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6 Ways to Actually Track Social Media ROI

Despite how great the latest marketing tech stack gets, it always feels like there’s room for attribution improvement. We’d know exactly how someone went from finding out about your brand to becoming a happy customer in a perfect world. But it’s not that easy. You know this by now, having realized that tracking social media

What is Social Listening?

Social listening is the new “authentic.”  It’s hard to find marketing experts who haven’t said or written the word “social listening” as part of their 2021 strategy. Like authentic content was the marketing term of all terms a few years ago, social listening is now the marketing term of the year. Social listening has risen

Here’s How You Can Succeed at Any Stage in Life

“Every great achievement is but a small peak in the mountain range of contributions.” Those were the words of renowned US economist Dale T. Mortensen, a man whose crowning achievement (the Nobel prize in Economics) came a few days after his 71st birthday. And Mortensen is not the only famous late bloomer. Anna Mary Moses

Over 100 Highly Successful Companies That Started During Tough Times

“Success is like a giant iceberg,” writes author and motivational speaker Alex Altman. “What people see is only on the surface.” Wise words! And especially in an age where everyone can look like a winner with a carefully crafted Instagram post. But as Alex points out, behind the picture of a billionaire kicking back on

Everything You Ever Needed to Know About Social Media Marketing

Companies are making big money on social media. And you can too. The trick to social media marketing is knowing the foundations of what makes it work so well. Making money for your business is a huge pro (and what might be your goal on paper), but social gives companies an opportunity that was harder

The Best Business Books That Are Shaping the Future

Today’s business students are tomorrow’s business leaders, entrepreneurs, and policymakers. So DegreeQuery thought it would be a good idea to find out what books are shaping the minds that will shape our future. Using data from Open Syllabus, DegreeQuery researchers identified the most assigned business books at public schools and Ivy League colleges. And although

7 Steps to Create Your First Online Challenge

Have you seen someone running an online challenge and used your marketing brain to realize they were strategically growing their audience and getting customers? That happened to us a few months ago, so we ran our own challenge to see what the fuss was about. Let’s just say things went really well. Our challenge brought

The 7-Second Test: How to Make Your Homepage Actually Convert

You had your game plan. You were going to put together a homepage that turned visitors into customers. Those customers were going to become raving fans of your business. They would tell all of their friends, family, and colleagues about you. You would tell your grandkids about your business success and ride off into the

Celebrating Black and African American Marketers This February

Black History Month was started by Carter G. Woodson as Negro History Week in 1926 and centered on two main ideas: recognition and importance. As Woodson said, “Those who have no record of what their forebears have accomplished lose the inspiration which comes from the teaching of biography and history.” To celebrate Black History Month

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