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How the Use of Certain Words Can Determine Your Business Success

Words are very compelling. I recently saw an advertising campaign for a makeup company which used only words. You would think that a company that sells makeup would add pictures of beautiful faces, lipsticks and eye-shadows to their billboards. Not at all. Their campaign used a combination of words which intended to get a strong

What Apple’s iOS 14 Update Means for Your Business

What Apple’s iOS 14 Update Means for Your Business There are a lot of ways that the upcoming change to Apple’s iOS 14 is being described. An attack on business. A long overdue win for consumers. Something that will deeply affect the websites that you love. A way for users to take back control of

Here’s How to Keep Growth and Expansion from Crushing Your Success

Sit back and take a moment to think about where you are and where you want to be. Daydream about having a thriving business that generates enough revenue to create financial freedom for life. Dream about having supportive relationships that inspire and push you to work harder. Dream about being the most optimized version of

5 Reasons Why Starting Small is the Key to Success

“The man who moves a mountain begins by carrying away small stones.” This is one of the famous quotes from Confucius. And the success principle within this line explains how anyone can achieve anything they want if they are willing to put in small and consistent effort.  You may have heard of the best-selling book,

The Framework to Making Better Decisions in Your Life

The average person makes over 35,000 choices a day, leading to exhaustion and often questionable choices. These begin as soon as you wake up when you decide to hit snooze, then when you decide if you’ll pack a lunch or grab something to-go. Of course, our daily decisions aren’t always so simple. Choices on who

5 Questions You Should Ask When Receiving Success Advice

On the journey to becoming successful, you will likely receive a lot of opinions about the best path to take. But how can you tell the difference between good and bad success advice? It’s an important question to ask, because it’s easy to be misled if you’re not guided by reliable sources.  Here are five

Why You Should Write Down 100 Goals For 2021 And Beyond

Three years ago, I wrote down 100 goals in my journal. It was harder than I thought it would be. Among these riveting goals that my young brain came up with were “Go to Coachella,” “Climb Everest,” and “Cook with Gordon Ramsay.” Absolutely riveting, I know.  Despite these brainless entries, I did come up with

How Digital Marketing Will Change: 14 Predictions for 2021

Digital marketing is no stranger to changes, especially after a year like 2020. We have to stay on our toes if we want to stay relevant with the never ending changes to algorithms and regulations—and part of that is positioning ourselves for success. What is digital marketing going to look like in 2021? We had

5 Powerful Reasons Why You Should Write Down Your Goals

The year was 2017. Ninety-nine year old Annie was pictured smiling as a policeman handcuffed and led her into a cell. You’ve probably never seen a smiling convict before but Annie’s case was a little different. While most people would be shivering at the thought of being placed in a damp, dark cell, she had

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