People Are Sharing Lousy Animal “Facts” And You’ll Wish They Were Real

With millions of animal species inhabiting the earth, it’s pretty safe to say that animal kingdom is pretty intense and strange. Believe it or not, there just so much you don’t yet about our non-human counterparts. For instance, have you ever heard that prairie dogs greet each other by kissing? Or that scorpions glow under UV light?

While most of us love learning this sort of fact, no one can forbid us from creating alternative stories to the already strange world. Because why not? As long as you don’t mess with and harm the mother nature, there’s no one who can stop you from having a little laugh at its tiny creations and the predicaments they get involved in.Apparently, that’s what people who gather in subreddit called S**ttyAnimalFacts are doing.

People pick the cutest, funniest and most adorable videos and photos of animals and pair them with ‘facts’ that make the whole ordeal too funny to scroll past by. Although no one in any way is stating that these ‘facts’ are true, a good laugh is guaranteed. Already intrigued? Scroll below to read them!

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In 2005 scientists at Seoul national university managed to cross dog with seal. Sadly, the only specimen that survived to adulthood was born blind

Image credits: killerbunnyfamily

#2 Land Urchins Can Instantly Grow Extra Limbs

Image credits: killerbunnyfamily

#3 If You Wash Your Tiger To Often Its Colours Will Fade

Image credits: Kakjes

#4 Marine Biologist Are Now Tagging Whales, In Hope To Better Understand Their Movements

Image credits: plastictank


After the popularity of the “Longcat” meme in 2006, New Delhi scientist Itisha Catashnek began a highly controversial breeding program, injecting cat sperm with snake DNA. In 2015 she succeeded.

Image credits: various_extinctions

#6 Siberian Huskies Are So Hot That When They Touch Water, It May Instantly Boil

Image credits: killerbunnyfamily


De-clawing your cat will lead to them becoming more aggressive. And they become very resourceful about finding replacements for their missing claws

Image credits: m0rris0n_hotel


Since criminals begun using trained mice as couriers for sim cards, USB sticks, and drugs, especially in prisons, the FBI has established a feline division in 2005

Image credits: various_extinctions

#9 In Canada, Due To Predictable Movement Patterns, Moose Are Used As Directional Markers

Image credits: m0rris0n_hotel

#10 Bengal Tigers Are Avid Fishermen Who Constantly Boast About Size Of Their Catch

Image credits: killerbunnyfamily

#11 21st Century Cats Must Be Fully Charged Every 24 Hours

Image credits: killerbunnyfamily


Welsh farmer Amaethon Jones from Llanfair­pwllgwyngyll­gogery­chwyrn­drobwll­llan­tysilio­gogo­goch bred the longest cow on earth. Sadly, the cow is very conscious about her length and refuses to be photographed in its entirety

Image credits: killerbunnyfamily

#13 Survival Of The Fittest Is Often Displayed In Bears. Here A More Dominant Bear Absorbs A Smaller Bear To Become Even Larger

Image credits: beefchickenwings


Using live traps to get rid of opossums has begun to backfire as the opossums are using their prison time to get jacked, making them stronger than ever when they get back on the streets.

Image credits: I_might_be_weasel

#15 Some Dogs Are Known To Disguise Themselves As Platypuses, Usually For Tax Reasons

Image credits: Kijafa

#16 Certain Breeds Of Hamsters Can Be Used To Read 3.5 Inch Floppy Disks

Image credits: I_might_be_weasel

#17 The Platypus Is The Only Mammal Known For Its Exhibitionism

Image credits: pnewell

#18 Instead Of A Mint, Some Hotels Leave A Small Rodent On The Pillow To Accommodate Canine Guests With Chocolate Allergies

Image credits: pnewell

#19 Sea Turtles Are Not Angry At Humans For Ocean Pollution. They Are Just Very Disappointed With Us

Image credits: I_might_be_weasel

#20 Chocolate Labradors Melt In Direct Sunlight

Image credits: various_extinctions

#21 Cats Can Read

Image credits: killerbunnyfamily

#22 Spanish Seagulls Never Stop Growing

Image credits: various_extinctions

#23 Did You Know – The Ocean Gets Its Saltiness From The Tears Of Misunderstood Sharks Who Just Want A Cuddle

Image credits: Second-Encounter-NZ

#24 Red Pandas Are Known Fans Of Dragon Ball Z And Can Often Be Seen Re-Enacting The Fusion Dance

Image credits: stormannnn


All royal Canadian mounted police on active duty will be issued an official beaver companion starting in 2018. A small scale study found active duty beavers helped reduce aggression and 78% of people who encountered the beavers said they felt “More Canadian” afterwards.

Image credits: m0rris0n_hotel

#26 Of All Sunbathing Species, On Average Seals Have The Highest Levels Of Self-Confidence

Image credits: pnewell

#27 Jaguars Make Very Poor Lifeguards. Almost 90% Of Animals They Save From Drowning Die Of Neck Injuries Afterwards

Image credits: various_extinctions

#28 In Case You Didn’t Know

Image credits: craig0331

#29 Unlike Humans, Animals Universally Recognize That We’re In A Climate Crisis, And Have Doubled Down On Mass Transit

Image credits: pnewell

#30 Canadian Geese Are Descendants Of The Caribbean Fruit Fly

Image credits: BillClinternet42

#31 The Consistency Of Rabbits Was The Inspiration To Inventing Memory Foam

Image credits: various_extinctions

#32 Hippos Tend To Overestimate The Effectiveness Of Their Camouflage

Image credits: various_extinctions

#33 Ducks Are Not Animals

Image credits: killerbunnyfamily

#34 Inside Each Turtle Is The Soul Of A Grumpy Old Man

Image credits: pnewell

#35 The Dumbo Octopus Is So Named Because It’s Just So Damned Stupid

Image credits: pnewell

#36 Many Sheep Can’t Understand What All The Blackface Commotion In Canada Is About

Image credits: Anne_Elk_Theories

#37 Ducks Are Tragically Suicidal, And Will Instinctively Try And Drown Themselves. Unfortunately, They Float

Image credits: pnewell

#38 Phone Addiction Therapy Dogs Are Available For Rent Or Hire. I’ve Rented One For The Next Two Weeks… See You In Mid-April!

Image credits: pnewell


Baby dragons are incapable of making fire, but their instinctual need to destroy villages coupled with dragon strength make them dangerous even at an early age.

Image credits: dbcspace

#40 Having A Tiger Hazard Is The Latest Thing In Golfing

Image credits: various_extinctions

#41 Due To Climate Change And Urbanization Most Squirrels Now Live Underground

Image credits: Anne_Elk_Theories


Due to their evolutionary adaptations to the pressure of the deep sea, seals lack bones, which would crush under the pressure. On land, though, the lack of protective casing for their brain makes them very easy to knock out.

Image credits: pnewell

#43 Ducks Will Start To Melt At 90° F

Image credits: varric_chestbeard

#44 My Nephew Went To The Zoo And Learned That Walruses Like Hugs Too … Just Like People.

Image credits: bacib

#45 Ghost-Dogs Must Eat The Souls Of The Innocent To Regain Their Color

Image credits: pnewell

#46 Always Be Wary Of Missionapiaries

Image credits: hotgirIroxy

#47 A Pupper Becomes A Doggo When It Finally Catches Its Tail.

Image credits: pnewell

#48 A Rare Photo Documenting Ant “Piloting” Behaviour, Where Ants Co-Operate To Take Over An Empty Cicada Skin And Drive It Like A Mech Suit

Image credits: get_lamp

#49 Commonly Referred To As “God’s Mistake,” The Tapir Is The Result Of An Unholy Union Of Donkey And Elephant

Image credits: pnewell

#50 Did You Know?

Image credits: chinitheng


In 2015 a breeding program began injecting water strider DNA into embryos of german shepherds, resulting in dogs that can literally walk on water.

Image credits: Anne_Elk_Theories


Never underestimate a cat’s dedication to wake you up in the morning. Here you can see one who rescued their owner after an avalanche in order to get fed

Image credits: pnewell

#53 Cats Start To Melt At 85° F

Image credits: killerbunnyfamily


New field studies revealed that cats with solid black coats prefer Canada geese over cars as mode of transportation for medium distances

Image credits: soliferry

#55 Watchtower Cats Have A Smaller, Secondary Head On Their Back Which They Can Extend To Oversee Complex Situations

Image credits: various_extinctions

#56 When A Male Emperor Penguin Stares At His Erection, A Reflection Of His Younger Self Stares Back

Image credits: CuttiestMcGut

#57 After Killing Previous Alpha Male Of A Pack, Dalmatian Proudly Wears Its Skin As A Trophy

Image credits: killerbunnyfamily

#58 Giraffes Evolved Their Long Necks To Help Them Survive In Even The Deepest Arctic Snow

Image credits: Mouthmouthmouth

#59 Squirrels Are Frequently Being Employed As Construction And Groundskeeping Crews

Image credits: pnewell

#60 If A Bear Cub Feels Disgusted By Meat And Instead Chooses A Purely Vegetarian Lifestyle, It Is Known As A Wombat

Image credits: pnewell

#61 Magpies Are Masters Of The “Yo Mama” Jokes. Wolfs Hate Those

Image credits: various_extinctions

#62 After Migrating To Northern Hemisphere, Australian Spider-Cats Need Over One Month To Adopt To Local Gravity

Image credits: killerbunnyfamily

#63 World’s Smallest Adult Bear Discovered In Hawaii

Image credits: Endless_Vanity

#64 The Japanese Imperial Guard Has A Unit Of Specially Trained Shiba Inus That Pose As Toys In Royal Nurseries

Image credits: various_extinctions

#65 Foxes Are Just Dogs Running Catos

Image credits: Thumbs0fDestiny


Right after giving birth the mother is too weak too defend from predators so her young form a ‘cyclone of invisibility’ to keep her safe, often going for days on end

Video credits: nigeybruh

#67 Being Highly Social Creatures, Waterdogs Are Particularly Shocked To Find Out They’ve Been Left Home Alone

Image credits: pnewell

#68 Puppies Of Sufficient Cuteness Have The Ability To Defy Gravity

Image credits: pnewell

#69 Hummingbirds Grow On Trees

Image credits: Sonbly

#70 One Toner Is Usually Enough For ~10,000 Goats. When You Goat Looks Like This You Know It’s Time For A New Cartridge

Image credits: Anne_Elk_Theories

#71 Adolescent Reindeer Are Referred To As Drizzlefawns

Image credits: pnewell

#72 Zoos Help Baby Rhinoceros Cope With Their Cement Surroundings By Providing Them With Copious Amounts Of Cocaine

Image credits: sewthesexy1

#73 When In Heat, Rhinos Will Try To Impress Small Waterfowl By Revealing Their Full Plumage

Image credits: etymologynerd

#74 In Response To Deforestation, Rabbits Have Adapted To Blend Into Their Increasingly Urbanized Environment

Image credits: iknowvapetricks

#75 Manta Rays Travel With A Posse Because Of Their Crippling Fear Of Lonliness

Image credits: pnewell

#76 This Doggo Is 4th In Line To Be The Queen Of England

Image credits: jacobeekman

#77 Ferrets Do Not Exist. It Is A Derogatory Term Used By Weasels To Refer To Weasels Who Have Decided To Live A Non Traditional, Urban Lifestyle

Image credits: I_might_be_weasel

#78 Wolves Are Telepathic But Their Range Is So Weak They Need To Make Physical Contact To Get Their Thoughts Across

Image credits: m0rris0n_hotel

#79 Bears Can Quickly And Easily Be Trained As Expert Caddies, Most Often Employeed By Drug Lords Who Want Protection While Golfing

Image credits: pnewell

#80 Adolescent Giraffes Are Prone To A Rebellious, Punk Phase And Will Insist “It’s Not A Phase, This Is Me Now!”

Image credits: GodThesePretzelsSuck

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