The New Way to Chat With Your Visitors

Marketing has evolved into an omnichannel approach. This means you can no longer just go after one channel to succeed.

Back in the day, companies like Facebook grew into billion-dollar businesses through one channel.

Facebook used email to grow and they did it by having you invite all your contacts to join

Self-Awareness Is the Key to Unleashing Your Potential

The young Prince knocked the poisoned arrow on his bow, pulled back the heavy string and, for a brief moment, held his breath while aiming before shooting it towards his brother’s killer. The arrow Paris released entered the only vulnerable part of his body, the heel, and led to death of the swift-footed, godlike warrior,

Why You Need to Treat Your Business Like Getting a Haircut

No matter your age or gender we all have woken up at some point and said I need a haircut. Even bald men have to do some sort of maintenance. The warning signs are clear because you do not look put together, maybe you’re uncomfortable, and it’s time to clean up. As an entrepreneur, your

How To Lead Your Team Well… From a Distance

In light of the current Covid-19 Global Pandemic, we are all doing a whole lot of working (and managing)… from a distance. And while in Bette Midler’s world, there’s harmony and peace from a distance, in our world, things can be a bit messier. In fact, working from a distance can be really hard. Especially

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