This Facebook Group Is Dedicated To Crappy Wildlife Photos That Are So Bad They’re Good (155 New Pics)

No matter how good our intentions, no matter how steady our hands, eventually we’ll take a bad nature photo. Professional wildlife photographers aren’t immune to making mistakes, so neither are we. Fortunately, crappy wildlife photos shouldn’t be something that we ought to be embarrassed about—they ought to be celebrated!

And the perfect place for that is the Crap Wildlife Photography Facebook community. With over 320k dedicated members, the group collects the most unintentionally hilarious photos of animals that are so bad they’re actually good. We’re featuring some of the freshest best new CWP images, so scroll down and enjoy, dear Pandas. Let us know in the comments which photos were your favorite and why and be sure to check out the CWP community’s social media pages.

Tristan Kennedy told Bored Panda that he created the group back in 2015. “Someone asked on another group called ‘Crap Bird Photography’ if there was a page for all wildlife—there wasn’t one that I could find so I created it.” Scroll down for the rest of our interview with Tristan about how his page went viral this year, in part thanks to all the attention from you, dear Readers. And check out our previous articles about the CWP community and its awesome content right here and here. We’re pretty darn sure these posts will brighten up your day, too.

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#1 I Still Can’t Tell If This Is Crap Wildlife Photography Or Just Incredibly Cute Wildlife Photography

Image credits: Skye Moore

#2 Long Story Short… I Was Trying To Photograph A Blue Jay

Image credits: Karen McGovern

#3 This Is An Emu That Attacked My Car Window Several Years Ago At A Wild Animal Park In Oregon. Barely Got My Window Rolled Up Before This Demon Seed Tried To Attack Me. Note: It Was Light Outside But For Some Reason My Flash Went Off, Adding To The Drama

Image credits: Kimberly Holman Beltran

Tristan revealed to us that before this year he only had one other moderator. “Growth was always slow but steady until about January this year when I added the first bunch of new admins, as dealing with the increased traffic was becoming too difficult on my own. Numbers increased from about 15,000 in January to about 45,000 at the start of April. The first Bored Panda article triggered a large spike in numbers—our group numbers spiked from about 45,000 to 100,000 in a few days. Overall, 300,000 have joined since January.”

According to Tristan, part of the mass appeal of crappy wildlife photos is that pretty much everyone has taken bad photos at one point or another in their lives. “The ‘good’ photo groups aren’t interested in bad photography, of course, so it gives people somewhere to share their lesser quality photos and have a laugh at themselves.”

#4 Photobombed By A Bug

Image credits: Amanda McMillan

#5 Behold, The Majestic Manatee!

Image credits: Danny Kiene

#6 “I Have No Idea What I’m Doing”

Image credits: Matthew Mackenzie

Tristan also pointed out that the submissions to the CWP group have increased exponentially during the coronavirus quarantine. “Over 1000 submissions per day,” he said before adding that not all of them make it onto the page.

“We get a lot of very similar photos (deer and squirrels seem to be the most common), we try to keep the page interesting by posting a mixture of different kinds of wildlife. We try to make the group as inclusive and light-hearted as possible, somewhere to have a laugh and forget about reality, so to speak.”

#7 It Was Fun Taking Photos Of The Bear In Our Yard, Until He Decided He Wanted To Visit Us On The Deck! Bears Can Run Fast!

Image credits: Mary Johnson

#8 Oh S**t

Image credits: Vannah Willow

#9 That Time I Caught The Raccoons Smoking In The Garbage Dumpster

Image credits: Joy Vinci

The Crap Wildlife Photography group is so large that it needs a strict system in place to keep its members in line and to monitor what kind of content gets uploaded. For example, if you want to join the group, your membership has to be approved and you’re also asked to fill out an online form. That’s right. There are applications. And rules.

Obviously, the CWP page does what it says on the tin. It’s meant for “poorly executed, poor quality, or otherwise photography faux pas” which means no high-quality snapshots that perfectly capture the magnificence of the natural world. The group’s admins joke that photos that look “too good” will be gently mocked or given bad photography advice.

#10 I Heard Him Whistling As He Walked By. True Story

Image credits: Laura Holman Graber

#11 Carp Photography

Image credits: Ngaire Peek

#12 Have You Ever Laughed So Hard Water Squirted Out Your Nose?

Image credits: Mike Kane

The community also takes a firm stance on how people behave. They want people to have a good time, so they ban political and religious comments, as well as dark humor about animals being hurt.

They’re also pretty clear about how all the photos are supposed to be of wild animals. So no sneaking in a goofy pic of your adorable doggo or meowjestic floof of a cat! If you want to make it big in the CWP community, you’ll have to go on an adventure with your toaster of a camera to get the best worst wildlife photos that you can! Share your own crappy wildlife pics in the comments below, dear Pandas.

#13 Today I Was Taking Pics Of A Garden. Later As I Went Back Through Them I Wondered What That Black Blotch Was On The White Car? Turns Out I Caught A Bumble Bee Bumbling Along

Image credits: Tina Daley

#14 Couldn’t Think Of A Better Place To Post This

Image credits: Kathleen Grace Nadeau

#15 I Found This Wizard Squirrel In A Pile Of Trash. It’s The Best Crap Photo I’ve Taken.

Image credits: Sylvia Dove

#16 Costa Rica Ant Eater- Will Dance For Ants

Image credits: Becky Casner

#17 Throwback To Taking A Poorly Timed Picture Of A Praying Mantis On My Windshield Before Leaving For Work

Image credits: Jerilyn Murr

#18 Fantastic Shot Of A Broken Umbrella Today

Image credits: Karly Fowler

#19 I Call Him Buddha ……. And Sir

Image credits: Leanne Rae-Cannon

#20 Deer Butt Sprinklers

Image credits: Liz Pyles

#21 I Was Too Slow…

Image credits: Dion Bjorn Grimes

#22 I Call It “Preaching To The Choir” But Draw Your Own Conclusions! Something Very Strange Is Definitely Going On Here!

Image credits: Brenda James

#23 That Time A Squirrel Gave Me The Finger

Image credits: Rachel Bernal

#24 ‘Friendly’ Magpie In The Backyard. Super-Stoked To Be Having His Picture Taken

Image credits: Jodie-Anne Stevens

#25 The Majestic Woodland Caribou

Image credits: Katie Baillie-David

#26 Hello

Image credits: Tim Abel

#27 Ascend

Image credits: Jay Rosen‎

#28 Crap (My Pants) Wildlife Photography

Image credits: Stephanie Bush

#29 Mom Owns A Nature Store And Has A Comment On Her Facebook Page From Someone Asking If She Could Identify This Bird

Image credits: Hannah Lia Strutt

#30 Okay! Fine! Whatever…

Image credits: Amy Nicolai

#31 I Present To You…….hawks On A Trampoline

Image credits: Isabel Corcos

#32 Spread Ur Wings, Point Ur Toes And Jump … This Was Almost A Cool Pic

Image credits: Betty Bennett

#33 There’s Some Soap Opera Level Drama Happening At The Bird Feeder…i Wonder What The Story Is? Squirrel Seems Worried Someone Is Tryna Take Her Man, That’s For Sure…

Image credits: Amy Belmore-Young

#34 When That Wolf Comes Close And You Can Get The Shot Of A Lifetime, Focus Is Critical To Capture The Rich Detail Of The Fur

Image credits: Ryan Kendall Brook

#35 Derp

Image credits: Michelle Stewart

#36 On First Glance We Thought This Was A Dog In Our Yard. We Were Wrong. We Also Invested In Curtains After This

Image credits: Karlie Swinson

#37 You Know You’re Over This Coronavirus When You Take A Photograph Of The Frog’s Underbody!

Image credits: Patricia Knowles

#38 I Just Wanted A Nice Picture Of A Duck For A Uni Assignment…

Image credits: Sally Black

#39 Ctrl+c Ctrl+v Ctrl+v

Image credits: Melissa Lahullier

#40 Even The Squirrels Have Given Up On 2020 (Edit- No Need To Be Concerned…the Squirrel Is Just Resting. She Moved On Quickly After)

Image credits: Faun Carlson

#41 Always Adjust The Iso From The Previous Shot If Photographing In Different Light!

Image credits: Paul Stone

#42 Wheeeeeeeeee…

Image credits: Maarten Blaauw

#43 Work Of Art Level : Edvard Munch, The Scream!

Image credits: Ritwik Parashar

#44 A Cute Photo Of A Woodchuck Peeking In The Window Turned Into This

Image credits: Bekky Honkala

#45 “For The Love Of All That’s Fuzzy, Crows Are Corvids, With An “R”! Say It Right!”

Image credits: Gwyn Johnson

#46 A Rare Baby Pic Of Drogon From Game Of Thrones

Image credits: Cherie F Sutton

#47 “Mama Demon Squirrel Gotta Eat!”

Image credits: Dan Reid

#48 So Many People Are Afraid Of June Bugs! I Thought This Close-Up Night Time Shot Would Help To Alleviate Some Unnecessary Fears

Image credits: Suzy Sumner

#49 Does Anyone Know What Kind Of Deer This Is??

Image credits: Doran Jurca

#50 Check Out This Manatee!!

Image credits: Brian Grissom

#51 This Great Blue Heron Was Waving To Me As He Passed By On His Sailboat

Image credits: Charlie Lister

#52 I Was Trying To Take A Photo Of A Chipmunk For A Friend In England Who Hasn’t Ever Seen One. Never Been This Badly Photo Bombed…

Image credits: Diane Jhueck

#53 Got To Love Bird Watching, Or You Know, A Rat Throwing A Squirrel Off The Bird Feeder…

Image credits: Tiffini Leva

#54 This Was In A Kids Paddling (A Small Pool Filled With Sea Water In The Harbour) Area Along With A Load Of Flat Fishes

Image credits: Andy Dev Betony

#55 So This Was My First Picture Of An Eastern Grey Kangaroo. Some May Say It’s Not A Crap Picture, But The Moment After I Looked At It, It Was Jumping Strait Towards Me Because It Got Scared Of A Barking Dog. After Seeing Those Eyes And Claws I Was Very Very Scared

Image credits: Laurence Lévesque

#56 Sorry All You Moms, I’m Posting This A Little Late For Mothers Day…

Image credits: Pesha Roo

#57 My Parents Caught A Raccoon In A Live Trap Who Immediately Pulled The Decorative Pillow Off That Chair To Make A Nest. He Was Quite Cozy This Morning!

Image credits: Caitlin Stone Webber

#58 I Rarely Get Visitors To My 7th Floor Apartment And Have Never, Ever Had A Visitor From The Balcony….

Image credits: James Jack Napier

#59 Are You Going To Be Long Deer?

Image credits: Eamonn Lynch

#60 I Used To Think That Butterflies Were Pretty And Delicate Beings Until I Saw Them Ferociously Feasting On My Dog’s Poo

Image credits: Danièle Monette

#61 Fml

Image credits: Joshie Woshie

#62 6 Trips To Africa And Finally Got My Shot Of A Porcupine…

Image credits: Jo Thomas

#63 Oh Hi

Image credits: Sarah Jayne Bradshaw

#64 Fish Or Cardinal… You Decide

Image credits: Brian Hall

#65 Probly Not A Good Idea To Take A Pic Of Something Directly Above You??

Image credits: Leigh du Plessis

#66 We Were So Excited To See Some Manatees. I’m Glad I Could Capture Their Full Majesty With My Awesome Photography Skills

Image credits: Rebecca Terry Mancil

#67 “Ladies, Please…one At A Time.” Edit: “Brenda, Where’s My God Damn Martini?!”

Image credits: Maren Bosma

#68 Enjoy My New Bear Friend Preferring Silly Photos

Image credits: Nina Watson

#69 Green Tree Frog Found In The Sink. He Refused To Help With The Dishes And Wouldn’t Give Me The Dishcloth

Image credits: Donna Maree

#70 Can Someone Please Explain What Is Going On Here

Image credits: Juli Williams

#71 Was Talking To My Mom On Her Patio And This Guy Shows Up Lol

Image credits: Darrell Syme

#72 Sassy Snake In My Garden…

Image credits: Helen Valenti Budrock

#73 No They Are Not Dead. They Are Worn Out. They Have Been Running And Playing With 10 Other Baby Squirrels. They Even Came Up To Me To Say Hello All Of Them

Image credits: Melissa Squier

#74 The Majestic Peacock….

Image credits: Heather Tweedy

#75 I Found Out I Have Deers In My Backyard…… And They Were Very…. Hungry

Image credits: Phi Refslund

#76 When You’re Trying To Photograph The Fawn…and Buddy Steals His Thunder

Image credits: Sherri Walters-Spiring

#77 Anyway I Snapped This Last Night Right Next To My Neighbors’ Window At Risk Of Looking Like A Perv And I Had To Share

Image credits: Jon Powell

#78 Last Fall I Found A Praying Mantis Egg Sack Thing On My Charcoal Lighter So I Haven’t Used It, To Try To Allow Them To Hatch Safely. They Finally Did! There Are Hundreds Of These Lil Guys Running Around Picking Fights With Each Other

Image credits: Carly Main

#79 Pretty Sure That Me And This Nuthatch Are About To Have A Fight

Image credits: Christine Marie Cain

#80 Possum Scratched Through My Watherboards. First Showing His Nose Than His Butt!

Image credits: Eli Da

#81 Who, Me?

Image credits: Greg Fight

#82 The Majestic Mountain Gazelle

Image credits: Omer Darel

#83 Caption This:

Image credits: Laura Nerone

#84 The Magnificent Yellow-Billed Egret (Aka The Intermediate Egret) In Flight… Waited An Hour To Get A Shot Of This One In Flight… No Regrets As I Nailed It Just Perfect….

Image credits: Mark Secker

#85 Thanks For Having Me! Is This Squirrel Picture Crappy Enough?

Image credits: Steve E. Lipman

#86 A Deer Showed Out For Dinner… He Scared The [Crap] Out Of Me

Image credits: Jenny Jack

#87 Been Trying To Catch A Photo Of The Groundhog Living Under My Deck…….. I Finally Got Her With Baby Attached To Her Face

Image credits: Mary Delphia Photography

#88 When You’re Just A Millisecond Too Late In Pressing The Shutter Release To Catch The Harris’s Hawk Launching From The Saguaro#89 Jason Was Early For His Visit. I Really Didn’t Expect Him Until Fri The 13th

Image credits: Tricia Gwilliam

#90 I Have Been Told The Gerenuk Are Well Known To Pull Their Heads Off Their Body To Reach For Fresh Branches!

Image credits: Gricha Delbosco

#91 It’s Not A Trashbag! Dammit!

Image credits: Bob Knudsen

#92 Had To Relocate A Snapping Turtle That Was In Our Pasture – He Was Thrilled

Image credits: Lindsay Zajac

#93 You Came To The Wrong Neighborhood

Image credits: Allen Gerlach

#94 Baby Opossum On The Back Porch

Image credits: Scott Franklin

#95 I Was Photographing This Beautiful, Rare Grass When I Was So Rudely Interrupted By A Long-Tailed Weasel

Image credits: Kelley Larsen

#96 There’s This Bee That Comes And Chills With My Mom Every Day In Her Vegetable Garden And Today She Finally Got A Picture Of It

Image credits: Ali Castillo

#97 I Found This Guy Dancing In My Backyard

Image credits: Laura Hammitt

#98 Oh Hi…….omg

Image credits: Sawyer Bird

#99 This Is A Crap Wildlife Photograph, Not Only Because I Nearly Crapped My Pants When I Saw It, But Also Because It Is Not Even Wildlife

Image credits: Eliska Repaskey

#100 Whilst I Was Attempting To Catch The Grace And Elegance Of This Magnificent Pelican, Percy Slipped And Face Planted The Rock.

Image credits: Christine Hibbert

#101 My Best Eagle Picture. I Can Stop Photographing Them Now!

Image credits: Don Bernhardt

#102 Good Morning!

Image credits: Kelly Pierson White

#103 I Have A Cat Door In My Entryway. These Are Not My Cats

Image credits: Jen Warren

#104 My Daughter Sent Me This Picture Of A Tiny Grasshopper. I Mean, Those Little Leggies…

Image credits: Erica Eisele

#105 Dog Chasing A Porcupine. Picture Is Blurry Because I Was Chasing The Dog

Image credits: Daniel Schrader

#106 It Was Soooooo Exciting To See The Wolfpack In Yellowstone. My Greatest Wish Fulfilled. Nat Geo Is Calling

Image credits: Eileen Johnson

#107 “Excuse Me, Do You Have Minute To Talk About The Bear Necessities Of Life?” Bear Having A Peek Into My Window. What A Beautiful Background Landscape. You Can See The Giant Bird Like Mosquitos In The Background Too.

Image credits: Alyse Bonne

#108 Got The Sense I Was Being Watched, Spun Around And Saw This…

Image credits: Nick Breaux

#109 Look At This Adorable Photo Of My Sons Running In The Surf, You Guys!

Image credits: Marcie Tomberlin

#110 Anyone Know What This Is Going To Be?

Image credits: Richard Williams

#111 Might Take A Job With Nat-Geo Or Assist In The Next Blue Planet Film, I Don’t Know…

Image credits: Jeremy Marchand

#112 What Does The Fox Say ..

Image credits: Brittany Fulton

#113 Discovered Her In My Pants While I Was On The Toilet. Thought It Appropriate For This Group

Image credits: Maddy Eckel

#114 This Is Not One Of My Chickens

Image credits: Mandy Gattis

#115 Finaly I Got That Perfect Pic Of The Woodpecker In Our Garden! ………..uhhh Mr Woodpecker?? Hello… Are You Allright?.. Mr Woodpecker??? And No He Was Not Dead

Image credits: Helene Thörn

#116 I Hope This Meets With Everyones Disapproval. And There’s Plenty More Where This Crap Came From

Image credits: Barry Connelly

#117 Some Unexpected House Guests Weaseled Their Way Inside

Image credits: Becca Smith

#118 It’s The Giant Sea Cricket

Image credits: Clare Mee

#119 Deer Was In My Dogs Pen, Just Didn’t Get The Whole Deer

Image credits: Tiffany Dawn Layton-Burke

#120 A Sweet Visitor

Image credits: Cicero Viana

#121 Saved From The Cat. Forgot He Was In My Pocket Recuperating. Scared The Living Crap Out Of Me When He Crawled Out

Image credits: Heather Chiero

#122 Ummmmmmm

Image credits: Lisa Marie

#123 Can You Spot The Hiding Moose? Hint: He’s Eating My Wife’s Flowers

Image credits: ‎Matt Schultz‎

#124 Majestic Heron Captured In All Its Beauty

Image credits: Lee Sutherland

#125 Mr Pelican Line Dancing With His Friends While Wearing A Tiny Hat With A Tiny Pelican On It

Image credits: Shelley Hamlett

#126 Wild Horse Black Hills South Dakota While Focusing, Her Head Was Up And Gracefully Turned Toward Me, Tail Modestly Draped. Got Back To The Hotel To Check Photos And This Was What I Discovered

Image credits: Lisa Wingerter

#127 Just Geese Swimming In A Pothole

Image credits: Chris Baker

#128 I’m At Least 59% Sure This Isn’t My Cat

Image credits: Ashley Baron

#129 I Guess I Have Mice

Image credits: Luna Queen

#130 Hi Guys, Thks For Adding Me , I Am Italian And I’d Like To Share With U This Pic..i Was Riding My Bike When Suddley A Little Snake Came Out …^^

Image credits: Nunzio Nocera

#131 Tree Frog With A Giant Face And Awful Cabinetry Backdrop- Trifecta

Image credits: Kristen Clark Beatty

#132 Happened Upon This During Our South Africa Trip Last Fall

Image credits: Shelly Reetz Gardner

#133 Dogs In Australia Are Weird

Image credits: Travis A. Finger

#134 Remember When I Posted About Driving From Florida To Yellowstone Only To Capture A Smidge Of A Bison But An Entire Toyota Extended Cab? Well…today Is A New Day My Friends. I Present To You This Gem. A Full Bison. I Give Up

Image credits: Audrey Guoan

#135 When You Think One Of The Neighbours Kids Keeps Messing With You Tapping The Window For Fun… It Turned Out To Be This Little F****

Image credits: Sigourney Van den Dries

#136 Mutant Bee

Image credits: Colleen Melissa Claire King

#137 That Leg Is Two Inches Long And There Are Seven More. Meet The Beast Of The Balcony. He’s A Bit Shy, Surprisingly Enough.

Image credits: Lisa Lamarre

#138 My Best Crap Shot Ever!

Image credits: Chrissie Hadley

#139 Blamed My Dog For Digging A Hole Under The Porch. This Is Not My Dog

Image credits: Nicole Nielsen

#140 Selfie

Image credits: Thomas Malaney

#141 Cute Otter

Image credits: Danny Toth

#142 The Highlight Of Our Mother’s Day Paddle – A Really Large Turtle On A Log Near The Left Bank. I Swear That’s Fingers

Image credits: Lana Sinclair Hutchinson

#143 “Excuse Me Sir, But Have You Heard The Good News?”

Image credits: Michael Burklund

#144 Yo Guys What Kind Of Dog Is This

Image credits: Athena Keough

#145 High Quality Photo Of Deer That I Think Are Summoning Me To The Woods To My Demise. Like The Little Girls In The Shining

Image credits: Amy Swan

#146 This Is My Little Bat Friend Hanging Outside My 32nd Story Window

Image credits: Dina Lyles Harrison

#147 Caught On Our Critter Cam. And All This Time We Called Her Jimmy

Image credits: Tamara Cullen

#148 We Used To Keep The Garage Door Open Several Inches So That Our Cats Could Come In Through The Pet Door

Image credits: Keith Holt

#149 Crappy Photo Taken With My Phone Through The Window Of The Owl On My Neighbors Chimney. This Is The Moment When He Regurgitated A Pallet. Yummy!

Image credits: Shauna Ottmann Madson

#150 I Was Dropping Off Equipment For My Co-Workers Stay-At-Home Order And No One Believes Me That I Saw A Bobcat. They All Think It’s A Dog…

Image credits: Jamie Deadmond

#151 Flashback To When I Used To Watch The Pelican Feeds At My Local Beach No Elegant Avians Here

Image credits: Yasmin Jackson

#152 Come To South Africa They Said … See The Majestic Lions Stride Across The Veld They Said … Yer Right !

Image credits: Rob Thornley

#153 I Think I Better Put The Screen Back In My Bedroom Window

Image credits: Dana Dietrich

#154 Somebody Wanted To Go Sailing. Is Wearing A Mask. Social Distancing. Was Not Happy To Be Sent Back To The Dock. Left Me A Steamy Little Gift…

Image credits: Amy Haakmat

#155 What Is Even Happening

Image credits: Brian Finn Valente

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