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5 Tips to Perfect Your LinkedIn Summary

If there is one social platform that everyone is sleeping on—it’s LinkedIn. Perfecting your LinkedIn profile today means that you’re ahead of 40% of the crowd. At this year’s Traffic & Conversion Summit, Marcus Murphy, DigitalMarketer’s Head of Business Development & Partnerships, explained why right now is the perfect time to hop on the platform.

How to Rank Your Old, Outdated Content

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What percentage of your search traffic is driven by your top 10 pages?

Chances are, it’s a large portion.

Just look at the screenshot below. You’ll see that my top 10 pages drive 28.7% of my search traffic.

top pages current

That may not seem like a high number, but I have

Hey Pandas, Share The Most Unflattering Pics Of Your Pets!

Hey Pandas! We all love our pets more than anything, and we also love taking lots of pics of them so we can share their cuteness with the world. It doesn’t always quite work out as planned, however! Just like us, animals have their dorky moments, times when they are captured in a less-than-flattering pose.

The 7 Secrets of High Achievers Revealed

We all have goals in life, but very few of us ever learn to consciously set, work on and see our goals through. In our naturalness bias, we marvel at those who have set and reached their goals thinking they have some esoteric abilities that we don’t. We overlook that the final product is the

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