88 People Whose Christmas Was As “Good” As The Year 2020

As much as we’d like the cursed year of 2020 to end without leaving it the opportunity to raise our cortisol levels from stress even further, it doesn’t mean that the Christmas holidays are canceled.

In fact, if you’re reading the post, I must give you a big round of applause for surviving it, ‘cause at this point, no one can be sure about virtually anything. Like whether or not we won’t choke on a turkey breast covered in gravy, or whether or not you might enter a warzone with your in-laws for making fun of Covid deniers.

But that doesn’t mean there were no fails. On the contrary, Christmas makes everyone super vulnerable to all kinds of failure. Like, receiving the worst Santa gifts, finding the perfume bottle you gifted to your loved one next to the toilet fresheners, or simply realizing your Christmas hasn’t been very merry—no one is immune to their fair share of festive breakdown.

I leave the stage to this merry Bored Panda compilation of all the what-ifs and oh-my-gods turned reality that just reminds us once again that this is not your usual Christmas. It’s Christmas: 2020 edition.

#1 My Parents (Late 70s) Got Me A PS5 Controller For Christmas. I Do Not Own A Playstation 5

Image credits: Yabba_Dabbs

#2 Walked Outside To Leave For Work Today, And Some Kind Individual Stole All My Wheels. Happy Holidays

Image credits: Numbdeezy

#3 My 6-Year-Old Got Tattoo Markers For Christmas And Disappeared For Half An Hour. Bonus: We Can’t Get It To Come Off

Image credits: stephicus

#4 I Ordered A 6ft Tall Rainbow Tree From A Facebook Ad And This Is What Showed Up. I’m Crying From Laughing So Hard, I’ve Never Had This Happen In Real Life

Image credits: soomanytomatoes

#5 My Secret Santa Gift That I Got Last Year. I Wanted An Animation Book

Image credits: oshio_kusanagi

#6 When The Perfume You Bought Your Wife For Christmas Ends Up In The Toilet As ‘Air Freshener’

Image credits: baxterrocky

#7 For Christmas, My Dad Received The Exact Outfit That He Was Wearing

Image credits: CircuitBoredom

#8 After Buying Christmas Decorations For My House, I Was Biking Home And Was Hit By A Car (Hit And Run) Causing Me To Black Out From Massive Head Trauma. This Is How Much I Owe For My Ambulance Bill

Image credits: ltran2645

#9 Dad’s Christmas Hasn’t Been Very Merry

Image credits: altjxx

#10 My Sister Rented A Flat Here In North Of Iceland For Christmas, This Is Her View

Image credits: maggipedia

#11 What I Ordered vs. What I Got

Image credits: dylanciaga

#12 My Wife Started Painting Ornaments For Christmas, And Only Realized After She Finished This Bird That She Did It Upside Down

Image credits: even-hungrier

#13 My Brother Got A Shirt For Christmas

Image credits: knochback

#14 When Your Puppy Chews Your Son’s Big Gift On Christmas Eve

Image credits: istheresugarinsyrup

#15 One Sprout For Christmas Dinner

Image credits: jamesmurden

#16 Sister-In-Law Orders A Japanese Whiskey For Me Every Christmas. I Don’t Think She Read The Description This Time When She Shipped Me A $50 Bottle Of Soy Sauce

Image credits: Whippity

#17 Ordered An Ortament That Was Described As Ceramic In The Description (Top Pic), What I Got Was The Other 2 Pics

Image credits: thestonernextdoor88

#18 Got My Positive Corona Results On Sunday, Today My Cupboard All Of A Sudden Decided To Ejaculate All Of Its Glasses Into The Christmas Tree. 2021 Here We Come

Image credits: Max15492

#19 This ‘Bottle Of Scotch’ At My Office’s White Elephant Gift Exchange Was Stolen Twice Before Anyone Opened It

Image credits: strooticus

#20 Sibling Gift Exchange

Image credits: rrrroasted

#21 12-Year-Old Set His Lawn On Fire After Getting Magnifying Glass For Christmas

Christmas Day was memorable to say the least! My twelve-year-old son Cayden, who is an avid reader, an honor student, and interested in science, asked for a magnifying glass for Christmas. (It’s like a basketball player asking for basketball shoes.) We thought it was for reading, but instead, he tried to see if he could light a fire with it! We discovered that he and his two brothers went out on the driveway to see if they could burn a couple holes in some newspaper. Everything was under control until the boys came running into the house telling us that a corner of the lawn was on fire and the Christmas lights were melting! Justin and I rushed outside to see the entire front lawn turning black! We grabbed buckets, turned on the hose and sprinklers, and I grabbed blankets to smother and trap it – before it could spread any more into the neighbors’ yard! What a sight to see – a bunch of people running around crazy trying to put a front lawn fire out while wearing matching Christmas jammies!

I want to reiterate this was an accident. It could have been worse but it wasn’t. So instead of a tragedy, it will now be a Christmas to remember! 2019 – The Christmas lawn lit on fire. Oh and never buy a magnifying glass for your son!

Image credits: nissalynn.parson

#22 I’m A 23-Year-Old Man That Can Rebuild An Engine, Fabricate My Own Parts, And Drive Anything With A Steering Wheel. But For The Life Of Me Cannot Wrap An X-Mas Gift

Image credits: ratrodder49

#23 Guess Who Got A Call Yesterday Saying He Had Work On Christmas Day

Image credits: Trackull

#24 Wasn’t On, Nobody Standing Near It, And My Oven Just Shattered. Just In Time For The Holidays

Image credits: boozebonfire

#25 Accidentally Put Christmas Breakfast On An Active Burner

Image credits: PrincessoftheRiver

#26 My Friends In The Sky Decided To Leave Me A Christmas Present While I Was Away. Thanks, Guys

Image credits: jmel3312

#27 Happy Christmas

Image credits: mccalli

#28 Christmas AirPods Turn Out To Be A Chewy Toy

Image credits: juaninazio

#29 My First Apple Pie I Made Last Night Got Left On The Roof Of My Car Never To Be Seen Again. Pour One Out For The Homie

Image credits: luceharper

#30 At Least It’s Something

Image credits: heyileana

#31 That Is How You Know Your Mom Listens To Everything You Say

Image credits: BickertonMiss

#32 Most Of My Gifts Are Stuck In A Distribution Center, And Have Been For Over 2 Weeks. Guess My Brother In Law Gets This

Image credits: TurtlesCantDrive

#33 Apparently One Of Our Present From Family Was A Box Of Fudge. Dogs Figured It Out And Now There Is Puke All Over My House

Image credits: snarkicon

#34 My Daughter’s Christmas List I Just Read. I Almost Choked On My Burger

Image credits: reddit.com

#35 My Girlfriend And I Bought Each Other The Exact Same Present. I’ve Never Laughed So Hard In My Life

Image credits: joelham01

#36 Got This For Christmas Because I Always Lose My Keys, But Now I Can’t Find My Keys To Put It On The Keychain

Image credits: roadtrip-ne

#37 The Letters On My Holiday Bathroom Towel Wore Off

Image credits: Aliciab12

#38 Merry Christmas To The Ground

Image credits: mamilita

#39 My Mom’s Christmas Cookies Before And After Baking

Image credits: FeyNExZ

#40 This Is What Happens When You Forget To Poke A Hole In Spaghetti Squash And Then Attempt To Cut It After It’s Baked. It Explodes In Your Face

Image credits: asherfergusson

#41 Well, Back To Video Games And Beer

Image credits: FlintTheDad

#42 After Weeks Of Waiting, My Son’s Stocking Arrived. It’s December 29th

Image credits: Xulik

#43 Someone Got To The Presents First

Image credits: TargetBoyz

#44 My 81-Year-Old Grandma Didn’t Look Close Enough At The Jumper She Bought For Xmas This Year

Image credits: _hummusapien

#45 Heard Something During The Christmas Dinner, Came Back To This

Image credits: williamszr98

#46 Dad Is Fired From Christmas Card Duty

Image credits: RighteousToad

#47 I Ordered A Sweater For My Roommate And I Think They Sent Me The Wrong One. Poor Grampy

Image credits: Captain_Kells

#48 My ‘Hotel Chocolat Hamper’ That I Won In The Staff Raffle. The Raffle Was In Place Of Staff Bonuses This Year

Image credits: imakeittwenty

#49 Husband Grabbed His Gift From The Front Porch This Morning, He’ll Never Guess What It Is

Image credits: codenameoreo

#50 Bought My Wife’s Christmas Gift On 12/10 And Was So Proud Of Myself When I Paid Extra For Two-Day FedEx Shipping

It’s been from WI to IL to NE to CO to NV to UT and is now in CA. I live on the East Coast.

Image credits: ohmy00

#51 I Asked The Kids To Check On How Many Eggs We Had Left, Quote “We Have Plenty”

Image credits: Mr_PoodlePants

#52 I Know It’s Supposed To Be A Soldier Kneeling But I Don’t See That

Image credits: I_dont_remember_it

#53 Cat Ruins Christmas Photo

Image credits: PoliticalCativist

#54 28 Years Ago I Had To “Share” My Nintendo With My Sister

Image credits: Shortneckbuzzard

#55 Been Waiting 2 Months For My Gas Range To Be Shipped From Italy Only To Have Them Drop And Smash It 20ft From My House. No More Xmas At House

Image credits: eeninety2

#56 Just Plugged In The New Monitor I Got For Christmas, 144 Hz Never Looked So Good

Image credits: will-bike-4-beer

#57 We Had A Ton Of Rain And Lost Power Early Christmas Morning, Things Got Worse From There

There is a stream that runs underneath a bridge bypass. We had so much rain, it overflowed and eroded.

Image credits: MicMcKee

#58 Long Distance Girlfriend Sent Me A Christmas Present. Raccoons Decided It Was Theirs

Image credits: NocturnalNympho

#59 My 70-Year-Old Grandma Gifted Me “Anime” Underwear For Christmas. Had To Explain That It’s Not Anime

Image credits: TheWrongDamnWolf

#60 My Parents Got Me A Beautiful New Guitar For Christmas That Broke In The Case

Image credits: bordengw

#61 A Family Friend Of Ours Son Opened Every Gift In Their House While They Were Sleeping Last Night

Image credits: roslyns

#62 Expiration Day

Image credits: WillKeible

#63 My Annual Christmas Cookie Fail Ladies And Gentleman. Note To Self: Don’t Feed Baby Yoda/Grogu Cookies After Midnight

Image credits: Banraisincookies

#64 Nailed It.

Image credits: sryincdyojrdcbigdvji

#65 Trying To Pop Out My Xmas Ice Cubes

Image credits: zebraturret

#66 My Christmas Present

Image credits: curiouscabbage69

#67 My Brother Ordered This For My Boyfriend For Christmas. We Live Together, And Guess Who Opened The Door When The Mail Came?

Image credits: Nissisaures

#68 Spent Two Days Making Christmas Cookies. Put Them In The Freezer. Open The Freezer For Something Else, And The Container Slips Out And Lands Face Down

Image credits: EhEhRon141

#69 Every Year My In-Laws Have A Gingerbread House Competition And Every Year I’m Still A Disappointment

Image credits: smugman246

#70 Opening A Brand New Xbox One S On Christmas Morning To Find A Used VHS Player

Image credits: ShishkaDrummer

#71 Christmas Lunch Ruined For A Few Extra $ On Weigh-In

Image credits: AtomicCypher

#72 So Just A Few Days Before Christmas The Middle Strand Of Lights Broke Down In Our Fully Ornamented Tree

Image credits: Djuliet533

#73 The Most Terrifying Christmas Cookie That I Accidentally Made

Image credits: Jinxology

#74 My Wife And 5-Year-Old Surprised Me With Homemade Christmas Cookies Tonight

Image credits: supercoolpartydude

#75 They Probably Should Have Coordinated

Image credits: rascartg

#76 I Got My Girl A Switch, Headphones, And A Book On Toasts. She Got Me A Shirt That Says “I Lose Weight” In Japanese. Merry Xmas Everyone

Image credits: McLovinPants

#77 There Was An Attempt To Wrap A Gift For Christmas

Image credits: midnighthunder0

#78 I Got My 80 Yr Old Father This As A Gag Gift. When He Opened It, He Got All Embarrassed And Immediately Tucked It Away. Later, I Privately Asked Him Why He Got All Weird About It, And I Found Out That He Was Under The Impression That It Was A Sex Toy

Image credits: PyroNecrophile

#79 What I Ordered vs. What I Got

Image credits: brithus

#80 My 4-Year-Old Daughter Brought Home This Gingerbread Man From Daycare. It’s Already Startled My Wife And Me A Few Times

Image credits: almostbobsaget

#81 If You Don’t Succeed, Try Again

Image credits: elSamourai

#82 Ordered A Blanket W Photos Of Our Deceased Dog For Christmas. Received A Very Nice Blanket — With Someone Else’s Dog In It

Image credits: juicy-aloe-vera

#83 My Niece’s Reaction To Getting Clothes For Christmas Is A Whole Mood

Image credits: easteregglegs

#84 I Got My Dad A Christmas Sweater. Didn’t Notice The 2nd Carrot Until The Family Photo

Image credits: LtMai22

#85 Auntie Sure Has A Sense Of Humor

Image credits: JamieCinematics

#86 Tried To Take A Nice Picture With My Dog For Xmas. She Objected By Clawing My Nip

Image credits: Lavidius

#87 One Of My Cats Gave Me A Fantastic Christmas Present Today

Image credits: ImTiredAndSoAreYou

#88 Watched My Friends Dogs Today While They Were Gone, Tried To Get A Cute Picture For Them And Ended Up With Accidental Gem/Nightmare. Merry Christmas!

Image credits: jillyjillyjilio

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