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How to Make 6 Figures on YouTube and Keep Your Day Job

You’ve probably heard of PewDiePie, the most subscribed-to YouTuber in the world, with more than 100,000,000 million people following his channel and an estimated net worth of $40 million. I wanted to find someone in my own sphere who had been successful on Youtube. So I interviewed my colleague Sydd, who works full time at


It is everyone’s responsibility to unite against racism and social injustice. We at DigitalMarketer offer unwavering support to the Black community and those who are standing up against all forms of violence and discrimination. We believe as a small business we can do better. We believe ALL businesses can do better.  And we vow to

7 Things Every Marketer Should Be Doing Right Now

Marketers around the world right now are doing their best to keep their audience engaged and active. While no one really knows what the world will look like a month or even two weeks from now, it’s important that we keep our marketing wheels turning. It’s time for us all to do what marketers do

7 Ways to Keep Your Team Engaged While Working Remotely

If you’re anything like us, finding the motivation to get out of bed and crawl over to our computers to start working has become increasingly difficult these days. All the Zoom calls in the world won’t change that we are still feeling disconnected from everyone—especially our coworkers. Gone are the days of quick chats at

8 Habits That Separate the Rich From the Poor

How to live a rich life? Our habits can program us into poverty and prevent us from earning more. Here is a list of habits that separate the rich people from the poor ones. 1. Uncleanliness There  is always dirt where poverty is. Greasy oilcloths on the tables, dust, old wallpaper, dirty floor, torn old

It’s Not About Influencers, It’s About Partnerships

Does the word “influencer” leave the same confusing taste in your mouth as the word “TikTok”? A taste reminiscent of getting older and not understanding the youths. But we’re here to help you figure it out. Here goes: Influencer marketing is just a bedazzled, cold-brewed substitute term for “Strategic Business Partnerships.”I know all of you

What Is “Drop Servicing”?

A few years ago, entrepreneurs realized that by drop shipping products they could grow businesses with little overhead. They didn’t need to run their own factory or pay rent on a warehouse to store their products. They just needed to get potential customers interested in their products and they could have the product delivered right

What is an Entrepreneur

Entrepreneurship is one of the most important aspects of American society. As Americans, many of us often dream of changing the world with a revolutionary product and getting rich while doing it. Fulfillment and profit is, to many of us, the true American dream. Entrepreneurship is so important to Americans, its idolization is often ingrained

How To Figure Out What Content Your Customer Avatar Wants

Have you sat at your desk for *way* too long, staring at a blank document trying to figure out what content you should create for your customer avatar? Been there—done that. We’ve also seen wayyyy to many business owners feel like content is an intimidating part of the marketing process. Here’s the thing… it’s only

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