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34 Times People Wished Their Coworkers Worked From Home For A Little Longer

34 Times People Wished Their Coworkers Worked From Home For A Little Longer

In most professions, you have to deal with people, and even if you’re working for yourself, you won’t avoid it. And because you are constrained to work with some random people, there will be unexpected situations, misunderstandings or you will simply not understand them at all.

People who have to work with these kinds of coworkers like to vent about it on the internet and for us, it is entertaining to read because maybe we relate or because the stories are so wild they leave us incredulous.

Bored Panda went on the internet to find some of the pictures people took that prove what terrible or just annoying coworkers they have to work with. Do you have similar experiences? Upvote the photos that resonate with you the most and tell us your stories in the comments!

#1 My Coworker Yawned While Using My Computer And Left This For Me

Image credits: butt_funnel

In an ideal world, everyone would have a job they really like, but even if that was the case, the work environment and the people you work with are important too. Most of the time, having contact with the people you work with is inevitable as you share the same space or equipment and some jobs require teamwork.

#2 My Coworkers Typhoid Mug

Image credits: scraplog

#3 The Way My Coworkers Park

Image credits: Gohjy

#4 My Coworker Takes Off His Smelly Shoes And Sleeps In The Break Room While We Eat Lunch

Image credits: shredbmc

But as proven by this list, it is not always smooth sailing. Some people have habits that you can’t stand or they are not as tidy as you would wish they were, while some are plain rude and annoying.

So people like to go to the internet to express their frustrations about fellow coworkers they find bothersome or because the stories are too good to not be told. Of course, there are far worse coworkers that can seriously affect others, but in this list, you will find behaviors that are more annoying than damaging.

#5 Coworker Brought His Dog To The Office. Dog Did This, Coworker Says “I’m Real Busy So Can Some Else Get It”

Image credits: alwayz4word

#6 I Work With An Office Full Of Sadists

Image credits: NoTick

#7 I Have Evil Coworkers Who Like To Prank Me. Fortunately, I Don’t Look When I Type Anyways

Image credits: segasaver

#8 Had To Use My Coworkers Office Today Who Is On Vacation To Make Some Phone Calls. This Is What His Phone Cord Looks Like

Image credits: marissakalyn

However, even if some things that coworkers do aren’t that serious and sometimes they can just be brushed off, that doesn’t mean people should always let them get away with it. Business News Daily pinpointed some tips on how to deal with annoying people at work.

First thing they recommend is to figure out what exactly is annoying you. Maybe it is caused by a miscommunication that is easily fixed and then all the problems would be solved. Another thing to have in mind is to not to react rashly or overreact. It is best to approach the situation calmly and going to HR might also help. It could also be useful to find a common interest or something that you both agree on that would make that person more likeable to you.

#9 Some Asshole In My Office: “Damn, That Was Close. If I Took That Last Ice Cube I Might Have To Refill The Tray”

Image credits: Canisteo99

#10 We Have A Serial Pooper At Work

Image credits: Gypsyxox

#11 All My Coworkers Do This. Makes Me Want To Quit

Image credits: Cavetroll771

If all else fails, the best policy is always to be diplomatic but direct and speak your mind. Most often, it is possible to find a solution because maybe the person you’re annoyed with doesn’t even know it. If someone is bothering you and is preventing you from doing your job, this is a perfect situation where being upfront pays off. Try to be polite and ask them to let you do your job and to go to you only if they have work-related questions.

The last point Business Daily News discusses is just to stay positive. It’s important to have your boundaries and let others know when their behavior is making you uncomfortable, but there is no use in dwelling on negativity. 

#12 I Bought A Danish For My Coworkers. Someone Cut Out And Ate The Jelly Part, Leaving The Edges

Image credits: thegrisleybear

#13 The Caveman Like Way My Co Worker Has Opened His Bread

Image credits: [deleted]

#14 Inspired By The Other Cigarette Butt Post. I Give You My Coworkers…

Image credits: Klaxon722

#15 My Passive Aggressive Coworker Saw Me Shut A Slightly Open Drawer On My Way To The Bathroom…Came Back Out To This

Image credits: ZorkfromOrk

#16 We Have 300+ Employees

Image credits: corvoapiano

#17 My Coworker Has A Tendency To Spill His Cereal Walking Out Of The Kitchen In The Morning And Just Leave It There. I Made It Modern Art

Image credits: unthused

#18 Coworkers Brought Binoculars To Work To Perv On Young Beach Goers Today

Image credits: good_interiors

#19 My Hospital Coworker Rests Her Lollipop On Her Phone Screen

Image credits: Icroe

#20 My Boss Posted This Email (Which We’d All Seen Already) Up On The Company Notice Board In Full View Of Customers

Image credits: Shakes-Fear

#21 Someone At Work Asked If They Could Have One Of My Sudafed

Image credits: WEIGHED

#22 My Coworker’s Desktop

Image credits: modrid81

#23 This Guy At My Work Never Drinks The Whole Coca Cola

Image credits: 420minglee

#24 My Coworker Returned The Front Desk Stapler Like This. Told Me It Ran Out Of Staples

Image credits: Stupid_Genious

#25 We Had Donuts At Work, And I Watched A Coworker Take Two Bites Out Of This Donut And Put It Back In The Box

Image credits: HerrHaakon

#26 The Way My Coworker Used My Tape

Image credits: chillicheesefrog

#27 Coworkers Don’t Know How Coolers Work

Image credits: buckydean

#28 Lazy Coworker Decided He Was Too Good To Help Ring Up A Line Of 5 People. Left Me High And Dry To Deal With Frustrated Customers

Image credits: jordyn22k

#29 I Have The Laziest Co-Workers

Image credits: expectopatronshot

#30 How One Of My Coworkers Leaves His Trash After He Is Done Taking His Break

Image credits: voltagesergal123

#31 My Coworker Parked In The Wrong Lot Near The Building

Image credits: lovetacojohns

#32 Coworkers Who Do This To My Dry Erase Markers

Image credits: MakeSandwichesNotWar

#33 Feed Me, Seymour! In My Office, A Coworker Has Been Growing This Vine For Years. The Office Manager Wants It Gone. I Like It

Image credits: visuraXD

#34 My Colleague Placed The Server Up There, Alone. They Have The Network Rack There

Image credits: Tehpava

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How to Build a Conversion Funnel That Will Triple Your Profits

How to Build a Conversion Funnel That Will Triple Your Profits

A conversion funnel is a visual representation of the stages in a buyer’s journey, from the moment they land on your page until they complete a purchase. How do you create a conversion funnel, though, and how do you get the most from this tool? Let’s take a look.         

Should I Use the AIDA Model to Create My Conversion Funnel?

The AIDA model is the traditional way to track the customer journey. It’s based on the four classic stages people move through during the buying process: awareness, interest, desire, and action.

  • Awareness: First, a person discovers your brand and becomes a lead.
  • Interest: Next, you build their interest in your product.
  • Desire: Then, your goal should be nudging prospects from simply thinking they like something to actively wanting it, possibly by making proposals or carefully placing glamorous adverts for repeat exposure.
  • Action: Finally, you encourage a prospect to take the desired action―turning them into a customer.

Realistically, not everyone who visits your website will convert to a paying customer, which is why we use a funnel shape. Based on the AIDA model, then, a traditional-style sales marketing funnel might look something like this:

Conversion Funnel - Traditional AIDA Sales Funnel Model

The problem? This is a rigid and fairly unrealistic way to view how people move through the stages of a sales cycle.

Leads are human, and the sales process is rarely linear. Often, people loop back to different stages in the sales cycle before they’re ever ready to complete the sale. In other words, people need nurturing before they’ll buy a product. As a marketer, you must understand their behaviors, their personalities, and their needs to convert them into paying customers.

Rather than a straightforward sales funnel, you need a more flexible conversion-based funnel, which will look something like this:

Conversion Funnel Based on Lead Nurturing Buyer Behaviors

Don’t let the graphic intimidate you! While you might be tempted to start with a simple sales funnel, you’ll increase your chances of success if you start with a more flexible conversion funnel. Let me take you through exactly how it’s done.

How to Create a Conversion Funnel

There are nine main steps to creating a successful conversion funnel, based on a blend of AIDA and less restrictive techniques.

1. Determine Your Ideal Buyer Journey and Map It Out as a Funnel

The point of a conversion funnel is to build an effective buyer’s journey and increase your conversions. To increase your conversions, you must first identify your starting point and your end goal. In other words, you must identify three things:

  • what your typical buyer’s journey looks like right now
  • what your end goal is, or what action you want a prospect to take
  • how you can improve your existing buyer’s journey in order to increase the likelihood of leads becoming paying customers

Once you’ve identified what your end goal is, you can map it out as a conversion funnel. Visualizing or mapping out your funnel can help you stay on track further down the line.

2. Set Goals for Each Stage in Your Funnel

Think of your funnel in three separate parts: the top, middle, and bottom.

Decide what you want from each stage of the funnel; for example, maybe you want to increase your traffic at the top of the funnel, boost your engagement rate in the middle, and increase your conversions at the end.

Once you’ve set some concrete goals, consider using tools to track your progress and ensure you’re meeting those objectives. For example, you might use Google Analytics or email automation software to measure your success rates.

Unless you’re clear on what you need from each stage in your funnel, it’s impossible to know if you’re meeting your targets. Spend some time reflecting on your overall goal before you build a conversion funnel.

3. Make a Content Plan for Each Stage in the Funnel

Each part of the funnel (top, middle, bottom) requires its own marketing plan to keep prospects moving from one stage to the next.


The first stage is all about building brand and product awareness. You’re trying to generate some buzz and encourage prospects to learn more about your company and how your products can help them.

At this early stage, use visually engaging content such as videos, short blog posts, and social media posts to introduce your company and emphasize your brand story.


You have a person’s attention, so now it’s time to gain their trust and show them why they need your product.

A prospect could ultimately be in this stage for a while, so the focus should be on creating valuable, informative, and reliable content such as case studies, video tutorials, and downloads.


The final stage should be focused on giving prospects a reason to buy your product, sign up for your service, or take any other action you desire. Marketing strategies at this stage could include free trials, actionable emails, and CTAs, or calls to action.

4. Implement Strategies and Create Content to Generate Awareness

At this first stage in your funnel, you’re trying to build hype around your brand and product. Why should a customer care about your company? How do your products solve the problems they have? Answer these questions to help build a content strategy for this stage.

Do some competitor research, too. Consider what you can learn from their landing pages, social media channels, and blogs. How are they reeling in potential customers?

With all these questions in mind, here are some examples of ways you might generate awareness and create appropriate content for the first stage of a conversion funnel.

  • Consider using PPC ads to increase traffic in the first instance.
  • Optimize your content for SEO so it ranks high in the search engine results. This way, people are more likely to find you online.
  • Get on popular social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. Post regularly and interact with followers to build some engagement.
  • Set up a referral program to reward people for recommending your products and services to their social network.

Other ways you might build interest in your brand include, for example, trying influencer marketing, hosting interviews, creating informational guides, and designing printable checklists.

5. Generate Interest and Desire

While the AIDA model labels “interest” and “desire” as two separate outcomes, in real terms, they’re the same thing.

Generating interest, or building desire, comes down to one key thing: creating compelling content. You build some awareness around your brand, you show people why they “need” what you’re selling, and as a result they decide they “want” your product.

How do you create great content to nudge people along this stage of your funnel? Here are some ideas.

  • Craft authoritative blog posts to educate your audience. If a user finds your content valuable, they’re more likely to trust you enough to spend money on your products.
  • Show your product in action by creating a YouTube video. Video content helps people visualize how the product could benefit them, which in turn makes them feel like they “need” the item.
  • If you have a prospect’s contact details, send them curated email content such as roundups of your top blog posts, customer testimonials, or and hints and tips that could benefit your reader.

There are some other ways you can generate interest, too, such as starting a podcast, creating some product guides, running a free trial program, or offering product samples.

6. Encourage Users to Take Action

At the end of the funnel, your goal is to convert a lead into a customer by encouraging the required action. While you could skip this step in the funnel if it works for your business, here are some ways you might optimize your strategy for this stage.

Create a PDF Download

Put together some valuable content in a PDF download and offer it in exchange for their contact details. Make sure your document promises to answer common questions your customers have, to encourage them to actually download it.

Here’s an example from LegalSuite, a legal services provider. Their customers typically want help with streamlining their operational efficiency. To help their customers, LegalSuite offers a free eBook with ways to make their legal operations run more efficiently.

The catch? Prospects must provide some contact details, which means that LegalSuite can follow up with them:

How to Create a Conversion Funnel - Create a PDF Download

This is a great example of how to encourage an action without being pushy.

Add a Call to Action (CTA) to Relevant Resources

CTAs clarify the action you want people to take, so don’t forget to add them to the content you create.

At this stage of the funnel, you’re trying to entice customers to take a final step to complete the cycle, so give your CTAs a sense of urgency. Emphasize how your product can solve their problem and why they should act now.

Make it easy for customers to act by displaying the CTA somewhere prominent, like the top of a landing page, the end of a guide post, or in a colorful, clickable button at a strategic point in a YouTube video.

Finally, remember to test your CTAs to identify which strategy resonates most with your audience.

Send Actionable Emails

In many ways, great marketing is all about helping people help themselves.

Send them clear, concise, actionable emails emphasizing how they can solve their problems through buying your products or using your services.

Again, ensure there’s an obvious CTA so potential customers know what action you expect them to take.

Incorporate Customer Testimonials

Did you know that 72 percent of customers won’t make a purchase until they’ve read some reviews? Give those customers the reassurance they need to take the final step by adding some testimonials to your page.

You can either just ask customers for reviews, or you can take a look at your existing reviews on websites like Facebook and LinkedIn and ask for permission to share them in your content.

Where should you display testimonials?

It all depends on your audience, brand goals, and marketing strategy. You could, for example:

  • include some quotes from positive reviews on your landing page
  • embed a widget from a website like Trustpilot on your page so prospects can read your reviews before they buy
  • link to videos of happy customers using your products (remember to thank them for trying out your product, too!)

Other Ideas

Finally, you might offer other incentives like free trials, competitor comparison guides, demo videos, and product samples to nurture leads into becoming paying customers.

7. Keep Customers

Great marketing is not just about finding customers. It’s about retaining them, too. Here’s why.

Sounds great, right? Here are some strategies for retaining those all-important loyal customers.


Next-selling is when you follow up with a customer after a purchase and offer them a similar product with, perhaps, an attractive discount attached. Not only does this allow you to communicate with your customer and make them feel valued, but it’s a way to potentially increase revenue.

Say you want to know whether customers who buy coffee machines are more likely to buy a discounted toaster. You can send the customers who bought a coffee machine a discount code for toasters, and send a control group a full price ad on toasters.

Next-selling can provide you with helpful data to build effective funnels.

Create Loyalty Programs

Loyalty programs are crucial to any customer retention strategy, with 81 percent of millennials spending more money when they’re a member of a loyalty scheme. However, since loyalty schemes are nothing new, you need to get creative if you plan on building a winning program.

When you’re creating your own program, consider:

  • using high levels of personalization
  • giving customers flexibility around how to use their reward points
  • offering extra perks and benefits to loyalty scheme members

Amazon Prime, for example, stands out because customers enjoy benefits like free same-day delivery, exclusive savings, and access to members-only shopping events.

With the Starbucks Rewards program, members pay through the Starbucks app, and they earn points towards perks like free food and drink. What’s really great about this scheme, though, is how it’s centralized through the app, meaning Starbucks can access large volumes of data about user behavior to inform their marketing strategy:

How to Create a Conversion Funnel - Create Loyalty Programs

Make your loyalty program work for you by using it to monitor customer preferences and buyer behavior.

Product Updates

When you update your products, you’re keeping up with evolving customer demands and changing expectations. You’re showing your loyal customers that you value their continued loyalty.

For example, maybe you can update an app glitch, based on user feedback. Or, you could launch an add-on to improve a software download.

In short, product updates are a great way to improve the user experience.

Other Techniques

How else can you keep those all-important customers? Well, you can try marketing strategies such as:

  • introducing member-only events
  • sending out exclusive emails
  • running contests or prize draws
  • starting a customer service RSS feed

8. Grow Customers

Finally, don’t forget to capitalize on your existing customers by encouraging them to make more purchases. There are a few strategies you can try, so here’s a rundown of your best options.


With cross-selling, you look at a customer’s most recent purchase and show them similar products they might be interested in. Or, during the sales process, you offer them other items which complement the item they’re currently buying.

For example, say someone buys a laptop from your website. As part of your sales funnel, you might also recommend a charger or laptop case to go along with their purchase.

Here’s a real example from REI Co-op. Say, for example, a lead decides to view a set of strength trainers. Under the product listing, there’s a “people also viewed” list, which highlights similar products the lead might be interested in:

How to Create a Conversion Funnel - Grow Customers

It’s not a pushy strategy, but it nurtures leads in the right direction.


Upselling means offering a customer a more expensive alternative to the item or service they’re interested in.

For example, if someone selects a free subscription to your service, you might highlight the cheapest paid subscription option to them.

  • When you’re upselling, it’s helpful to compare products or services side-by-side.
  • However, don’t try to upsell a product if it’s substantially more expensive than what the potential customer wants to buy. Otherwise, the strategy could backfire!

Just remember, though, to avoid being too pushy at all times when you’re upselling.

Here’s a good example from Best Buy. The customer views an entry-level MacBook Air. Above the product, they see other more expensive products from the MacBook range, one of which also has an enticing discount attached to it:

How to Create a Conversion Funnel - Upsell

The products advertised aren’t massively different in price from the viewed product, and it’s a good, subtle example of upselling.

Other Strategies

There are a few other strategies you can try to grow your customer base and build your business, including:

  • sending out discounts to loyal customers
  • personalizing your marketing emails
  • issuing more voucher codes

Test out a few strategies and identify which ones resonate best with your customers.

9. Address Funnel Problems

In reality, there’s no such thing as a perfect funnel. However, if your funnel is underperforming, it could be due to common errors such as:

  • leaving out a strong CTA
  • forgetting to start with a clear brand message
  • using too many steps in your funnel
  • misreading your funnel analytics data
  • failing to follow up with leads

To find out why your funnel isn’t working optimally, you need to run some A/B testing or use an analytics tracking tool like Google Analytics (GA) or Hotjar.

Alternatively, you can perform some lead outreach. Send out surveys or ask for feedback about the website user experience, and always take negative comments on board when you’re refining your funnel. They’ll give you very clear insight on what your audience does or doesn’t want.

Conversion Funnel Tracking With Optimizely

Want to experiment with different funnel variations and track their performance? Give Optimizely a try.

It’s easy enough to use. Once you’ve registered, simply head to your “Experiments” dashboard, select “Create New,” and choose whichever experiment you want to run, such as A/B testing or a personalization campaign:

Conversion Funnel Tracking With Optimizely

After you create your experiments, you can track them from your dashboard and make whatever changes best suit your marketing strategy. For example, you might refine your CTA or emphasize a new product. You can run multiple variations simultaneously, too, and track which one works best.

Whatever your conversion goal, Optimizely can help you realize it. Sign up for a free version, or choose a paid subscription with more advanced features if your marketing budget can stretch to it.

How to Track Your Conversion Funnel With Google Analytics

Google Analytics is another handy tool for funnel tracking. With GA, you can easily track customers from the moment they visit your page to whenever they decide to either abandon their journey or complete the purchase.

  1. Once you’ve set up which website you want to track, set up some conversion goals.

  2. From the “Admin” menu, go to “Views” then click “Goals:”

    How to Track Your Conversion Funnel With Google Analytics

  3. Click “New Goal” and work through the steps to generate the desired goal.

    Since we’re trying to visualize a funnel, you want to set a “Destination” goal such as registering for a newsletter.

  4. You can view your funnel by going back to the “View” menu in the “Admin” section, choosing “Reports,” then selecting “Goal Flow” from the “Conversions” menu.

    From here, you can identify where people leave your funnel or where they loop back to different stages.

Conversion Funnel Frequently Asked Questions

What are the four stages of the AIDA model?

The four stages are “Attention,” “Interest,” “Desire,” and “Action.” You’re trying to attract attention, generate interest, encourage the customer to want the product, and have them take the desired action.

What’s the difference between goals and funnels?

The goal is the objective you’re trying to achieve e.g., a customer completing a sale. The funnel is the journey the prospect takes to reach this goal.

How do you visualize a funnel?

Start by checking out funnel visualization tools like Google Analytics.

What is the purpose of a funnel?

A conversion funnel shows you the paths people take on their journey from visiting your website to becoming paying customers.

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“@type”: “FAQPage”,
“mainEntity”: [
“@type”: “Question”,
“name”: “What are the four stages of the AIDA model?”,
“acceptedAnswer”: {
“@type”: “Answer”,
“text”: “The four stages are “Attention,” “Interest,” “Desire,” and “Action.” You’re trying to attract attention, generate interest, encourage the customer to want the product, and have them take the desired action.”
, {
“@type”: “Question”,
“name”: “What’s the difference between goals and funnels?”,
“acceptedAnswer”: {
“@type”: “Answer”,
“text”: “The goal is the objective you’re trying to achieve e.g., a customer completing a sale. The funnel is the journey the prospect takes to reach this goal.”
, {
“@type”: “Question”,
“name”: “How do you visualize a funnel?”,
“acceptedAnswer”: {
“@type”: “Answer”,
“text”: “Start by checking out funnel visualization tools like Google Analytics.”
, {
“@type”: “Question”,
“name”: “What is the purpose of a funnel?”,
“acceptedAnswer”: {
“@type”: “Answer”,
“text”: “A conversion funnel shows you the paths people take on their journey from visiting your website to becoming paying customers.”

Conversion Funnel: Conclusion

Think of your conversion funnel as an evolving process. Just as your customers want and need change over time, so should you adapt your goals and funnel strategy to match.

When you strive to give your customers the user experience they’re hoping for, you won’t just build a loyal client base: you’ll stand out from your competitors, too.

Have you built your first conversion funnel yet?

“What’s The Dumbest Thing You’ve Ever Heard Someone Say?” (71 Responses)

Part of the beauty of humankind is how imperfect we all actually are. Think of the level of naivety, false hopes, wrong assumptions and beliefs we all swear by, day by day, without questioning them twice. How on earth can we be so oblivious?

So this post serves as a tribute to all the headless selves who believe the craziest conspiracies, or things adults mockingly told us when we were little, or stuff we read on fishy forums. Inspired by a seemingly simple question posed on r/AskReddit “What’s the dumbest thing you’ve ever heard someone say?” it offers a glimpse into the absurd wonderland of arguments that leave our mouths, making others cringe in return. Like, genuinely asking a flight attendant if you could open a window because it’s feeling really hot.

#1Work at a hotel. Guest asked why there was no fourth of July parade or any fireworks in town. We were in Australia.

Image credits: lavernican

#2some girl once told me that it was impossible for me to be vietnamese bc vietnam was a war and not a country. this happened while in college smh

Image credits: 000Rohit

#3A few years ago leading up to the great American eclipse a coworker overheard us discussing it and said “Y’all don’t actually believe in that [stuff] do you?” I figured he misunderstood whatever we were talking about and thought we were talking about mysticism or something regarding the eclipse but no he followed up with “Don’t you know if the moon went into the sun it would melt, that’s why the eclipse can’t be real.”

I genuinely felt like humanity should probably start over from scratch after that.

Image credits: unknown

#4That chickens have no brains. Not that they are stupid. That a chicken literally does not have a brain.

Image credits: blakingpowder

#5It’s not cheating if you don’t love the person

Image credits: Sissonater

#6When I was like 13 I told my friend that there was such a thing as a Liger. They had successfully mated a lion and a tiger. His response “you idiot, tigers ARE female lions”


We took the argument to his mother to settle it. She took his side

Image credits: Waffle_Ambasador

#7″It’s been proven that if you dream about falling and hit the ground in your dream you will die in your sleep.”

Yeah? If someone dies in their sleep, how do you know what they were dreaming?

Image credits: FrankieMint

#8My sister panicked whilst on a plane and asked if she could open a window as she was feeling really hot – the guy in the seats across from her lost it, it made his day

Image credits: emilov98

#9A girl in my class asked why do farms exist if she gets her food from the supermarket.The teacher had such a disappointed face and everyone looked at her and wondered how did she pass the all the way through the 8th grade

Image credits: Adron-the-survivor

#10Friend shared that he thought women were like chickens, one day a month we would sit on a toilet all day and lay an egg

Image credits: jfix-incd

#11In 8th grade this girl, dead serious, asked, “how did people breathe before there was electricity?”

Image credits: acatherinee

#12Yall really gonna make me remember the time my coworker thought willy Wonka was a real person and wondered how much money he was making on Nerds and Gobstoppers

Image credits: Catezero

#1322-year-old girlfriend, after having walked under some street lamps: “I just discovered that we have 2 shadows. I think the other one is only visible at night.”

I explained what shadows are and how they’re dependent on the light source. There was visible brain processing strain on her face.

Image credits: nigglebit

#14″China is it’s own continent because the people who live there are called ‘Chinese’.” “… Uh… and we are Oklahomans. Did I miss the memo where we became a continent?”

Image credits: TheOnlyKaiser

#15My friend once told me he wasn’t too concerned about using birth control because everyone knows the girl can only get pregnant if they both come at the same time. His gf was pregnant 3 months later.

Image credits: kennethfrom30rock

#16A customer came in today and apparently had a an excuse for not wearing a mask. We offered curbside pickup for their safety and the safety of others. They let us know that they work at a covid clinic, so they had “literally 0% chance of contracting it”.

Image credits: rubiedoobieunicorn

#17“How do they know which moon to put out?”

Image credits: ImRandyRU

#18Is the forth of July on the 14th or 15th?

My ex boyfriend asked me that. He has no excuse, he’s from California.

Image credits: Wickedflame77

#19“Wait is it just me or do meteors always land in craters” said the smartest guy in my class#20That you can’t walk to the front of a plane because its moving faster than you can walk. This was a teacher#21I dont believe in evolution cause if we did evolve then why aren’t we still evolving?

Image credits: SnowPaw850

#22’Can’t we just exterminate all bacteria and viruses so we can’t get sick anymore?’

Literally heard someone say this in Microbiology class. MICROBIOLOGY CLASS!

Image credits: maskedghostwolf

#23someone tried to convince me that snakes don’t have bones. I showed him some pictures of snake skeletons and he said “yeah they have ribs, not bones”

Image credits: cheeeeeeeeto

#24I worked retail as a summer job about 17 years ago. I was putting out coffee cups with a coworker.

“Why don’t they make left handed coffee cups?”

I quietly turned one of the mugs 180 degrees without saying anything.

Last I heard she was the assistant manager of that department.

Image credits: CaptainAwesome06

#25I remarked that it’s odd that we associate rabbits with EGGS for Easter. I jokingly said we should make it an Easter platypus because unlike rabbits they lay eggs.

Then someone overheard this and said “wait… no, rabbits DO lay eggs.”

This turned into a two minute argument over whether or not rabbits lay eggs. And then when she finally accepted that she was wrong, she was so irritated that she asked all of her coworkers if they thought the same as her.

To the best of my knowledge she’s the only one.#26Was Benjamin Button based on a true story?

Image credits: notsurewhatidoin

#27The spork is “the devil’s utensil” because it is the amalgamation of the masculine fork and the feminine spoon and is trying to blur gender lines in society.#28I’m a veterinarian. I once had the owner of a pregnant three legged dog ask if the puppies would be born with three legs or four.#29Just because math is in a book, doesn’t make it true… she was a college student.

Image credits: stupidpunname54

#30Co-worker at my last job during lunch:

Him: “The moon landings obviously didn’t happen”

Me: “Thats awkward I was bouncing lasers off the mirrors we left there at Uni.” (Physics Graduate)

Him after pausing: “Theres loads of ways they could have got there, aliens could have plonked them down”

Man literally believes in aliens but not the moon landings and is a manager at a large company

Image credits: DivineRainor

#31My mom said her new mac was a waste of money because it didn’t have internet explorer so “how is she supposed to do anything?”

Image credits: aaareed

#32“Masks are dangerous because we shouldn’t be breathing in our own carbon monoxide.”

Image credits: Midas_Artflower

#33″If you could adopt a child from a third world country, which country would you choose and why?” “I would choose Alaska, because it’s really cold there.” -A member of the prom court being asked a random question on our school’s live news show that was being broadcasted out to every homeroom.#34Buddy of mine was very drunk one night and asked me “where does the moon go during the daytime?”

Image credits: generallyunconscious

#35Why is there a deer Xing sign it’s too dangerous for deer to cross the road

Image credits: 08337Leebo

#36″if Japanese people suffer so much from tsunamis, why don’t they hide behind the Great Wall of China?”

8th grade geography class

Image credits: Myko02

#37After watching a movie in 3D they said “that was amazing, I wish real life was in 3D too”#38″Was ww2 the cold one or the Asian one”#39″If you’re an atheist, that means you’re not allowed to use the Roman calendar because it was invented by Christians.”#40Someone once said.

“But I don’t want to put the bag of aquatic snails inside the fish tank, they might drown!”

That someone was me.

Past me is dumb.#41The moon is much better than the sun because it’s up at night illuminating while the sun is up during the day when it’s allready bright.#42Oh I have one! I told my friend that I thought she may be an alcoholic and she should get some help. So she goes to a counselor. She was so proud to come and tell me that she wasn’t an alcoholic, she had a substantial abuse disorder.

The substance? Alcohol#43We were in class and this girl was so confused at how a flight from America to Russia could be quick, because the world map shows America being at the far left and Russia on the right. The teacher said, ‘Look at the map.’ She replies, ‘Yeah, they’re so far away.’ A moment of silence. Teacher: ‘The world is round; it isn’t flat like a map.’#44You have vertigo? Isn’t vertigo that place where the planes get lost?#45You shut your mouth when you’re talking to me.#46Wait how could they castrate a 8 year old? He wouldn’t have his balls yet! – My friend, a 18 year old male who vastly misunderstood what people meant when they say “your balls dropped”. No, I don’t know how he never noticed that he had balls before puberty.#47A Canadian asking me, an Englishman, where I learnt to speak English.#48Why don’t vegans eat fish? They aren’t animals.#49A colleague who saw me eating some tomatoes for lunch and made the comment “isn’t all that sugar in the tomatoes bad for you?” as she ate her McDonald’s….#50Mate of mine told me Reindeer weren’t real animals. They were mythical creatures…

We live in Australia, but still.#51watching star wars in high school with some girl says, ” when did this happen?” I said it was made in the 70s , confused on what she meant. she said ” no, the space war, when did we have a space war?” me n my buddy almost died#52Dinosaurs were around at the same time as the pyramids#53My wife once told me: “Cold water will boil faster than hot water.”#54I was actually the dumb person, sadly. I was at a friend’s house and couldn’t remember if I left the hair straightener or oven on at home and I asked my friend, “what if there’s a fire, the door’s locked so my cats won’t be able to get out!!” Yeah. I believed for at least 30 seconds that cats could open doors.#55When I pointed out to a coworker that a person who actually was modest wouldn’t brag about how modest they are: “How would people know that I’m modest if I don’t tell them?”#56That 2% milk and 2% milk made 4% milk. Proceed to try and prove his point by saying “if (half black friend) and I (half black) had a baby, the baby would be full black”. This guy also asked me if the Queen was the president of Canada, soo…#57Blue Fire is cold#58A few years ago I got a job offer in Japan and decided to take it. Some friends from my then office threw me a farewell party. The girlfriend of one of my co-workers came along and told me that she’d always wanted to go to Japan and that her number one thing to do there would be to take a camel ride. My co-worker and I just looked at her to see if she’d explain more— maybe there was a camel cafe she’d heard about or something. But no, she just honestly thought camels were a common mode of transportation in Japan.#59“I thought Europe was a country?”#60″masks don’t work that’s why they told us not to wear them at first. they want us to wear them now because they realized the lack of oxygen will make us dumb and we’ll listen to wherever they say.”#61“Masks are for pussies” my moms friend three weeks ago who is now in intensive care.#62Inlaw father is looking at the sky, pondering how NASA puts all that stuff up there without hitting the stars.

He was a teenager during the space race. You’d figure it would have come up in school.

We just shrugged and acted like we didn’t know.#63Asia was a country in China#64A highschool student asked if Obama was president of the world.

BTW the person that asked that question was debatably one of the dumbest students in my school.#65That Japan was the capital of Australia.#66That you can get pregnant by a demon and god controls Facebooks servers which will be shut down IMMEDIATELY.#67″if white people are white, and black people are black, does that mean Asians are grey?”

I still don’t know the answer.#68“Are you pregnant?”

I was a skinny girl in fifth grade when a guy asked me this out of nowhere#69″Mexico is the capital of China”- Some person In a crowd#70She thought our hair grew from the ends, not the scalp.#71″There are 3 types of asians: Chinese, Japanese and Asians.”

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People Are Sharing Funny Stories Of How The Delivery Room Experience Was Too Much For New Dads

The days of proud dads waiting in the corridor next to the delivery room, handing out cigars while their wives go into labor, are long gone. Now, you’ll often find dads in the front lines, next to the loves of their lives as they’re about to bring a miracle into the world. They’ll be holding their partners’ hands, saying words of encouragement, and doing everything they can to make giving birth easier.

However, not all dads have the stomach for it. Watching someone give birth can be intense and can make some of them faint and react very strongly in other ways. There’s no shame in that. However, the moms of Twitter had a blast sharing some of the funniest stories about what happened to their beloved men in the delivery room. And the person who kicked off the viral thread is Twitter user theMidwife, the curator of ‘Your Lady Biz.’

Have a read through some of the most lighthearted and wittiest stories below, upvote the ones that you liked the most, and share your own tales from the delivery room if you’re feeling up to it, dear Pandas.

More info: Twitter (theMidwife) | Twitter (Your Lady Biz) |




Image credits: VancityReynolds


Image credits: NessTea_

It’s easy to get panicky and a bit lost about what to do in the delivery room. So if you’re a dad, you really shouldn’t be too hard on yourself if it’s your first time there—how can you know what’s expected of you? It’s best to ask the doctor or the nurse what you can do to help. And to be fair, we have to acknowledge the fact that there’s a lot of pressure on dads to be in the delivery room in the first place.

But the most important thing is that you talk to your loved one and ask what she wants and needs. It might be something as simple as getting her a cup full of ice chips or singing her favorite childhood song to help her calm down and give her strength.


Image credits: king__foots


Image credits: uglysketch


HealthDay writes that you can prepare for the day of your child’s birth beforehand by going to birthing classes beforehand. What’s more, you can talk to some other dads about the experiences that they had and they’re bound to give you some pointers. After all, live advice is the perfect complement to you having read tons and tons of books on the subject. (You’ve read them all, haven’t you?)

According to HealthDay, dads are usually a mix of unofficial nurses, coaches, and cheerleaders in the delivery room. So at the very start, in the early hours of labor, your task will be to distract your loved one from dreading the next contraction. Walking around the room with her, putting on some music, or giving her a back/foot rub are all things that you can do to make things easier on her.


Image credits: TheKateMcK


Image credits: Razer4455


Image credits: TheOGTaterThot

However, as the contractions get stronger and more frequent, your main job becomes keeping your partner focused. Look into her eyes. Encourage her. Help her avoid panicking and getting anxious. Keep in mind that you _might_ get screamed at to be quiet by this point. Don’t take it personally because your wife’s bringing a human being into the world and it’s tough work!

At the actual moment of birth, you, the dad, should do your best to stay calm and continue supporting the love of your life. Save your tears for later. And if you’re feeling brave, you can watch a bit of the actual birth, too.


Image credits: nataliemarissaa

Dads tend to cry once their kid is born. Their next impulse tends to be grabbing the camera. After taking a few snaps for the ages, put the camera down and go take your baby in your arms. Check in on your partner when your baby’s taken to the nursery and keep both company as much as you can. Then, it’s time for a round of calls to your family and friends. Just remember that if you do faint or do something unintentionally comic, it’ll still be a great memory for later.


Image credits: clcaterine


Image credits: thedyingcity117


Image credits: pwettymom1


Image credits: DesireyAlmaguer


Image credits: pinchemom


Image credits: lexiemamaa_


PUSH IT: This Texas couple sang Salt-N-Peppa's "Push It" while in the delivery room, waiting for their third child to be born. Their a cappella rendition went viral, and baby Alaya was born just minutes later

— CBS News (@CBSNews) January 2, 2019 #26

Image credits: Holidizzle


Image credits: alala_lana


Image credits: summerss1994


Image credits: Remzi_SSB


Image credits: JasamineXFuture

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