyn76

#67 He Has Countless Beds And Blankets To Sleep On, But He Just Wants His Box

Image credits: JokerJosh123

#68 I Thought Buying A Little Bed Was A Good Idea – Second Part

Image credits: AcatcalledGauss

#69 My Cousin Bought Him A New Bed, Chose The Plastic Bag

Image credits: cthulhu_s

#70 Thanks For The Nice Bed, I’m Just Gonna Sleep In This Box Tho

Image credits: pegsa1990

#71 Just Got My Furball A New Bed

Image credits: hdbwisnbdhskwnx

#72 Laying On Upside Cat Beds Is All The Rage In My House Lately

Image credits: angryfriar

#73 2 Cat Trees, 2 Sofas, Numerous Cat Beds Baskets And Cushions, Even A Dog Bed With Snuggly Blankets, And Where Does This Cat Sleep?

Image credits: ifmtobh

#74 Ungrateful Cat

Image credits: queen_luna_the_scottish_fold

#75 Cat Logic: He’d Rather Be Wet, Than At The Vet

Image credits: edgarallanboh

#76 Cat Logic: Monthly Subscription Of Toys And Treats, Prefers The Box

Image credits: hchen

#77 We’ve Tried Everything To Get This Girl To Sleep Anywhere But This Busted Suitcase

We have FIVE fluffy, amazing cat beds (even put one in a box!) and she acts like they got AIDS…so we gave up and at least put a few towels in there for miss River.

Image credits: MiraOcelot

#78 Cat Logic

Image credits: weepanda

#79 So Glad I Bought Him This Brand New Cat Tree So He Can Just Lay In His Toy Basket Next To It

Image credits: Jediz-12

#80 I Just Unpacked And Zipped Her New Bed. She Jumped Right In She Didn’t Even Let Me Move The Bed To The Bedroom. 5 Mins Later She’d Rather Be Here

Image credits: ivebeenoverthinkingthisfortoolongandcameupshort

#81 How To Get Your Cat To Use A Pet Bed

Image credits: lavernica

#82 This Little Jerk Has Never Been Seen In A Cat Bed, As Soon As We Buy One For The Rabbit She’s Straight In There

Image credits: yepgeddon

#83 I’ve Conducted An Experiment. Findings: Cat Beds Are A Waste Of Money

Image credits: Laritd

#84 Roommate Bought A Bed For Her Cat. We Finally Figured Out How To Make Him Sit In It

Image credits: throwaway5real

#85 I Fixed My Cat’s Bed Today

Image credits: Daystar1124

#86 Of All The Blankets And Beds I Choose To Sleep In A Plant Pot

Image credits: DuckieMcDuck

#87 So I Got My Cat A Nice IKEA Bed For Her To Sleep In

Image credits: vortical1

#88 Two Cats Three Choices: Bed, Box, Egg Carton. Guess What They Choose To Lay In?

Image credits: ZombiePatriot

#89 Two Beds And This Is The Only Place He Wants To Sleep

Image credits: KushMuffin

#90 Bought Harper A Real Fancy Bed But No, She Prefers The Washing Basket. Typical

Image credits: Lagraham

#91 I Have Done Everything In My Power To Get Milkshakes To Sleep In Her Bed Instead Of This Box

I even covered the bed in catnip and put it inside the box, but nope. She cried until I took the bed out. Box forever.

Image credits: Gonzosyd24

#92 Why Sit In The Cube That Has A Bed – That Would Make Too Much Sense

Image credits: pjmatuszynski

#93 Silly Me Thinking They Needed A Big Comfy Bed

Image credits: andreanc95

#94 Auntie Gives Us A House, And I Use The Box That Mom Is Too Lazy To Take To Recycling

Image credits: poketfullahsunshine

#95 Cat Logic: Comfy Cat Bed Or Shoes?… Shoes

Image credits: shhhgraboids

#96 Old Succulent Planter > Comfy Cat Bed

Image credits: komerakim

#97 Giant 6’ Tall Cat Tree With Toys And Catnip < Stupid Plastic Bag

Image credits: hispanglotexan

#98 We Paid Extra So He Could Have The Bed While Staying At The Kennel

Image credits: kevtothebo

#99 My Cat Enjoying Her New Bed

Image credits: Rubcionnnnn

#100 My Neighbor’s Cat Drops By Every Once In A While To Stick His Head Through The Window And Scream At My Cat

Image credits: snoee

#101 Valid

Image credits: sleepybby_

#102 Cat Logic

Image credits: Synistesia

#103 I Present To You: Cat Logic (Feat. Mlem)

Image credits: sgink17

#104 Even Though The Storms Have Come And Gone, He Still Prefers The Thunder Box To His Cat Bed

Image credits: EmperorNortonII

#105 So I Bought An Igloo For My Cat, Then Cat Logic

Image credits: iewing

#106 Got My Cat A New Heated Kitty Bed. He’s A Jerk

Image credits: hesitantkarma

#107 This Is The Only Way I Could Get Zelda To Sleep In Her Nice And Fancy Cat Bed

Image credits: thewildbunny

#108 I Spend Money On Expensive Cat Beds And He Sleeps In His Cat Carrier

Image credits: Minxi17

#109 My Mom Got Our Cat, Sardine, A Fancy Cat Bed. She Loves It

Image credits: pgsengstock

#110 So Happy That We Bought A Cat Bed

Image credits: RockerElvis

#111 2 Cat Beds, 2 Cats. Moving One Cat Over Lasts About 10 Seconds

Image credits: RonNona

#112 Glad I Bought Nacho A New Cat Bed

Image credits: OurInsectOverlords

#113 She Begged Me To Buy Her A Luxury Shark Bed, Sleeps In Free Amazon Box Instead

Image credits: atomtan315

#114 “What, Hooman?” The Look I Get As She Rejects A Fancy Cat Bed Full Of Catnip

Image credits: trashkitty726

#115 Brand New Bed

Image credits: Gazmocity

#116 Actual Cat Bed vs. Empty Dog Bowl

Image credits: porchmoon

#117 Amber Likes Sitting Under The Tree So I Put Her Bed Cushion Down For Her

Image credits: lifeofloulabelle

#118 Hmm, Do I Sleep On A Cat Bed Or The Freshly Folded Laundry?

Image credits: bex1979

#119 Anyone Else See What’s Wrong Here?

Image credits: steph_dreamxo

#120 Hey, Remember That Time You Brought Me A Fancy Cat Tower And Spent Ages Assembling It? And I Was Totally More Excited About The Box It Came In?

Image credits: travelcatleif

#121 My 2 Cornish Rex Cats Ninja And Yolandi Have Various Cat Beds And Cat Trees With Fluffy Cushions… But Now They Nap In A Cardboard Box

Image credits: MaterialGirl1

#122 My Cats Have 5 Cat Beds To Sleep On And He Chooses The Printer

Image credits: jenpriester

#123 In His Defense, That Spot Is Closer To The Fireplace

Image credits: whatdidyoudoallday

#124 What Cat Bed?

Image credits: Mmmel

#125 I Bought A Fifty Dollar Cat Bed, She Wanted Nothing To Do With It

Image credits: ButtmanXIV

#126 Screw Your Comfy And Expensive Cat Bed

Image credits: gullabaldvina

#127 So I Bought A New Bed For My Cat

Image credits: Xient

#128 This Is Angel. He Found A Great New Spot To Sleep Just An Hour After I Brought Him Home A New $50 Bed

Image credits: MuseMania

#129 He’ll Take A Random Box Over His Cat Bed Every Time

Image credits: THUB

#130 With All The Beds, Including The One Below Him, He Sleeps On The Bricks

Image credits: Kreslev

#131 Tonks Prefers To Loaf Next To Her Bed Rather Than In It. Dammit

Image credits: ediblesprysky

#132 The Box That Her New Bed Came In

Image credits: its_not_about_you247

#133 Laundry Basket > Cat Bed

Image credits: es_price

#134 If This Isn’t The Most Cat Thing Ever. Refusing The Plush Cat Bed In Favor Of The Plastic Bag Full Of Things I Have To Return To The Store

Image credits: medicait

#135 Alright I’ll Just Sell The Cat Bed Back To The Store Then

Image credits: darkshiines

#136 Bought Eevee Her Own Bed After Fighting Her Sister For The Other One (Which Is The Same). Typical

Image credits: tootscat

#137 Did You Get Me A Nice, Soft, Fluffy, Warm Bed Hooman? I’ll Take The Box

Image credits: kitchimiaocat

#138 This Mean Cat Comes To My Garden Door Every Night And Will Just Yell At My Cats While They’re Eating Dinner. He Seems To Have A Home And Looks Well Fed

Image credits: Chinbum

#139 One Time I Went To The Shops And Bought A Cat Bed And A Photo Frame

Image credits: Justcallmeaunty

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