Someone Vandalized Gandhi’s Statue In San Francisco And It Now Has Beaming Red Eyes

What if we told you everything could be improved by simply adding googly eyes on it? You can have endless fun by putting them everywhere. Walls, doors, carpet, a random statue in the middle of your hometown, or even your dog – you name it. Sounds just about right, doesn’t it? But there’s always room for improvement, so no wonder someone figured out how to step it up to a completely new level. Sure it will take a bit longer than just popping googly eyes on, but wait till you see how cool these improved eyes look in the dark. How come, you may ask? Scroll down to find out!

This statue of Mahatma Gandhi located in San Francisco recently got a really cool improvement

Image credits: Vicky_One_Time

This bronze sculpture of Mahatma Gandhi was sculpted by Zlatko Pounov and Steven Lowe as a gift from the Gandhi Memorial International. It’s located northeast of the San Francisco Ferry Building.

Usually, the glasses are stolen but this time, something was added

Image credits: Vicky_One_Time

The city’s vandals have never lost their interest in it, as it is known they took away the glasses from this sculpture more than five times, leading to the SF Arts Commission always having a few extra pairs on hand.

Some prankster installed red eyes that glow in the dark

Image credits: Vicky_One_Time

Only this time, nothing was taken away but rather put on. Someone posted pictures on Reddit, showing a man installing an addition to the statue’s original eyes that make them glow bright red in the dark and we can’t wrap our heads around whether it’s creepy or not.

They are really easy to make on your own

Image credits: mikeasaurus

However, if you have a sudden wish to improve any sculptures in your own hometown, apparently it’s really easy. All you need is some red LEDs,
coin cell battery, and

So you can improve any statue wherever you are

Image credits: mikeasaurus

All you need to do after taping the LEDs to the batteries is covering the construction in black play dough and you’re all set!

You decide whether it’s more creepy or cool

Image credits: Vicky_One_Time

Sure, Gandhi could be seen as a pretty controversial figure but putting that aside, these red eyes will definitely make an impression no matter what. Imagine wandering the streets of San Francisco with those red eyes following you. Spooky!

The Internet was surely amused though

Image credits: Vicky_One_Time

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