83 Times People In Wheelchairs Could Not Go Places Due To These Terrible Design Fails

Accessibility is a vitally important feature of any civilized society – everyone, regardless of their mobility, should be able to access and enjoy public facilities. Poorly-designed accessibility for people in wheelchairs, for example, sends a pretty insulting message: “We added this feature because someone told us we had to, but it’s not important enough that we put any effort into making sure it actually helps.”

Accessibility then becomes purely symbolic, something designed to show that ‘we care,’ but has no practical purpose. Sadly, people with disabilities encounter this kind of attitude all too often, and beyond the continuous and ongoing campaigns for accessibility rights, there is little left to do but laugh at these outrageous fails collected by Bored Panda.

So scroll down below to see where good intentions can go wrong for yourself, and if you see bad examples of wheelchair accessibility in your neighborhood, be sure to report it to your local council or government representative!

If you aren’t already in a wheelchair, you will be after this

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