Mom Shares A Funny Tip From The Previous Owner That She Found Underneath The Wallpaper And It Goes Viral

To make the most out of their time under lockdown, Charlotte Morrison and her family decided to give their home a makeover.

One of the priorities was the front room. However, once the gang started working on it, they found a note underneath the wallpaper the previous owner wrote them in 1997!

The kind sir who introduced himself as John even left a valuable redecorating tip. Talk about British comradery. All I got when I moved in my apartment were unpaid taxes and a crooked floor.

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Image credits: Charlotte Morrison

“I have ordered my new wallpaper 8 rolls, so we shall see how it goes”

“Our front room was a magnolia color when we moved in, however, it was obvious that it was paint, over wallpaper, upon wallpaper,” Charlotte told Bored Panda.

“We then painted over it with our chosen color. I was never brave enough to take the layers of wallpaper off as we weren’t sure of the conditions of the plastering underneath,” she explained. “We wouldn’t have had the budget to cover the cost of someone to plaster the whole room.”

But when the pandemic hit the world and Charlotte found herself spending more of her time home, she took on a lot of D.I.Y projects and as her confidence grew, she decided to take the risk.

“Being off work due to coronavirus we would have the time to fix any problems,” Charlotte laughed. “I came across the note on my last section of stripping the wallpaper. It made me chuckle.”

Image credits: Charlotte Morrison

After the woman uploaded a picture of the snippet to her Facebook, her friends advised her to start a public #FindJon mission. So she did.

“A relative of Jon’s contacted me through Messenger,” Charlotte explained the unlikely-but-unbelievably-wholesome turn of events. “She asked Jon some questions, he described our house and how it was. He gave the correct address too, so I knew we really did find Jon.”

Image credits: Charlotte Morrison

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