Student Shares 27 Most Adorable Things Her Math Professor Has Said During Class

If someone would ask you to name a few of the best things from your college days, most of you would definitely mention at least one amazing professor. Even though we often think of educators as people with dull and strict personalities who just can’t miss an opportunity to discipline us, this trope is not prevalent in real life. There are many teachers and professors, who are remembered by their students as funny, kind and just simply adorable. Take for instance this professor, who prompted her student named Ellie to actually collect all of the funny and wholesome things she has said during the classes. She named the list “A running tally of adorable things my 20-something-year-old math prof has said” and each quote will make you want to have this guy as your math professor. Sadly not all of us are so lucky but at least we can read about educators like him. So, don’t hesitate and scroll below for the list of things she has said!

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#1″Apples are fun to throw at stop signs. What, I was young once”#2″No, I can’t put my age in the spreadsheet, it’s gonna [mess] up the results because you’re ALL 18 and I’m OLD!”#3“Hold onto your hats, kids, we’re gonna do some algebra!!! ….What? That’s a saying! That people say!”#4“You know, they used to call Richmond ‘fist city’. Why are you laughing”#5“So, if you start your weekend with $250, and you end up Sunday night with $10- stop laughing, you’re gonna understand adulthood soon enough.”#6Him: “Try this problem out! It’s a pretty cool one, the answer took years to figure out.”
Me, twenty minutes later: “…..there’s no solution is there”
Him & his colleagues, cackling like gremlins: “NO!”
Me: “You let me STRUGGLE for that long????”
Them: “Yeah it was really funny”#7Me: “Bruh”
Him: “Don’t call me bruh”
Me: “Sorry dude”
Him: “That’s better”#8“You know those old 90’s karate movies with the sensei that’s a complete asshole? I’d like to be like that, but for math. The asshole math sensei. That’s me”#9″I’m so old. Do you even know what Top Gun is??? Knowing Space Jam is one thing, but if you don’t know what Top Gun is I’m too old to be friends with you”#10“I had GREAT sleep last night. Like, four entire hours. God it was wonderful”#11Me, getting my test back: “I hate myself”
Him: “Wait til you hit your mid-twenties. Then that self hatred will really start solidifying”#12Him: “Matrices really get me going”
Me: “Uh, what?”
Him: “That means it makes you excited right?”
Me: “Yes but probably not the way you wanted to mean”#13“I’m sorry an old man yelled at you, but that happens in the city. You just gotta get used to old men saying mean things. They’re mean to me too.”#14“I love my dog! He’s better than, well, most people actually”#15″Are you telling me none of you full grown 90’s kids know how to use an excel spreadsheet??? I take it back I don’t know if i can do this anymore”#16Him: “Uh….. I really should’ve worked this problem out beforehand. I forget how to do it.”
TA: “Dude aren’t you learning theoretical math? This is ALGEBRA”
Him: “Shhhhhhhhh”#17Me: “So I /will/ pass out, but you don’t have to call an ambulance”
Him: “You’ve been in my class for an entire month Ellie. Why do you wait to tell me important things? I get memes in my email but I don’t get to know important health concerns.”#18“I’m not smart just because I can do complex math in my head! ….Okay maybe I am but my point is you can too someday”#19″You’re not bad at this just because you can’t figure out the problem! That’s why you’re in school. You gotta learn how to do it first! I believe in you!”#20″Stop putting yourself down! You can do math! It’s easy for me because it’s my career path. You can do it, I promise.”#21

“Google maps should be able to tell you how many douchebags are on your route. Yes, Ellie, I remember every instance you’ve told me about.”

#22Him: “You have FOUR SHOTS of caffeine in your coffee…. is your heart gonna explode”
Me: “Actually, maybe, I forgot to take my heart meds this morning”
Him, doing a perfect impression of the caveman spongebob meme: “WHAT THE [HE LL] ELL IE”#23Him: “Okay kids, someone tell me a joke while I erase the board”
Me: “My life”
Him: “You think your life is a joke now? Just wait ‘til you’re a grad student. God I’m sad.”#24“You think you guys have it hard ‘cause you have to do a page of math homework? I have 10 credits worth of classes, which is a FULL LOAD for a grad student, my teaching job, my OTHER job… I haven’t slept in so long. Who has coffee. No, [screw] red bull I don’t drink that [crap] unless I’m desperate”#25“You know, space jam came on TV the other day. That’s one heck of a movie, kids”#26Him: “You guys can call me whatever you want, honestly, as long as it’s not old man”
Me: “Who calls you that you’re like 25”
Him: “I FELL ASLEEP WATCHING ONE MOVIE OKAY. ONE.”#27Him: “So the variable is….”
Me: “I don’t…. know”
Him: “[strangled shrieking]”
Me: “You good?”
Him: “I am a hollowed out shell of a man”

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