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88 People Whose Christmas Was As “Good” As The Year 2020

As much as we’d like the cursed year of 2020 to end without leaving it the opportunity to raise our cortisol levels from stress even further, it doesn’t mean that the Christmas holidays are canceled. In fact, if you’re reading the post, I must give you a big round of applause for surviving it, ‘cause

50 Photos Capturing Nosey Pets Spying On Their Neighbors

Ahh, nosey neighbors. Everybody gets the pleasure of dealing with them at some point in their lives. What are these people hoping to see while carrying out their spying duties? Their neighbor hiding a body? Performing a drug transaction? Cheating on their spouse? Or using superpowers? Well, I guess we’ll never know. Unless you, the

Hey Pandas, Make A Meme About Yourself

Here are some examples: school, work, pets, etc. #1 Anxiety#2 I Didn’t Really Make This, But… Image credits: #3 Literally Describes My Life.#4 Me: Not Scared Of Dolls That Stare At Me While I Sleep, Scared Of Cabbage Patch Doll#5 What I Do All The Time, Including When Making This Meme#6 .#7 I Hate Gender

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