I Make Illustrations Of Your Favorite Memes In Classic Japanese Styles Like Ukiyo-e And Others

It started as a Christmas gift to my wife, who loves the “Woman Yelling at Cat” meme, and has unfolded into an art project called “Memes of the Floating World.” In this strange dream world, classic Japanese woodblock print art and legends mash up with memes, dead and living, and internet lore from the past and present.

I don’t know where this project will take us next, but it’s sure to be at least a little bit dank. Official art prints are available only at Society6, so make sure you can bring the weirdness into your home. Thank you for taking a look!

More info: ukiyomemes.com | Instagram | society6.com | twitter.com | Facebook

#1 Longcat & Tacgnol—Ukiyo-e Style#2 Woman Yelling At Cat—Ukiyo-e Style#3 Doge Meme—Ukiyo-e Style#4#5 This Is Fine Meme—Ukiyo-e Style#6 Another Dead Meme Appears To Us As A Malevolent Yokai#7 Dabbing With Demons#8 Dead Meme Returns As Japanese Yokai#9 “Are Ya Winning Son?” Meme#10 Confused Anime Pigeon Guy Meme—Ukiyo-e Style#11 Ok Meme—Japanese Ink Style

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