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Self-Awareness Is the Key to Unleashing Your Potential

The young Prince knocked the poisoned arrow on his bow, pulled back the heavy string and, for a brief moment, held his breath while aiming before shooting it towards his brother’s killer. The arrow Paris released entered the only vulnerable part of his body, the heel, and led to death of the swift-footed, godlike warrior,

Why You Need to Treat Your Business Like Getting a Haircut

No matter your age or gender we all have woken up at some point and said I need a haircut. Even bald men have to do some sort of maintenance. The warning signs are clear because you do not look put together, maybe you’re uncomfortable, and it’s time to clean up. As an entrepreneur, your

The Power of Keeping a Daily Business Journal

When most of us think about keeping a journal or diary, our minds are often transported to the potentially embarrassing things we used to scribble before we went to bed back in our middle and high school days. However, nightly journaling is actually one of the best ways to organize our thoughts, catalog our experiences,

How to Deal With the Fears That Hold You Back From Happiness

Fear is an emotion that most of us experience in this lifetime. However, some of us live in a more heightened state of fear, and sometimes it can rule our lives. Of course, I’m not talking about instinctive fear that our organism provides in dangerous situations. In this case, it serves for our protection.  The

Develop Your Adaptability to Supercharge Your Success

Some of my friends are professional athletes who have made millions of dollars in their sport. But let’s face it, most people are not going to make it to the pros. The competition is too fierce and talented, and the odds for most athletes are too long, no matter how hard you work at it.

3 Signs You’re Helping Raise a Quitter

Quitting is a bad habit and one that is taught and learned. As parents, we have way more control over this than we think, or even want to take responsibility for. Our children emulate what they see. If you bounce from job to job, or hobby to hobby, your child is more likely to do

How To Lead When You’re Terrified Of Failure

The first stage of growing your business requires the basics of gaining clients, selling your services, and fulfilling your services. While new, your self-reliance makes it easier to step into the newness of the situation and build your business. As you reach the stage of scalability, you find yourself having to rely on the efforts

5 Small Changes You Can Make to Be a More Inspiring Leader

Many of you reading this aren’t CEOs of billion-dollar corporations. Well, maybe not yet. As much as you aren’t the leader for such a large organisation, you may be a leader in some way. Perhaps a project manager, or a manager in your company. And you are facing a problem. Your team isn’t motivated. Because

How To Avoid Self-Sabotaging Your Personal Brand

Imagine facing a task, a process, a new direction in your business that you know has the potential to enhance or even transform your life! You are feeling the excitement, the joy thinking about the endless possibilities this opportunity will bring, the new things this will allow you to experience as you reap the rewards.

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