I Created My Own 16 ‘Lockdown’ Versions Of Cliché Instagram Travel Photos

My name is Sharon Waugh and I run travel humor blog The Sharonicles. In my recent tongue-in-cheek blog post, I suggested that practicing travel poses is one way for travel-obsessed people to cope with lockdown and the current travel restrictions.

Since then, I have been sharing my own attempts to recreate the lockdown version clichéd travel Instagram pictures on my account. Here are some of the best results.

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#1 Surfing Is Now Permitted But Standing Around On The Beach Posing For Instagrams Is Not. So, If You’re Looking For Me, I’ll Be At Home Doing ‘Housework’#2 You Can Still Appreciate Architectural Marvels During Lockdown, You Just Have To Build Them First#3 Being Location Independent Is Not What It Used To Be#4 Enjoying The View From The Edge#5 We Used To Do Yoga So We Could Pull Off Fancy Poses In Exotic Locations, Now We Just Do It For The Health Benefits (#Nailedit)#6 Since You Can’t Follow Me Around The World, You Might As Well Follow Me Around The House#7 The Most Appropriate Pose When You’re Super Happy (Or Trying To Convince Yourself That You’re Super Happy) To Be In Your Current Location#8 Ah, Classic ‘Heart Hands!’#9 Immersing Oneself In Exotic Foliage Is Not What It Used To Be. Some People Are Fostering Shelter Pets Right Now. My Housemate Is Fostering Abandoned Office Plants#10 Playing In A Fort Is Not What It Used To Be. But It’s Better Than Not Playing In A Fort#11 ‘Travel Blogging’ Is Not What It Used To Be#12 Nothing Beats The Sun Shining Down On Gorgeous Brown Face-Brick Paving, Recently Washed By Frigid Winter Rain…Okay, Well, Maybe I Can Think Of A Few Things#13 Yes, This Is The Most Interesting And Elaborate Door I Have Seen So Far This Year#14 If You Can’t Be All Sexy In A Hotel Room With A Corner Window, You Can Still Bring The Sexy To Your Own (Kitchen) Corner Window#15 When You Can’t Use Street Art For Your Latest Tinder Pic, You Can Always Settle For Fridge Art.#16 Visiting The Louvre To See The Mona Lisa Is Not What It Used To Be

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