People Share Movie Descriptions That Completely Miss The Point And Here Are The Funniest Ones (30 Pics)

No matter if you’re a binge-viewer, a theater goer, or a full-on cinema critic who looks for depth in every motion picture, you find yourself in a situation where you need to answer the quintessential question. “What was it about?” is a hell of a challenge thrown at you, where 2 hours have to be somehow packed into three sentences tops.

You clear your throat and give it your best shot. Now what? Now nothing. Describing movies is not that easy, whether we like it or not.

But let’s change the rules and see if we can answer the same question by deliberately missing the point. Like, completely off. These people rose to the challenge, and it turns out, missing the whole point is somehow way more fun than being overly serious.

#1He was actually divorced and available

Image credits: Johnny Uy

#2There’s no hill in this movie. And not silent at all with all people screaming

Image credits: Baptiste Aubert

#3In the entire saga…We never actually saw him do this….

Image credits: Cecil Clemente Berenguer Fernandez

Deciding whether to spend 2 hours watching some motion picture and not wasting your precious time may be a hard thing to do on your own. That’s why we consult people who shower us with some random descriptions, read reviews, or check the rotten tomatometer. In any case, friends usually have the biggest influence, so whatever they say may strike a chord or kill the film for good.

To find out just what a movie description is really capable of, Bored Panda reached out to Romina, the filmmaker and blogger who previously came up with a similar type of Twitter thread that went viral. She asked people to describe their favorite movies as boring as possible, and got some super creative replies that you can check in our previous article

#4Mission is possible. Not once, but eight times.

Image credits: Khoi Phan

#5He isn’t even in it

Image credits: Mak Liim

#6She is not black and she is not a widow

Image credits: Kilyan Talhouet

Romina told us that some film “descriptions on Netflix indeed sound pretty ridiculous,” but precisely “because of that, they are ‘good.’”

The filmmaker added that even though it’s pretty hard to determine what kind of description falls into a good or not-so-good category, the most important thing about it is to get people to watch it. “If a description makes you want to watch a movie, it’s good.”

#7Some “x-men” are actually WOMEN

Image credits: Tim Milner

#8Infinity war but it was only 2 hours and 40 minutes

Image credits: Trent Alistair Lee

#9Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles.

Image credits: Rafael Jiram

The filmmaker also said that as long as the description reflects the core of the film, it’s good to go. “It’s only wrong if the description is way off. If the description mentions werewolves but the movie has no werewolves, then we are in trouble.”

“A little mystery and interpretation is good because it creates intrigue and people want to watch the film.”

Romina suggested coming up with a bunch of different versions of the description and seeing which one resonates the best. “Whichever sells the movie is the right one,” she concluded.

#10No lambs in Silence of the Lambs.

Image credits: Lee Sooi Chiang

#11He lives in an apartment

Image credits: Robin Jäger Tiid

#12I was in for a surprise when I went to watch a movie about information technology (IT) only to discover it was a horror movie about a shape shifting clown.

Image credits: Lukman Ahmed N.

#13Harry Potter and the Order of Pheonix. The phoenix didn’t make any order.

Image credits: Mohd Faiz Abdul Latif

#14There’s no transformer in Transformers

Image credits: Schltz Sarabia

#15Hunger games wasnt even an eating competition

Image credits: Ali Al Omari


50 shades of Grey is a colourful movie

Image credits: Fran Hrupec

#17Iron man is actually mixture of titanium and gold.

Image credits: Sam Norton

#18I.P. MAN… there’s no internet in this movie…

Image credits: Andris Hendiana

#19Ultron’s age was never told

Image credits: Michael Deypalubos

#20The driver was fully grown and not a baby, which isn’t as impressive tbh

Image credits: Sobhanya Kim

#21I was watching NeverEnding Story but the movie ended….

Image credits: Pedro Carvalho

#22Surprisingly, none of em are the last Airbender

Image credits: Mathieu Chevallier

#23gone in 60 seconds took almost 2hrs

Image credits: Richard Badando

#24I watched the movie till the end. I never saw Abraham Lincoln. I was disappointed.

Image credits: Dricillia Cambriels

#25The Joker wasn’t funny at all

Image credits: Langzei Aman Wetolim

#26Jurassic Park is not an ideal vacation destination

Image credits: Ellie Cunningham

#27No maths in this movie

Image credits: Jorge Sosa

#28There wasn’t a single wolf walking on Wall Street.

Image credits: Adrian Ch

#29A movie with so many learned people and they misspelled “Happiness”
The Pursuit of Happyness.

Image credits: Sampad Dutt

#30He was never home alone. He always had the two of them with him.

Image credits: Nermeen M Nadeem

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