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People Photoshop Hot Pizzas Into Horror Movie Scream Scenes And It Somehow Makes Sense (24 Pics)

People Photoshop Hot Pizzas Into Horror Movie Scream Scenes And It Somehow Makes Sense (24 Pics)

There’s more in common between horror movies and pizza than you’d think. Or at least some avid fans of spooky flicks and cheesy junk food seem to think so. Some absolute legends out there are photoshopping steaming hot pizzas into the mouths of people screaming in horror films, and we think they’re weirdly deliciously hilarious and they take the bite out of all the scariness.

Scroll down, upvote your fave horror movie x pizza combo, and let us know in the comments what scary films you like watching on Halloween. A fan of eating pizza on the scariest night of the year? Share your delicious pizza recipes in the comments as well.

Bored Panda reached out to Skyler Bryan who lives in Paris, Texas, and goes by the Twitter handle ThisIsFightClub, and is one of the people behind the pizza photoshops. “I’m one of the many members who are part of ‘The PhotoShop Requests’ group on Facebook where the thread originated from. It started off as just one photo and soon enough we were all wanting a slice of the action or, in this case, pizza!” The Twitter user then posted a few of the photos and even got a reply from Pizza Hut.


“Since then, I’ve seen the photos pop up all over! I think it’s perfectly splendid how during these times of being so separated that we can still come together and enjoy the little things in life like laughing at ‘cheesy’ pizza edits,” Skyler said.

The Twitter user added that the one scary movie they’d pick for this Halloween season would have to be ‘Scream.’ “I love how they acknowledge the classic horror tropes and use it to add a comedic side to an already great plot!”

Horror films can frighten us because they can trick us into believing that what we’re watching on screen is actually reality. And that causes a real fear reaction. Pizzas, on the other hand, are very mundane, and seeing them in characters’ mouths makes immersion (and fear) that much harder.


According to Business Insider, as filmmakers get to grips with the science of fear and as technology improves more and more, they’ll be able to trigger stronger and stronger emotional reactions in their viewers.

So if you think that horror movies are scary now, just imagine what they’ll look like in the near future. After all, take a look at how much filmmaking and effects have improved over the years.


Sure, a film that made you scared of turning the lights off in your bedroom at night when you were a kid might not seem all that creepy when you’re all grown up, but a newly released movie can frighten you senseless. (And if the effects won’t scare you, sometimes the horribly written scenarios will!)

What filmmakers are trying to do is to tap into the part of your brain that bypasses rational thought and operates purely out of instinct. You know that a movie’s good when your fight or flight reaction kicks into overdrive.


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