This Tropical Storm Is Named Karen And People Say It ‘Wants To Speak To The Manager’ (20 Memes)

Every name has a strong connotation attached to it, whether positive or negative. Hurricanes, storms and other natural disasters are no laughing matter, however, the internet just couldn’t help but poke fun at what the newest tropical storm, forming near the Caribbean, was called.

Calling the newest storm Karen opened the internet’s floodgates with lots of people giddily pointing out that the hurricane most likely wants to ‘speak with your manager.’ Social media was awash with Karen memes, but with a stormy twist added to it. So scroll down and enjoy Bored Panda’s collection of the best storm Karen memes from the interwebs. Upvote your favorites, leave us a comment below, and remember to share with your friends.

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On the internet, the name ‘Karen’ has long been synonymous with the image of an entitled, spoiled, and annoying woman who wants to ruin everybody’s day. While the exact origins of the meme are unknown, KnowYourMeme draws attention to the fact that what may have started it all may have been Karen Smith’s character in the brilliant movie Mean Girls (does anybody else rewatch it at least once a year?) about a teenager named Cady Heron educated in Africa going to public school in Illinois.


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The hashtag #karen went viral on Twitter all thanks to the storm, and the social media website is full of Karen memes. Some of them were all about how the hurricane will most likely be arguing with your manager over something petty, while others were sharing hilarious reaction pics.


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Tropical storm Karen is no longer technically a storm as of Monday afternoon — it was downgraded to a depression, but this might still change in the future. Karen formed near Grenada on Sunday, passed the Grenadines and is on its way towards Puerto Rico and the US Virgin Islands.  


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CNN warns that even though Karen has weakened (and probably can’t annoy your manager too much), it is still potentially dangerous. That’s because the storm may bring enough rain that it can cause flash flooding and mudslides. Especially in mountainous and hilly areas. Most people on the internet are probably hoping that Karen ends up being only annoying, not dangerous, though.


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