Aerial Photo Of Officers And A Quarantine-Breaking Man On The Beach Looks Like An Album Cover, People Start Photoshopping It

Rimini is a city on the Adriatic coast in Italy with over 22 centuries of history. Recently, a new page was added to it. And quite a funny one, too.

On the 17th of April, the public relations office of the city’s municipality shared an aerial photo of a man breaking quarantine. In it, two police officers can be seen approaching him, leaving their four-wheel motorcycles behind on the sand.

The sharp image immediately grabbed the Internet’s attention. In fact, people liked it so much, they turned it into a meme. Continue scrolling and check out what they have come up with so far!

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Image credits: CatnipHip

To combat the COVID-19 emergency, Rimini police officers have been piloting drones over local parks, beaches, and other areas. In just three days since the operation began, they have stopped 1204 people violating quarantine rules. The authorities hope that these patrols will not only take care of the wrongdoers but deter people from violating regulations in the first place.


Image credits: Lorenzo Aiello


Image credits: CatnipHip


Image credits: CatnipHip


Image credits: Federico Berlini


Image credits: Mattia Podda


Image credits: CatnipHip


Image credits: LO Sketch


Image credits: Marco Mark Unread Romagnoli


Image credits: CatnipHip


Image credits: Giovanni Vaccari


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Image credits: Luca Baggiarini


Image credits: Roberto Fakia Facchiano

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