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People Are Sharing Hilarious Memes That Sum Up The Relief Of Transitioning From Trump To Biden

People Are Sharing Hilarious Memes That Sum Up The Relief Of Transitioning From Trump To Biden

Biden’s much-awaited inauguration ceremony has come and gone, and Bernie’s mittens that took over the internet this weekend are now most likely resting in the drawer, waiting for their next big time to shine.

Meanwhile, the 46th “President of all Americans” is getting himself comfy in the White House, where the atmosphere has changed unrecognizably. The entire premises got a $500,000 deep-cleaning job, everyone in the Oval Office now wears a mask, and the vibes—their volume is down. Say goodbye to Trump-approved Twitter storms, insults, and constant bla bla bla, much of which with very questionable content.

And people on Twitter, of course, couldn’t miss a chance to reflect on the Oval Office transitional period with funny jokes, memes, and bits. From Biden’s executive actions being like ‘ctrl-Z’ to Rihanna posting her own pic carrying a garbage bag looking like she’s been helping Biden clean up the office, these are some of the best reactions the internet has come to offer.


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Previously, Bored Panda talked to award-winning author and political commentator Nathan Rubin, who said that Biden is “sending a message to all Americans that the people he admires are from different parts of the political spectrum, but they all dedicated themselves to building a more perfect union.”

The worlds-apart difference between Trump and Biden’s presidencies can be traced back while looking at the two versions of the Oval Office. Biden replaced Andrew Jackson’s portrait, with whom Trump always identified, with Ben Franklin’s. “Franklin, however, was famous for his scientific tinkering, his inventions, and his help laying the foundation for our constitutional republic.”

Such a change can be interpreted as a sign that the newly sworn President Biden will trust science and allow it to lead the country during the coronavirus pandemic.


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Many experts just like Rubin are feeling genuinely optimistic about Biden’s administration, yet the much-awaited changes likely won’t happen overnight. “Realistically, I don’t think Biden will be able to accomplish everything progressives want him to, but I also think he’ll be able to accomplish more than conservatives would want him to,” Rubin told us.

At this point, Biden faces an unprecedented challenge of tackling numerous crises, some of which are an unwanted heritage from Trump’s administration.


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