24 Hilarious Texts Kids Received From Their Savage Parents Shared In This Viral Twitter Thread

Parenting can sure be tough, but it can also be rewarding, especially when your kid brags about your savage sense of humor online. And people on this viral Twitter thread are doing just that—they’re sharing hilarious text messages that their parents sent them.

It all started with one young woman sharing screenshots of text messages from her mother that left many in tears of laughter. “The way my mom texts me… I see where I get it from,” she wrote in the caption of a now-viral tweet that amassed almost half a million likes in just a few days. In the text messages, her mom appears to be hilariously blunt, which prompted other people to share hilarious texts they’ve received from their parents as well. Scroll down below to see them all and vote for the ones that made you laugh the most!

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#1 “My wedding was cancelled bc of Covid and this was my dad’s response lmao”

Image credits: rayshellkay_

#2 “My mom is so cute too”

Image credits: nahhcal

#3 “Two weeks into my vacation this is the first and only interaction I have with my dad the whole three weeks”

Image credits: sabrinajackley


Image credits: lyxopk

#5 “The way my mom texts me…. I see where I get it from”

Image credits: lyxopk


Image credits: lyxopk


Image credits: lyxopk

#8 “Stop this is literally how my mom texts too lmfao”

Image credits: lildanishgorl

#9 “Reminds me of when my school thought there was a shooter and I had to tell my mom it wasn’t safe to pick me up”

“I asked her why she replied with a thumbs up and she said she didn’t want me getting shot reading a long message”

Image credits: bicthmatt

#10 “Oh, I feel you”

Image credits: maggimcmahon

#11 “When my mom roasted me for having the toy story sticker pack”

Image credits: nicskicks

#12 “My dad is savage, he didn’t even wait for me to reply”

Image credits: EnzymesareBae

#13 “Occasionally my mom can be funny”

Image credits: Ssshinigamiii

#14 “She randomly brings dogs home”

Image credits: reallytayyy


Image credits: Ssshinigamiii

#16 “Why does is she so short”

Image credits: aubr1anna

#17 “The apple deff doesn’t fall far from the tree. Idk who was worse here, me or my mom”

Image credits: badandgoofy

#18 “We love her”

Image credits: cockasianmom

#19 “I think she was a lil confused”

Image credits: nnnaaaatttyyyy

#20 “My mom texts me things like this when she goes out to check the mail”

Image credits: Love_nitax3


Image credits: ShyHippy

#22 “My mom is always on something”

Image credits: CaseyScharff9

#23 “She keeps sending me google pays for the times she changed my diapers”

Image credits: misshemlock

#24 “Here’s my mom. Didn’t realize she knew that comeback”

Image credits: MissOldMonk

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