Pigeon Poops On A Politician Complaining About The Pigeon Poop Problem On Live TV

While most of us have had unfortunate events, the universe just loves to point fingers at some people more than others. Isn’t it just hilarious when it all gets twisted in a way that someone gets exactly what they ask for? Or not necessarily ask but complain about in some cases. We here at Bored Panda sure do love these the most and thank the universe for being the world’s greatest prankster. This time, it played a joke on a politician who was explaining a problem live on local television. And boy, did he get to prove his point right then, right there. Scroll down to find out more!

This train station in Chicago has quite a reputation and is nicknamed ‘the pigeon poop station’

Democratic State Representative Jaime Andrade was giving a live TV interview at a Chicago Transit Authority stop explaining the problem behind the nasty nickname when a pigeon decided to jump into the show and demonstrate where exactly the problem came from. The man was a bit startled at first, not sure if that really happened but after running his fingers through his hair and letting the reporter check it as well, he was convinced he got pooped on and exclaimed, “That’s what happens to my constituents. They get shit on all the time!”

Watch the hilarious video right here


Not to be crass but #IL lawmaker talking to me about feces, feathers & filth fell victim to culprit during our #MorningInsiders interview. Ew! @cbschicago caught it all on camera. At 6AM, hear more about Rep’s years-long quest to fix bird issue at @cta #irvingpark stop pic.twitter.com/CntCAEGH19

— LAUREN VICTORY (@LaurenVictory) September 16, 2019

The Internet knew exactly what to say about this crappy situation

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