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104 Jokes From Women That ‘Nice Guys’ Won’t Find Funny

Sometimes, people just don’t get along for a dozen possible reasons. But sometimes the main reason is that one person is a complete jerk and disrespects the other individual. Case in point, some women got so fed up with some men who were acting like misogynists that they just had to turn to Twitter and

Brands Tweet X-Rated Comments At Netflix And Here Are 65 Best Replies

We’ve seen brand Twitter account tweet much more than news about their company, sales or exclusive items. Like that one time whoever was responsible for Wendy’s account went off and roasted everyone like no brand did before. And people loved it! And while there are surely times when the general public is dissatisfied with brand’s

People Compare Google Vs. Bing In 20 Hilarious Memes

Google has been around for more than two decades now and it has become the world’s number one search engine. There are good reasons for it – Google is fast, user-friendly and is good at putting the most relevant sites at the top of their results list. Unfortunately, the same can’t be said about Bing.

We Created The World’s First Flip Flop Insole

Now you can enjoy the flip-flop sensation year around! Having some of that winter blues? Longing for those amazing and carefree summer days? Hell to the yeah. With Malibu’s “Winter Survival kit”, which includes the World’s First Flip-Flop insoles designed to fit inside your winter boots and a bottle of real beach sand, you might

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