I Made Book Cover And Movie Poster Parodies With Photoshop During Quarantine And Now It’s My New Favorite Hobby

I started by reimagining popular children’s book covers to reflect the Coronavirus crisis, and that project then morphed into movie poster parodies.

I am a SAHM with a background in illustration and graphic design, and creating these punny images is something I really enjoy doing while my kids nap or after bedtime. Everybody could use a good laugh during these stressful times. Enjoy!

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#1 The Matrix Meets Beatrix Potter#2 Jaws Meets Star Wars. You’re Gonna Need A Bigger Sandcrawler…#3 Ford V Ferrari Meets The Konmari Method Of Organization#4 The Sixth Sense Meets Frozen 2. “Icy Dead People. They Don’t Even Snow They’re Dead.”#5 La La Land Meets Jurassic Park#6 Bend It Like Beckham Gets Even More British…#7 Mission Impossumible#8 The First Of My Coronavirus Children’s Book Parodies: Charmin’s Only On The Web#9 Coronavirus George Shelters In Place#10 If You Give A Mouse A Cootie#11 Put Me In The Zoom#12 Donald And The People’s Corona#13 Covid With A Chance To Meet Via Skype Calls#14 Can’t Afford To Be In The Red#15 Fancy Nancy Becomes Fauci NIAID#16 Ramona Quimby, Age 8 Becomes Corona Quarantine, Day 8#17 The Lather & Rinse#18 Where Is Maisy’s Pandemic?#19 T.p. Restocking#20 The Covid Nineteen Rabbit

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Ishrat Pasha 2020