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What Is the Ideal Modern Marketing Team?

Figuring out what makes a successful marketing team is no easy venture—especially one that can keep up with the times. But here at DigitalMarketer, we’re pretty sure we’ve cracked the code. The marketing industry as we know it has changed drastically over the past few years, and in order to remain successful, the modern marketing

5 Ways To Prevent Burnout & Still Be Successful

How often have you felt like time is going by so fast, and you wish it could just slow down a little so you could be more accomplished? With technology expanding faster than ever (and only increasing with speed), it can feel like a race toward success. The good news is, that is only a

How To Lead An Effective One-On-One

Leading an effective one-on-one can take some practice. But if you follow this simple template, you’ll be able to have productive conversations with your team that lead to higher ROI’s and a better chance of checking off your KPI’s. The goal of a recurring one-on-one meeting between employee and supervisor (whether that’s a manager, the

5 Ways to Magnetize Your Audience

You’re putting yourself out there, which is brave. However, like many business owners, executives, and speakers, you may be struggling with this one question running on repeat — “How do I get them to…” (fill in the blank). That could be anything from, “buy my course”, to “pay attention to me”, to “listen to what

15 Quiz Funnel Examples to Inspire You

If you’ve ever been sucked in by an online quiz, you understand why so many companies these days are turning to quiz funnels for their lead generation. No, I don’t mean the BuzzFeed quizzes about what type of sandwich you are (I’m a bacon egg and cheese on sourdough, in case you were curious). I

How to Be a Selfless Leader in Your Business

Leaders are required to make decisions daily that impact the success of the business and its bottom line. Understanding leadership training key terms can offer insight into core values and principles associated with leading people. Leadership training prepares leaders to recognize a variety of leadership styles prevalent in many organizations, the significance of communication, team

How to Generate More Traffic with Google’s New Features

You’re probably already familiar with Google My Business. If you aren’t, as a quick recap, Google My Business is a simple way to claim your office address or storefront on Google. That way, when someone searches for your business, you’ll show up on the right side of a Google search like the image above. Or better

3 Ways to Know if You’re Working Hard to Fail or Succeed

We know how important hard work is to achieve success, but we also know the road to success is filled with obstacles and failures. Many people have great ideas and don’t put the work in to make them succeed and go to the next level. We also see many people work hard on a terrible

How Going to a Marketing Conference Can Help Your Career

3 months ago, my friends and I asked each other what had been the most impactful moment of our year so far. I had the fastest response: “Going to Traffic & Conversion Summit.” Conferences had always felt out of my reach. On average, they can run over $2,000, between ticket and accommodation, and I doubted

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