Jennifer Aniston Faces Backlash For Her ‘Tone-Deaf’ Christmas Ornament

On Friday, Jennifer Aniston posted an Instagram story to her 36M followers featuring a Christmas ornament that caused one heck of a stir. The wooden ornament had an engraving in a script font which read “Our first pandemic 2020.” But people on the internet were far from impressed.

“Jennifer please,” read one retweet that was liked 556k times and others were claiming that the ornament was tone-deaf. Some were wondering whether the “Friends” star had any intention of celebrating the pandemic with this bizarre ornament, but others stepped in to defend her.

While the debate on this little piece of decoration is still hot and sizzling, one has to keep in mind that Jennifer put no caption along with the controversial post. Plus, there were no indications whether the ornament really belongs to her. After all, Jen has been an avid advocate of health and safety in times of pandemic, so this is not something that’s typical to her.

Jennifer has recently stirred a heated debate on whether posting a Covid-themed Christmas ornament was or wasn’t an insensitive thing to do

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This is the Christmas ornament that got everyone talking, but even though Jen posted it, it’s not clear if it belongs to her

But it was enough to cause serious backlash

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And people couldn’t stop roasting the controversial ornament

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But others defended Jen in a series of tweets

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Some people reminded everyone about Jen being an avid health and safety advocate in times of pandemic

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