30 Times People Spotted Exciting Creativity In Bars And Restaurants And Just Had To Share (New Pics)

Even more than the obvious, practical purpose of being watered and fed, we go to bars and restaurants for the atmosphere. A place could have the finest cuisine and the tastiest beers in the world, but if it doesn’t have any soul, any feeling, are you truly going to enjoy the experience?

Probably not. That’s why when we do find a joint with a ton of character, we like to celebrate it. This list of bars and restaurants, compiled by Bored Panda, comes from customers that just had to share the funny, kooky and unique things that they’ve encountered on a night out – these spots go the extra mile to make sure their visitors get a truly memorable experience!

Scroll down below to check them out for yourself, and let us know what you think in the comments!

#1 Bar In Nebraska Doing It Right

Image credits: BlueDevil44

So how to create that elusive atmosphere? With thanks to culinary blog Restaurant Tallent, here are some basic concepts to keep in mind:

Restaurant concepts: The restaurants with concepts attract people. If you have a particular cuisine, then you can design the restaurant with the idea of that country or culture. For example, if the restaurant is Chinese then you can create the restaurant with things that will make the customers feel like they are in China. You can also add a story on how the restaurant was founded and place artwork and pictures of the history of the restaurants.

Cleanliness: Who would prefer anything which is not clean? People can get very cautious when they eat out. If your restaurant is not clean, then there are chances you may never see that customer again. Make sure to change the linen and have clean dishes.

#2 ‘The Restaurant Of Order Mistakes’ Employs Waiters With Dementia, And You Never Know What You’re Getting

Image credits: The Restaurant of Many Orders

#3 This Restaurant In Austin Is Catching The US Up With The Rest Of The World

Image credits: ToTouchAnEmu

Lighting: The lighting should not be too bright that it blinds your customers and also not so dim that they are not able to look at what they eat. Again depending on the clients and the situations you must alter the lighting.

Music: Depending on the situation you can choose the genre of music. Music can be very pleasing to hear while eating. You can prefer light jazz or pop music to have a peaceful setting. You can also set your music based on your cuisine.

#4 Contrary To Popular Belief#5 A Pub Urinal In Ireland

Image credits: Signalreceived

Menu Design: Many may not think much about the menu card, but the menu card can attract and define the ambiance of the restaurant. Take time to create the menu card in such a way that each meal has a description of what the meal is. You can also add pictures so that the customers will know better about the food they are ordering.

Dishes, silver ware, and linens: Choose your dishes and silverware in such a way that it matches with your restaurant. Always have clean washed linens and make sure that in any situation you do not serve your customers with dirty dishes.

Pretty basic stuff, but very important nonetheless! All that’s left to do now is add your own personal touch!

#6 My Local Bar Has A Drunk Test For People Leaving

Image credits: designmur

#7 I See What You Did There

Image credits: andershemmingsendk

#8 This Poster Is In The Window Of A Pub In Sydney. Made Me Laugh

Image credits: cityfern

#9 Windimere Pub Is Keeping The Local Populous In Good Spirits

Image credits: StargateMunky101

#10 This Restaurant Has A Painting Of Their Very First Customers

Image credits: tedwow2

#11 I’ll Have The Soup And Salad, Please

Image credits: SierraNox

#12 This Bar Obviously Owns A Cat

Image credits: Headless_Pinata

#13 Saw This In The Window Of A Bar In Iceland

Image credits: TheCrimsonSage

#14 A Pub In My Town Places Rubber Ducks In Puddles To Warn Guests

Image credits: Nelz16

#15 I Found This In A Cocktail Bar In Indiana And It Made Me Smile

Image credits: Putin_inyoFace

#16 Local Bar’s Breathalyzer Replacement

Image credits: CrushedAvocados

#17 This Sign Is Hanging In The Dining Area Of Our Local Greek Restaurant

Image credits: wisdombabies

#18 Stools In An Italian Pub

Image credits: KevlarYarmulke

#19 Restaurant Puts Its Negative Reviews On Display

Image credits: TylerMcFluffBut

#20 This Cafe In Seoul, Korea

Image credits: Cafe Yeonnam-dong 239-20

#21 My Local Bar Dressed Up For Halloween

Image credits: creatureofchaos

#22 Saw This Near Robin Hood’s Bay

Image credits: PopeSwag69

#23 Medieval-Themed Pub In Prague

Image credits: nokia621

#24 This Chalk Art In A Local Bar

Image credits: doctormisterboss

#25 This Restaurant Has An Option For When Your Significant Other Says She Isn’t Hungry

Image credits: McKeeFTW

#26 This Relatable Sign Outside A Bar In London

Image credits: Drshriv

#27 Wife: “Where Are You?” Me:

Image credits: SufficientTower

#28 Hmmmm

Image credits: bevvcastillo

#29 Encountered This In The Restaurant I Visited Today, And Couldn’t Resist Sharing

Image credits: humans_are_not_real

#30 I Need To Work Here

Image credits: A1188353

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