3 Ways to Build Your Inner Confidence and Claim the Life You Deserve

You deserve to be successful, happy, and healthy. You deserve to be abundant, financially free, and fulfilled. You deserve to be loved, have deep-connections, and at peace. Yet, you keep creating the same experiences every day and nothing seems to change. Your future, the life you deserve, seems out of reach because you keep predicting your future based on the past.

Then, doubt starts to take over. You go into feelings of fear, stress, and anxiety as you believe the life you deserve will never transpire. I want you to face your doubt, face your fear, and face your limitations. You have the ability to build inner confidence and claim the life you deserve.

Here are 3 ways you can build your inner confidence and get what you deserve:

1. Stop Giving Power to Your Inner Commentator

Your Inner Commentator is like a sports commentator. It is the fear-based voice inside your head that gives you a distorted play by play commentary of your life based on subconscious beliefs. And since 95% of our thoughts are subconscious, we aren’t aware of the stories our Inner Commentator is telling us. It breaks your inner confidence by having you compare yourself to others, questioning your ability, and believing a false narrative.

Your Inner Commentator clouds your ability to judge your social and personal standing in life by engaging your addictive behaviors, and therefore believes your identity lies within drama. When you sense your Inner Commentator trying to take control of your reality shift your mindset by asking, “Is this me, or my Inner Commentator talking.”

2. Be an Observer of Your Thoughts

Building your inner confidence starts by being aware of your thoughts. Thoughts become feelings, emotions, beliefs, patterns and eventually your personal reality. And since your thoughts control your reality, your reality is limited by your thoughts. Thoughts affect the energy of your confidence by attaching to the patterns and programming of your unconfident self. The unconfident self that believes you are limited and doesn’t deserve an amazing life.

Shift your thoughts without putting energy behind them, detach from your ego, and observe these three things:

What type of automatic programming are my thoughts producing?Are my thoughts and emotions clouding my vision of the future?Do my thoughts limit me and affect my inner confidence?

The same thoughts lead to the same choices. The same choices lead to the same actions and behaviors. The same behaviors lead to the same experiences.

3. Embrace Uncertainty

It’s easy to be confident when we can forecast our future. When we know the variables that affect our outcomes. However, life isn’t about certainty. Because life is constantly changing we are faced with uncertainty everyday.

We feel safe in a predictable space and are unaware of how living in status quo prevents us from building our inner confidence and achieving everything we want in life. The brain fires in the same sequence and same combinations over and over again when you live in they predictable space. You don’t change your reality.

Increase your ability to build confidence by creating excitement around uncertainty. Challenge yourself to move beyond the status quo and the familiar. Therefore, if you continue to move past what is familiar, you become unconsciously skilled and are creating a new reality with confidence.

Nelson Mandela always asked “What if.” What if you built your inner confidence on the foundations of a new reality? A reality that wasn’t limited, predictable, and fear-based.

Implement these new skills to create an inner confidence where you can claim the life you deserve, unlearn the programs of the past, and align with you are now.

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Ishrat Pasha 2020