415K People On Twitter Are Cracking Up At The Way This 4 Y.O. Toddler Decorated Her Grandma’s Christmas Tree

You know, kids may be a bit of a challenge, especially when parenthood isn’t planned, or not as planned as the parents actually wanted it to be. But kids are a great source of a lot of things, including outdoors, energy, and laughter. Emphasis on the last one.

Yep, having a kid around is tough, but it’s always super rewarding when the kid does something amazingly adorable or makes a comment or even asks a question that you don’t know what to make of whilst you’re rolling on the floor, laughing your butt off because your kid’s generating comedy gold by just being an innocent kid.

Writer AC Thomas recently shared how her toddler decorated her mother-in-law’s Christmas tree

Image credits: AC Thomas

Enter AC Thomas, author of several books, who recently shared one of the most hilariously kid things that any kid could have ever done.

She posted a picture of her mother-in-law’s Christmas tree. And this ain’t no ordinary tree, oh no—it’s a tree that’s been touched by the hands of what looks like the best Christmas tree decorator available in the US… her toddler.

Attached to the tweet, which read “My toddler decorated my mother in law’s tree,” was a pic of a pretty ordinary Christmas tree with a not-so-ordinary approach to decorating that can only be described as half-decorated.

The hilarious photo came with a very simple caption and ended up getting over 415k likes on Twitter

Image credits: acthomas_books

On the top, you have your topper, which in this case is a silver angel with a star in its hands. Then, going down from the top, you have about 80% of near nothingness, save for a few snowflake decorations.

And lastly, for the remaining fifth of the tree, you have every imaginable bauble and Christmas decoration that’s available in the household all concentrated at the bottom of the tree.

Now, despite how hilarious it looks, you still gotta give the kid credit—she did decorate the tree, saving you precious time, and she did it in a way that’s unique and also in a way that over 415,000 people liked, so I think it’s a win all around here.

Turns out, her toddler is a bit of a shenanigans-loving kid, as seen in Thomas’ other tweets

Image credits: acthomas_books

Besides, would you expect a toddler-sized person to decorate the top part that’s a hassle to reach? No, this is just pure logic and energy economics, so the kid was just being smart about it!

Oh, and this is just one of the many hilarious and/or adorable shenanigans that Thomas’ toddler has done in recent times. Like that one time Thomas asked her to put on her underwear, and then she found her with her underwear on her head.

Or that other time when she ate too much on Thanksgiving and got a tummy ache and was crying, but still repeating how much she loves turkey… and then immediately asking for more turkey after waking up from a nap.

The original Christmas tree decorating is just the crux of it all as the kid’s full of hilarious surprises

Image credits: acthomas_books

The list goes on and on, so the Christmas tree decorations were just one of her brilliant shenanigans that the internet thoroughly enjoyed. So much, in fact, that Thomas’ tweet went viral immediately, garnering over 415,000 likes as well as nearly 35,000 retweets on Twitter.

Many online found this absolutely hilarious and adorable, calling her decoration style one to be proud of. Some give their own artistic reviews of it, praising the contemporary minimalist chic style and innovative direction. And then there was that one person who pointed out how it’s a tree made in heaven if you’re a cat.

Image credits: acthomas_books

Now, since Christmas is fast approaching, we have no doubt you’re probably gonna see some Christmas content here, so why not check out how this one town in Scotland let kids create their own outdoor Christmas light decorations, or how you can also now buy “half a Christmas tree,” or how this guy made a Treezilla Christmas tree—half tree, half Godzilla. You’re welcome!

What are your thoughts on this? Have kids around who are also artistic geniuses when it comes to Christmas decorations? Let us know in the comment section below!

Here’s how people in the twitterverse reacted to Thomas’ toddler’s Christmas masterpiece

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