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23 People On Facebook Share How Much Their Dogs Shed In A Now Viral “Shedding Dog Challenge”

23 People On Facebook Share How Much Their Dogs Shed In A Now Viral “Shedding Dog Challenge”

Now, having a dog may be a huge joy with all of the emotional and physical benefits, but it’s not all fun and games. If you’re one of the many proud dog owners who has a very hairy breed, then you know what I’m talking about.

Yep, dogs shed and, depending on the breed, it might be more or less a pain to manage it all. However, it’s not all bad, as people online have created a whole challenge around the idea of dogs shedding.

Introducing the Shedding Dog Challenge (#sheddingdogchallenge) on Facebook! It’s an internet challenge where people share not only how much their dogs are actually shedding, but also just how creative people can get with all of the fluff that has accumulated during the process.

Bored Panda has collected some of the best entries in the challenge and made a list, which you can peruse below! And while you’re down there, hit that vote button on the ones you loved the most and let us know what you thought about this whole thing in the comment section below!


The King of Shedding has come to claim his throne on this #sheddingdogchallenge he sees going around!

An interview with this fluffer’s owner can be found in the article.

Image credits: Ben Kelch


Indy may have passed away last month, but he was sure to spread his hair confetti everywhere as a little daily reminder of his love for us ? I miss him so much.

Image credits: Brittany Johnson

Like many other challenges, such as this I Did It For My Dog Challenge previously featured in an article on Bored Panda, the Shedding Dog Challenge also surfaced on the Dogspotting Society, a group dedicated to all things dogs with over 1 million dog lovers who share pics and vids on the daily.

One of the most successful entries in the challenge was submitted by Ben Kelch. His so-called “King of Shedding,” more commonly known as Czar, is his lovely Samoyed who lives with his mother and who has made Facebook go crazy with his insane amounts of shedding hair.

“Czar is 8 years old, he now lives with my parents in IL. He is the fluffiest and softest dog you’ll ever feel. Everyone always calls him a cloud or cotton ball and both are very accurate, except he is even softer,” laughed Kelch.

“I had to move to AZ about 5 years ago, and it was super hard to leave him, so my mom is always doing all she can to make me miss him less. She just recently, in the last year or so, started sending me these pictures using his groomed fur to make these funny images. I started sharing a few of them online and people really loved them and her, especially how neat the font looks. People always comment on that,” he elaborated.


This is Lucius, and an interview with his owner can be found in the article.

Image credits: Nic Leon


I’m a professional groomer & Rusty and I thought we would jump in the #sheddingdogchallenge ?? He is a Cairn Terrier and his breed calls for “handstripping” for grooming- thanks to COVID it’s been a while and he had plenty of undercoat ready to come out LOL

Image credits: Marisa Crowhurst

Kelch explained that he had submitted a couple of these photos before, but it was never as crazy as this time around. A whopping 49,000 people have reacted to these photos, bringing in over 4.3 thousand comments with over 7,000 shares.

This new fame left Kelch quite surprised, as he explained: “I was very surprised. I knew people on the page loved Czar based on the likes and shares of his previous posts, but they were never anything like this one. This one exploded and rendered my Facebook notifications useless for almost 3 days.”

We also asked him to give us a rating (1 to 10) of how problematic it is to take care of the whole “hair everywhere” situation, and Kelch got his mom, who’s currently caring for Czar, to answer that:

“I’d say it’s about a 7 at least because he pretty much sheds nonstop and it’s light, so it flies around easily and gets on everything. And I mean EVERYTHING (couches, chairs, fans, etc). It just takes a lot of vacuuming all the time and of course all the grooming that helps to lower the shedding some. I groom him several hours each week, usually 2–3 times a week. Thankfully he is a good boi and lays very still. He also knows he gets treatos for behaving. For anyone thinking of getting a Samoyed, be sure to start the grooming when they are young and get them used to it—your future self will thank you.”

Czar himself doesn’t have an online presence, but has a very distant brother who does, Levi the Husky, so check him out here.


A challenge we can finally get behind!

Image credits: Jackie Mirba Danna


That time I couldn’t steal my parents lab, so I built my own!

Image credits: Michelle Michael

Another pretty viral submission was posted by Nic Leon. His absolutely adorable adopted white German shepherd named Lucius got quite a bit of fame when the owner decided to collect all of its fluff and compose some pics with amazing visual accessories to enhance the dog’s sleeping experience.

Lucius sheds a lot, so it was only a matter of time when Nic would start playing around with the fur and taking pictures. Luckily, the challenge came around and he decided to post the photos.

In one picture, there’s a sword with a viking helmet and hairstyle, in another, there’s a “thought bubble” as seen in comic books, there’s an egg basket and bunny ears, mimicking the Easter bunny, and lastly, a set of wings, all of which over 14,000 people on Facebook loved.

“I was extremely surprised it went viral,” laughed Nic in an interview with Bored Panda. “I’ve never had a post go viral so it definitely wasn’t in my foresight that this one would.”


Image credits: Jen Tipton


Pancake: “it’d be a shame if….if you could never wear black again”

Image credits: Faith Clark

Now, the question is how to manage copious amounts of fluff? We asked Nic on a scale from 1 to 10 how challenging it is to manage it all and asked for some tips. He had this to say:

“It’s about an 8 when it comes to the maintenance for his fur. I have to vacuum at least 4 times a day. Including the furniture. Brush him everyday. And now having fur on my clothes is pretty much a fashion statement. I would recommend getting robot vacuums to help lighten your vacuuming load and to always have a lint roller handy.”


A NEW challenge…

Image credits: Rachel Lewis


Never talk to me or my children again.

Image credits: Billie Jack

If you loved this bit of doggy news, we’ve got loads more, so why not check out the I Did It For My Dog Challenge or this other post where people share some of the best dog “dating profile pics.” But before you go, let us know what you thought about this in the comment section below!


“Get a Husky!” they said.

Image credits: Donna Duangdara


Image credits: Jen Tipton


Dixie must think it’s spring time. ?

Image credits: Jessica Danielle Goodman


Gave our golden a good brushing and made a wig for our cat with his hair ?

Image credits: KT Gallucci


Image credits: Sue London


Ohhhh I love this new trend because I have a husky that literally sheds clouds. Her name is Ellie. ☺️?????

Image credits: Nicole De Jesus


Image credits: Megan Elizabeth


No matter how much I brush her, there’s always more. And she doesn’t even look that furry!

Image credits: Shane Welker


Image credits: Jamie Cook


Image credits: Sanne van Weert


Image credits: Ruth Mangrum Herring


This is day TWO of brushing. One more day to go. This is Johnny, and he absolutely hates being brushed. He’s a German shepherd/husky/Akita/chow chow according to DNA testing.

Image credits: Brooke Jackson


Image credits: Brittany Johnson

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