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78 Things That Are Normal In Movies But Never Happen IRL

Life would be much simpler yet more exciting at the same time if things worked just like in our favorite movies. The good guys would always save the day at the last minute. Adventures of a lifetime could happen at any moment. And your soulmate could be just around the corner. Alas! That’s not how

Celebrity Lookalikes, Dog Edition (59 Pics)

The Facebook group Dogspotting Society is an absolute gem. A true dog lovers paradise. It has over 950,000 members posting all kinds of wholesome dog-related content; from pics of a policeman taking selfies with his service dog to snaps of a pooch who refuses to take his owners’ wedding seriously, it’s the stuff you pay

The Man Who Set Out To Find The Worst Dad Jokes (60 Pics)

Tom Schruben lives in Kensington, Maryland, a suburb of Washington DC with his wife Ann and their youngest daughter Darcy. He’s 62 years old and does consulting on environmental engineering. And he’s also the symbol of his neighborhood. You see, when the pandemic hit, like with most of the country, the burden of threat and

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