How To Lead An Effective One-On-One

Leading an effective one-on-one can take some practice. But if you follow this simple template, you’ll be able to have productive conversations with your team that lead to higher ROI’s and a better chance of checking off your KPI’s. The goal of a recurring one-on-one meeting between employee and supervisor (whether that’s a manager, the

42 People Who Just Realized They’re Dating An Idiot (New Pics)

My Girlfriend Moved Into Her Dorm Yesterday And Was Having Trouble Setting Up The Apple TV I Bought Her… source Silly Boyfriend source I’ve Heard Of “Painting Yourself Into A Corner” But My Wife Took It A Step Further. I Don’t Even Know… source Spent The Afternoon Installing These. My Wife, Ladies And Gentlemen source

5 Ways to Magnetize Your Audience

You’re putting yourself out there, which is brave. However, like many business owners, executives, and speakers, you may be struggling with this one question running on repeat — “How do I get them to…” (fill in the blank). That could be anything from, “buy my course”, to “pay attention to me”, to “listen to what

15 Quiz Funnel Examples to Inspire You

If you’ve ever been sucked in by an online quiz, you understand why so many companies these days are turning to quiz funnels for their lead generation. No, I don’t mean the BuzzFeed quizzes about what type of sandwich you are (I’m a bacon egg and cheese on sourdough, in case you were curious). I

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