I Photoshopped Myself To Be My Own Awkward Family For The Holidays

For the past 6 years, I’ve dressed up as a mom, dad, son and daughter character and photoshopped myselves together to create one awkward family. I use these pictures for my holiday cards and send them to my actual family and friends every year.

The idea started in October 2015 when I saw some costume chest hair at the 99 cent store. I didn’t know what I would use it for yet, but I knew I had to buy it. Fast forward a month and I kept picturing this dad character with chest hair coming out of a really corny vest with his family at an 80 style JC Penny portrait photoshoot.

Being a female graphic designer and single, I thought it would be hilarious to create my own awkward family and send it out to my actual family and friends for the holidays.

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#1 The Brynns Holiday Card 2020

Image credits: Brynnified

I decided my family would have a dad that was overly happy / on the verge of creepy. A proud mom who’s just trying to hold the family together. A young bubbly daughter and of course, the outcast son who’s only there because he’d be grounded if he wasn’t. And thus, The Brynns were born.

#2 The Brynns Holiday Card 2016

Image credits: Brynnified

#3 The Brynns Holiday Card 2015

Image credits: Brynnified

The most frequent question I get is, “How do I get on your holiday card mailing list?” This year, I’ve created an Etsy where my cards are now available for purchase, as well as a 2021 Calendar with my “family’s” road trip photos.

#4 The Brynns Holiday Card 2017

Image credits: Brynnified

#5 The Brynns Holiday Card 2019

Image credits: Brynnified

#6 The Brynns Holiday Card 2018

Image credits: Brynnified

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