The History of Digital Marketing

Last month, DigitalMarketer hosted a little event you may have heard of: Traffic & Conversion Summit.

During T&C, Ryan Deiss pointed out in his opening keynote that marketing is coming to an end.

Ya… it terrified us, too. After all, our company is literally called DigitalMARKETER, so that didn’t exactly give us the warm fuzzies.

Fortunately, Ryan qualified his statement to say that we’re at the end of a cycle in marketing, and it’s time to shift to innovating and disrupting the industry.

But for those of you who were still left wondering, “But what does that mean?” we got you covered. We broke down the history of digital marketing and what’s coming next into the handy infographic below.

Join us as we dive into what’s happened (and happening) in digital marketing and how we can overcome the inevitable shift in our industry.

history of marketing infographic

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