These People Were Astonished By The Expiration Date Of This Bread, Decide To Meet Up On Its Expiry Day To Eat It

Oh, Twitter, you never disappoint — please don’t ever change. It’s the place for people to share their rants, puns, memes and everything in between. The more nonsense-like the tweet is, the more likes and retweets it will get – it’s the unwritten law.

Speaking of what is written, though, this guy from the United Kingdom recently took to Twitter to tell a story about a miracle bread. Yes, you read that right – a miracle bread. Nobody cares about plain old loaves of bread which expire in a bat of an eyelid. But this bread is different. A Twitter thread-worthy bread (rhyme not intended), if you may.

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This guy took to Twitter to tell a story on a miracle bread he found

Image credits: LittleTimmkins

Jimmy Watkins – a musician based in the United Kingdom – shared a series of tweets that had people laughing out loud. Apparently, when he was in a local petrol station, a “steaming” drunk guy approached him about the expiry date of a particular loaf of bread. When he heard the answer, he screamed that it was crazy. A Christmas miracle of some sort.

Image credits: LittleTimmkins

Image credits: LittleTimmkins

Image credits: LittleTimmkins

After people started gathering around the two guys who were ecstatic and confused by the expiry date of a loaf of bread, Jimmy bought it to stop annoying the till lady. The group of people shared the bread between them like in a religious low-budget movie.

Image credits: LittleTimmkins

Image credits: LittleTimmkins

“I was just in a petrol station, and this absolutely steaming drunk guy came in.
“Oh mate.” He shouted at me. “What’s the date on this bread? When does it go off butt?”
I took a look.
“December the fifth,” I said, and then thought, that can’t be right.
“It’s crazy,” he screamed.
I took the loaf off him for a better look. Yep. December the 5th! That’s a look time for bread. I’m almost screaming like him. Next thing I know, he calls more drunk people in and they’re all looking at this bread that goes off in December. One guy says it’s a Christmas miracle.
I swear, I held that bread like a baby and nearly wept. It goes off on the 5th of December we kept saying. It looks like normal bread. We need to buy it. We can’t buy it because we can’t eat it.
“Cut it out” shouts the lady behind the till. I’m the only sober one so I offer to buy the bread.
“I’ll buy the bread.”
Outside we open it up and take a slice each. I’m not even pissed but I swear this slice of bread makes me want to weep. There’s six of us dividing the bread up and putting it safely in our pockets etc.
There’s a moment of calm as the bread is divided. I give the rest to the drunk guy who started it all. We say goodbye and agree to meet up on the 5th December to eat the bread in the petrol station.
I’ve hung my slice on the wall like a priceless work of art. God bless you miracle bread. Thank you for bringing a few guys together in a wet petrol station forecourt. Amen.”

Here’s how people on Twitter reacted

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The story quickly spread to other social media platforms as well

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