25 Celebrities Who Captured The Right Moment To Perfectly Troll Their Kids

The rise of social media means that our parents are online: they want to be our friends on Facebook, they want to upload photos of us on Twitter, and they can’t wait to comment on our posts on Instagram. The horror! Now imagine that your parents were world-renowned actors, pop stars, and celebrities. Every move they make gets viewed thousands if not millions of times. And God forbid they decide to troll you for the entire world to see.

Some stars really enjoyed poking fun at their kids online and we’ve got some of the best examples of celeb parents trolling their children. When you’re done enjoying this post, check out Bored Panda’s list about the times that parents ‘destroyed’ their kids on Facebook right here. Let us know in the comments if you think celeb or regular parents make better online trolls.

Celebrity expert Mike Sington, whom Bored Panda got in touch with, said that “gentle online trolling of your kids is actually a very modern way of parenting.” Read on for the rest of Mike’s insights about celebrity parents, the challenges that they face, and why trolling kids shouldn’t be overdone.

#1 When Footballer David Beckham Told His Son Brooklyn To Get Off Facebook Live And Go To School

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#2 When Alec Baldwin Let Everyone Know He Wasn’t A Fan Of His Daughter’s ‘Sexy Photos’

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#3 When Pop Legend Madonna Schooled Her Ex On Her Son’s Instagram Photo

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According to Hollywood’s Ultimate Insider Mike, gently trolling kids on social media is a way to connect and bond with them. However, celebrity parents should try not to overdo things because it might backfire on them.

“You go to where your kids are, and where they are is online. It’s a clever way to get their attention and be able to bond with them. It’s got to be done in a kind-hearted manner though, or could easily backfire. If you make your kid angry, as easily as you trolled them, they can just as easily block you!”

#4 When Actor Jerry O’Connell Taught His Kids What Real Music Sounds Like

Teach Your Children pic.twitter.com/vrjwCIkWL9

— Jerry O'Connell (@MrJerryOC) October 18, 2019 #5 When Ryan Reynolds Absolutely ‘Destroyed’ His 6-Month-Old Daughter’s Art Skills

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#6 When Actress Sarah Hyland’s Mom Complimented Her Daughter’s Fiancé Wells Adams On His Good Looks

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According to Mike, parenting when you’re a star with the world’s gaze on you 24/7 is immensely challenging. “Every move you’re making is being watched. If a negative interaction with your kid is observed, or seen on your or your kid’s social media, it’s going to rocket around the world. That can be damaging to not only your relationship with your child, but it can also be damaging to your career,” the celebrity expert explained the dangers of slipping up even a single time when trolling kids.

“The scrutiny of being a celebrity parent can be overwhelming,” he added.

#7 When Will Smith Hilariously Recreated His Son Jaden’s Music Video Shot For Shot View this post on Instagram

Congrats on 100,000,000 @Spotify streams, Jaden! @c.syresmith It is a Delicious Gift to a Parent to Admire his children. Keep Doin’ You!

A post shared by Will Smith (@willsmith) on Feb 6, 2018 at 7:16pm PST

#8 When Actor Seth Rogen’s Mom Shamed Him And Told Him To Call Her

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#9 When TV Host Jimmy Kimmel Completely Embarrassed His Daughters On Instagram

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While it’s no surprise that some celebs great at trolling have a background in comedy, there were some unexpected contenders, too, like legendary singer Mick Jagger.

Apparently, some stars aren’t afraid to show they’ve got a softer, human side and that they love to have fun, too.

That’s one thing that we tend to forget about celebrities—that behind the coating of glitz, glamor, and glitter, they’re people just like you and I. And they have most of the same parenting problems and rely on pretty much the same advice as us regular non-famous folks.

#10 When Serena Williams’ Husband, Alexis Ohanian, Commented On Their Daughter’s Photo

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#11 When Film Director Judd Apatow Made His Daughter Iris Uncomfortable With His Amazing Good Looks

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#12 When Football Star David Beckham Roasted His Son Brooklyn For Bragging About His Instagram Followers

For instance, beloved Canadian actor (and one of the funniest people alive) Ryan Reynolds explained just how important it is to be present and active as a dad, as well as how vital it is to be a team player when you start having children comes into the world.

“Just do the dirty work, man. You gotta do the diapers, you gotta do the middle of the night thing. I mean, your wife—a human being will exit your wife, so she’s done enough. Just change the diapers,” Reynolds said on ‘Late Night with Seth Meyers.’

#13 When Mick Jagger Totally ‘Annihilated’ His Son Lucas On Instagram With Just One Comment

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#14 When Judd Apatow Said He Didn’t Even Realize That Actress Lena Dunham Took His Daughter Iris On A Trip To London

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#15 When Victoria Beckham Trolled Her Son Brooklyn About Playing With Dolls

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#16 When Kim Kardashian Wanted To Wish Her Daughter A Happy Birthday But Ended Up Trolling Her Instead

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#17 When Judd Apatow Trolled His Daughters Maude And Iris By Posting Their Photo Online

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#18 When Kelly Ripa Told Her Daughter Lola To Turn Off Her Phone And Go Clean Her Room

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#19 When Denise Jonas ‘Hated’ Her Sons’ Face Swap Photo

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#20 When Actress Leslie Mann Called Her Daughter Iris Out For Her Makeup Skills

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#21 When Barbara Streisand Told Her Stepson To Smile And ‘Show His Teeth’

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#22 When Zoe Kravitz Shared A Selfie Of Her ~smoky Eye~ Look. And Her Dad Slid Into The Comments With This

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#23 Me: I’m Gonna Just Fish For Compliments All Day When I Hold You In My Arms.baby Tiana Gia: I’m Gonna Look Up At You With My Gummy Smile And Just Love, Appreciate And Marvel At All This Daddy Goodness I See.hobbs Laying On The Floor In The Background: Holy Sh*t Please Baby Tia Stop Encouraging Him. It’s Making Me Nauseated.for The Record, This Is The Same Way I Speak To @kevinhart4real View this post on Instagram

Me: I’m gonna just fish for compliments all day when I hold you in my arms. Baby Tiana Gia: I’m gonna look up at you with my gummy smile and just love, appreciate and marvel at all this Daddy Goodness I see. Hobbs laying on the floor in the background: Holy sh*t please Baby Tia stop encouraging him. It’s making me nauseated. For the record, this is the same way I speak to @kevinhart4real

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#24 When Alec Baldwin, Decided Again, He Was Uncomfortable With His Daughter’s Photo

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#25 When Cindy Crawford Gave No F**ks How Much Her Kids Would Hate The Man Draped Over Her

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