26 People Share Pics Of Teachers Standing Or Leaning Over Students’ Desks In Weird Ways

Teachers are unsung heroes: they spend all day filling students’ minds with knowledge and all night grading papers. But there’s something else that teachers tend to do—they lean against desks in very bizarre and seemingly (un)comfortable ways.

Well, Twitter user Karla_villegas wanted to share this interesting feature with the world, so she posted a photo of her old geometry teacher leaning on a desk with his legs in a peculiar position. Twitter loved the photo, Karla’s thread went viral, and other people started sharing pics of their own teachers leaning.

Scroll down, upvote your fave leaning-teacher photos, and let us know in the comments if your teachers acted the same way, dear Pandas!


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Karla’s thread had a whopping 378.6k likes at the time of writing and more than 28.5k people retweeted it. The amount of attention the post got just goes to show that more teachers tend to act the same way than we realized!

But why do teachers lean like this? One explanation could be that desks are positioned at a weird height and teachers have no other choice but to lean like they’re in the middle of a ballet warm-up. Another reason could be back pain.


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Teachers spend extended amounts of time standing and sitting and this can cause back problems if there’s not enough movement and variation between the two. In addition to standing, they have to keep bending down to help their students. The issue is especially prevalent among primary school teachers because the desks are far smaller.

So leaning in a weird way can be some teachers’ attempt to reduce the strain on their backs. Something else that can help protect their health is having standing or proper-sized desks for students to work at.

Choosing to sit on a high stool instead of standing for hours on end can also remove part of the strain. This upside is better back health; the downside is seeing less awesome leaning pictures on the net.


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