I Was Modelling For My Wife To Take Ugly Christmas Photos, Now We Have Taken It To Next Level

Last year, my family and I were in a local store and saw a huge selection in the ugly Christmas sweater ideas department and other funny festive outfits. My wife thought it would be hilarious to take some funny photos of me in them and post them on Instagram to give people some Christmas cheer.

I thought, if I’m going to be a serious Instagram model (I am hardly ever serious and obviously not a model), I would put my all into the family photos job and not take the responsibility lightly.

The first year, my wife and I took about an hour total over two weekends to shoot these Christmas cards in our residential neighborhood. We called it 12 Days of Ugly Christmas.

We had so much fun that we came back this holiday season with year two and shot some of the photos on location and also involved more of our family!

Hopefully, these can bring some Christmas cheer to those that want a smile this season!

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