49 Of The Best ‘What Idiot Called It’ Jokes

Some people believe that puns are the lowest form of comedy possible. We humbly believe that these people are wrong. In our opinion, puns are fantastic because they’re a quick way to improve someone’s mood while showing off your linguistic skills, as well as the power of your imagination. One of our favorite puntastic joke

11 Hilarious ‘Pixelated’ Cat Pics

Some of you, dear Readers, will remember the good old days when you were a kid, didn’t have responsibilities like paying for heating, didn’t have to worry about horrible things like climate change, and could while away your evenings playing retro video games. So it’s quite possible that a lot of you Pandas out there

The Ultimate List of Free SEO Tools

Who says you have to spend money to get more traffic?

For today’s blog post, I thought it would be fun to break down all of the free SEO tools. Sure you may know of some, like Ubersuggest, but there are many more options than just my own tool.

Now before I

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