52 Times Quarantined People Tried Grooming Their Dogs And Realized What The Professionals Are For

It seems like there’s an irresistible gravitational pull that draws us to scissors. I mean, we all know very well what the quarantine haircut is. If you’re one of the few lucky ones who hasn’t experienced it (just yet,) check out our previous post on people doing their hair in the lockdown. Spoilers: it ended badly.

But this time, the dogs are taking the hit. Because people have somehow come to the conclusion that grooming their four-legged friend at home is a must-do. “I don’t think he’ll ever trust a human again,” one Twitter user wrote about his mom’s decision to “try grooming the dog.” Don’t tell me you didn’t see it coming.

Let’s take a look at our selection of some of the funniest canine haircut casualties down below. If you’re still considering becoming a first-time groomer yourself, think again, and then, think once more.

#1 That Look

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#2 Take It From Mash And Wait Until The Professionals Are Back

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#3 Help

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Not even a global lockdown can stop people from giving their pets a haircut. That fact alone gets the owner in closer proximity to his four-legged companion, which may not be dangerous per se, since there’s no solid evidence it can be transmitted between species.

When it comes to DIY dog grooming in self-isolation, pro groomers’ opinions are split. According to Lisa Stark, the spokesperson at Petco, “pet owners aren’t capable and don’t have proper equipment to groom their pets at home.”

Meanwhile, Hayley Byrne-Ingle, a groomer from the Kennel Club, believes that “grooming can be done anywhere in the house.” She suggests that “choosing a room with a surface where your dog can’t slip would be best to make the grooming process as stress-free as possible.”

#4 Groomer Closed Due To Covid19. Wife Told Me To Trim The Dog. Hold My Beer

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#5 First Time Quarantine Groomer Here! How’d I Do?

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#6 If Looks Could Kill

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But when it comes to shaving your dog’s coat at home, that’s better left to the pros. “Ideally, cutting and/or shaving your dog’s coat should be left to your local dog groomer,” Hayley told The Country Living. Instead, her advice is to “invest in a good brush—a standard slicker brush is appropriate for most breeds, and brush your dog little and often.”

#7 Covid19 Haircut. Mistakes Were Made

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#8 Unexpected Casualties

Image credits: MarkAgee

#9 My Wife’s First Attempt To Groom The Dog During Quarantine

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The Centers for Disease Control And Prevention reports that “some coronaviruses that infect animals can sometimes be spread to humans and then spread between people, but it’s rare.” The current outbreak likely started from an animal source, but the exact source of the virus is unknown.

The first animal case that tested positive for the virus was a tiger with a respiratory illness at a zoo in New York City. Nevertheless, “Based on the limited information available to date, the risk of animals spreading COVID-19 to people is considered to be low.”

#10 Quarantine Haircuts 2020

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#11 Miss That Fluffy Boy. I Want His Fur Back

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#12 Guess Who Won’t Be Asked To Groom The Dog Again

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#13 Try Grooming The Dog

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#14 This Happened

Image credits: ChrisEvans

#15 A Trim

Image credits: heatherlouhind

#16 I, Too, Gave My Dog A Deeply Regrettable Quarantine Haircut. I’m So Sorry, Son

Image credits: halcyondazeahead

#17 My Dog Got A Haircut. Seems Pissed About It

Image credits: ChickenCowChicken

#18 This Is The Mug Of A Dog Who Is Plotting His Revenge Against Me For Giving Him A Home Haircut

Image credits: hopperpupper

#19 Not Happy

Image credits: withnailandaye

#20 My Advice: Abort This Mission! My Poor Mimi Looked Crazy For 2 Days Until I Was Able To Fix Him

Image credits: GuillaumeHuppe

#21 Avery Also Thinks Pants Are Optional During Isolation

Image credits: kmacneil225

#22 A Quarantine Haircut At It’s Best

Image credits: MeanAuntmissy

#23 Sorry Milo

Image credits: ashlleey12

#24 Dogs With Haircuts – Riley Edition

Image credits: keele

#25 So I Had To Give My Dog A Trim

Image credits: DeniseTut

#26 Mojo Before And After

Image credits: breathingmanually

#27 I’m So Sorry Baby. Dog Grooming Will Be Left To The Professionals Only From Here On Out

Image credits: catherine828

#28 Before And After Mum Tried To “Groom” The Dog. Poor Alfie

Image credits: rhiannjeffrey

#29 It Was So Long She Couldn’t See, So I Tried My Best But Poor Maggie May Deserved Better

Image credits: oy-withthepoodles

#30 There’s A First Time For Everything

Image credits: slack2thefuture

#31 Bad Quarantine Haircut

Image credits: Lucky_Lulu96

#32 My Pawrents Has To Shave Me. Hoping It Grows Back Fast

Image credits: doodle_mishka_barkton

#33 Uuumm, Maybe I Should Leave His Haircuts Up To The Dog Groomers

Image credits: Izzybellabellabell

#34 Beautiful

Image credits: teachrobotslove

#35 This Is Why We Pay Professionals

Image credits: maribrite83

#36 Bad Haircut Day

Image credits: peaches_fluffy_butt

#37 I Tried Giving My Sister’s Dog A Trim. A Maltese. It’s Terrible

Image credits: Marysia01313

#38 Willy

Image credits: kosmickkid

#39 Jeff Got A New Haircut

Image credits: tequilacowgirl

#40 My Mom Gave Her A Haircut

Image credits: ankmp7

#41 Whoa Mom, That Was Not The Look I Was Hoping For! I’ve 4 Letters For You Momma, F A I L

Image credits: james_the_poodle

#42 Sad Gretel

Image credits: TrinaSpillman

#43 Intense Chase

Image credits: ananavarro

#44 Note To Future Self: You Are Not A Dog Groomer, Don’t Use Clippers While Quarantined

Image credits: kaanapalikid

#45 He Has No Fur Now

Image credits: SassKHanna

#46 My Dog Halfway Through His At-Home Haircut

Image credits: GlucoseGallonGamer

#47 Far Better

Image credits: OfficiallyBrie

#48 Just A Trim

Image credits: tmaternowski

#49 My Maya

Image credits: mamiewright00

#50 Ronnie

Image credits: busygirlizzie

#51 Quarantine Life Has My Dog Getting Haircuts At Home Too

Image credits: iarejulieee

#52 Wet Dog With A Quarantine Haircut Living His Best Wet Dog Life. It Is What It Is, Y’all.

Image credits: Iridescent-Voidfish

#53 I Spent 3 Days Attempting To Groom Little Squiggy With People Hair Clippers. It Was Traumatic For Everyone Involved. These Embarrassing Little Raccoon Hands Were The Most Difficult Part.#54 Must… Resist… His… Puppy Eyes

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